Top 10 mobile phone insurance companies

In this era of technology, almost everyone sure owns a smartphone and most likely an expensive one. But few seem to be willing to insure their phones. I mean, why not? Had it been a high range car or an expensive piece of art or a marvelous jewelry, I’m sure an insurance company would have been your first visit after buying it. So why hesitate insuring your mobile phones? There are good mobile phone insurance companies that you can make use of!

There is a vast audience who are not yet aware of mobile phone insurance. For those people, here is what your mobile insurance policy primarily covers:

  1. Theft
  2. Malicious damage and terrorist activities
  3. Fire
  4. Accidents
  5. Unexpected circumstances

If any of the above occurs, you are eligible to claim your mobile phone insurance. Here are the top 10 cell phone insurance’s that you could check out and keep your precious smartphone safe!

1. Syska Gadget Secure ( Only for India )

Best mobile phone insurance companies

Syska Gadget Secure covers your phone against multiple aspects like theft, burglary, fire or allied perils and also physical/fluid damages. If your phone is damaged due to any of the above reasons, this is the best place to go. They provide compensation for the damages once you are insured under them.
Syska has multiple plans available for all devices in different price ranges varying from INR 799 to INR 2,999 ( covering from INR 4,000 to INR 1,20,000 of device value ). Each plan offers different features, so you may choose the one that suits you best.
Syska Gadget Secure is available on Google Play Store for android users.
Syska also extends its services to tablets and LED TVs & is considered one of the best mobile phone insurance companies in India.

Best mobile phone insurance companies

2. TIMES Global Insurance ( Only for India )

Best mobile phone insurance companies

Claiming to be the best Cell Phone Insurance you can receive, TIMES Global Insurance provides insurance for iPhone’s, smartphones and laptops. It delivers 100% cashless insurance against theft/loss of device, accidental/liquid damage, screen cracks, malfunctions or any kind of breakdowns. In addition to that, it also takes care of broken headphone jacks, speaker failure, battery failure, touchscreen malfunction, microphone failure, home button failure and charging port failure. Its coverage area includes India, USA, Australia and UK.
TIMES Global Insurance provides insurance plans according to the range of your handset over a period of 12,24 or 36 months. The payments are to be made on a monthly basis.
Working globally, TIMES Global Insurance seems a promising resort for phone insurances.

Best mobile phone insurance companies

3. Quick Heal Gadget Securance ( Only for India )

Best mobile phone insurance companies

Quick Heal provides gadget insurance combined with mobile security. Its insurance policy covers theft/burglary, physical/liquid damage and fire damage. In addition to that, gadget security bestows virus protection, mobile tracking and Cloud backup. Their plans depend on the mobile’s price range and vary from INR 599 to INR 2,499. Quick Heal extends its services to Android, iOS and Windows users. It is available in the App Store. Quick heal is also one of the good mobile phone insurance companies in India.

Best mobile phone insurance companies

4. The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. ( Only for India )

Claim mobile phone insurance companies

Owned by The Government of India, The New India Assurance provide insurances in almost every field. They cover Personal, Commercial, Industrial, Liability as well as Social insurances. Under Personal Insurance, you will find Cellular & Mobile Phone Insurance.
As mentioned in their website, their policy covers insurance against fire, theft, riot or terrorist activities, and unanticipated circumstances. They do not support intentional tampering or mysterious disappearance of mobile phones.
Their only disadvantage is that they do not provide an online service. You need to visit the nearest NIA store to get your device insured.

Mobile phone insurance companies in India

5. AppsDaily ( Only for India )

cell phone insurance

AppsDaily provides a year long physical coverage against physical and liquid damage, theft and burglary. It also secures your device against viruses, provides a call and SMS filter and keeps a backup of all your valuable data. As a bonus, AppsDaily has some utility features which include –

  • Share: Allows user to share media and files without using the mobile data.
  • Call-Identifier: Allows user to identify callers from unknown number.
  • Applock: Locks important data in the phone.
  • SMS Scheduler: Notifies important reminders for meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • To-Do List: Allows the user to keep a tally of the tasks to be done throughout the day.
  • Call Barring: Allows user to block unwanted calls.

cell phone insurance

It has a 3 step Protection claiming process.

  1. Call the customer-care and intimate the claim.
  2. Visit their nearest Center along with the relevant documents and submit them.
  3. Collect your repaired/replaced device in a maximum time of 10 days.

AppsDaily is available in the App Store.

6. MobileAssist ( Only for India )

Best cell phone insurance

MobileAssist is a wing of OneAssist Consumer Solutions Private Ltd. They put together the best Mobile phone insurance plan exclusively for you based on your device’s purchase date, its Operating System ( you may select from Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry ) and the price range.
They also arrange for a doorstep pickup and drop of your device to make the exchange smoother. In case you have lost your phone or damaged it, they provide you with a temporary handset until its repaired or replaced.
Call their toll-free number when you need insurance and as their tagline says, “Live Uninterrupted”.

Best cell phone insurance company in India

7. syncNscan ( Only for India )

Best cell phone insurance companies

syncNscan has been developed by a team of ex Microsoft executives. It looks into new approaches to keep your mobile phones and their data secured. Its insurance policy covers your device against theft, liquid and accidental damage. They have plans based on the range of your mobile phone. Higher the cost, the higher the plan amount goes. The policies cannot be returned or cancelled, but only transferred.
syncNscan provides services for Android, iOS and Windows. The plans are available on Amazon & is considered a good Mobile phone insurance.

Cell phone insurance

8. Warranty Bazaar ( Only for India )

Cell phone insurance company in India

Not only does Warranty Bazaar provide damage protection, it also provides extended warranty for your mobile phones. It is more popular for getting extended warranties. It has 4 plans varying from the range of INR 699 to INR 2,499 covering devices worth upto INR 30,000. Each plan package consists of 12 months of F-Secure anti-virus, accident and liquid damage support, Personal death cover support of 1 lac and extended warranty for 2 years. They have newly introduced 2 plans that are yet to hit the market. Its a good cell phone insurance to consider.

Best cell phone insurance company

9. Onsite Secure ( Only for India )

top 10 phone insurance websites

Onsite Secure claims to be the extra life for your mobile phone. Its provides mobile phone insurance and warranty, not just for your mobile phones but also for other household electronic devices. Onsite Secure shows you different plans based on the kind of insurance you want covered, like Spills and Drop/Damage Protection or Screen Protection or Extended Warranty.
The plans range varies based on the cost of the device you want insured. They provide pickup/delivery services. They repair the device in their authorized centers and get it back to you.

Best cell phone insurance India

10. GadgetCops ( Only for India )

Cell phone insurance

GadgetCops provide solutions to protect, repair and manage your mobile phones. They provide coverage against accidental/liquid damage, mechanical/electrical faults and extended warranty. Complete protection for 2 years is given by GadgetCops. They bestow cashless service and provide free pickup/delivery services. Yet another good cell phone insurance to consider.

Best cell phone insurance


11. Asurion

Asurion is allied with some famous US phone carriers. It covers theft, accidental damage and malfunction. A user has to file a claim for their phone’s insurance. It has to be a device bearing one of the carriers in alliance with Asurion. Once the claim is accepted, depending on the condition of your device, Asurion will replace or repair it. The site redirects you to the carrier’s handling website and your device is taken care of well. The replaced device’s shipment is completed overnight.
( Asurion redirects you to your phone carrier service where you may file your claim.)

top 10 phone insurance websites


12. AT&T

Similar to most of the mobile insurance companies, AT&T provides coverage from theft, accidental damage and other post-warrant malfunctions. They offer a Monthly Premium scheme for $6.99 per mobile number enrolled. They have 3 deductible tiers that are based on the range of the device you own. The highest Tier 3 is $199 deductible, the next highest ranges in Tier 2 which is $125 deductible. And the low range smartphones add to Tier 1 that is $50 deductible.
Once your claim is approved, your replaced device shall be shipped overnight. In case you receive a refurbished model, there is a chance of having slight color and accessory variations.

top 10 phone insurance websites

13. Verizon

The Verizon Mobile Protection Center deals with insuring mobile phones. They offer complete customer support for any kind of insurance related queries. The tech-guys are at the edge of their seats to guide you through the process. They also provide mobile security as a bonus. In case your device is lost, they provide a Locate service that helps you locate the position of your device. To get help with a damaged device, you need to first fill out a form, pay the necessary deductible and avail their services. The monthly deductible charge is $10 and you can make a maximum of 2 claims within 12 months.

top 10 phone insurance websites

14. Square Trade

top 10 phone insurance websites

Square Trade provides damage coverage from theft, accidental malfunctions, etc. The normal ones that all mobile insurance companies cover. It is a non-carrier phone insurance company. They provide simple terms and have low deductibles. Their 1 year plans start at $89 and you could cancel anytime and get a refund. They also provide free pickup/drop. They don’t deal in refurbished devices and hence would rather give the user a refund if they can’t fix it. If you enroll in a 2-year plan, your expense would come down to about $5/month. Square Trade would me a cheaper and smarter choice than its competitors.

top 10 phone insurance websites

15. T-Mobile

Like most other insurance companies, the deductibles and insurance costs depend on the device and its range. There are 5 deductible tiers among which the high-end smartphones has to pay deductibles upto $175 at the time of a claim. The user is allowed to make maximum 2 claims within a 12 months period.
A $5 fee is added to the bill as warranty processing at the time of a mechanical breakdown claim.
Refurbished handsets are provided as replacements in case the original device can’t be fixed. The refurbished model holds a 6 month warranty.

top 10 phone insurance websites


After briefing you about these 15 mobile insurance companies, I hope you no longer worry about your smartphone’s protection. Pick your best choice and secure your phone right away!

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