Mass Marketing Strategies To Be Implemented For Driverless Cars By 2021

Nissan Motor Company Chairman and former CEO Carlos Ghosn said on Sunday he believes the mass marketing of driverless cars by U.S. automakers is right around the corner. Ghosn who is also the chairmanand CEO of French auto company Renault, said that the timeline lies somewhere between 2021 and 2022.

The general belief for the delay in the production of autonomous cars is because of the regulations and the robustness of the market for such cars. Companies like Ford, GM, Toyota etc have been making significant progress towards the development and also running successful tests in the past. On-demand delivery service providers are running pilot programs to see how self-driving technology will impact the delivery experience for consumers, enable brick-and-mortar retailers to reach new customer bases and transform how commerce moves in communities in which they operate.

We need also the regulator to accept the fact that, on a mass marketing point of view, you’re going to have plenty of cars without [a] driver. So I would say prototypes are ready — 2018, 2019. We’re gonna be continuing to work on robustness of the system —2021 will be my guess…

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman Nissan Motors

Mass Marketing Strategies To Be Implemented For Driverless Cars By 2021

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