How to make money with bots for business?

First there were Websites (90’s). Then there were Apps (2000’s). Now there are BOTs. Some call it the BOT RUSH. In this article lets take a serious look at How to make money with bots.

As a prerequisite, have a good conversational BOT deployed in any -or- all of the Messenger platforms. If not, You can get one HERE

  1. Amazon Affiliate Revenue:

One of the biggest advantages of a BOT is: The moment someone subscribes to your BOT, you can reach him whenever you want & where-ever he/ she is. Thanks to the ever connected Mobile phone & the PUSH notifications from Facebook messenger ( or Whatspp, Skype, Slack etc. ), whenever you say something to the subscriber….it reaches him as a PUSH with a DING!

Now Amazon provides the best affiliate in the world. The affiliate commission ranges from 5% to 25% on the purchase value. They pay on-time. Every-time 🙂

All you need to do is, select a compelling product. Tip: Select an amazing Mobile phone accessory and send it to your subscribers ( as the user is checking the BOT from his mobile phone & there is huge possibility he would need the accessory for his phone ). Applying a simple math, 10 out of 100 people will buy the product for sure. Keep doing this every week once ie. Keep Monday as the day for promoting Shopping products.

Now calculate the affiliate you will make every month. This keeps growing as you add more subscribers. Keep 1000 subscribers as a initial goal for your BOT.

Similarly, you can also find interesting products in, etc. And they provide good affiliate commissions as well.

Note: It would be really superb, if your BOT already is integrated with Amazon on the back end and allows people to shop based on their will. This BOT HERE has Amazon already integrated to it 🙂

How to make money with bots

2. UBER / LYFT affiliate

Did you know that famous ride hailing apps like UBER, LYFT give a handsome affiliate for each ride you refer( UBER offers a flat $5 for each ride as commission ). Similarly every famous Taxi booking apps in every country offers good affiliates. If you can integrate UBER / LYFT API’s in your BOT, people would be happy to book their cabs via. their favorite messenger. You enjoy tremendous referral income.

Note: This BOT HERE has UBER API’s already integrated to it 🙂

Make money with bots


3. Advertisement revenue:

You run a blog that is of common interest to many ( Eg: Automobile blog, Life Hacks blog etc. ). You have Google Ads put on your blog. For each post you publish, share it to the subscribers on your BOT. As mentioned earlier,  the update will reach each person as a personal notification. As they click the link, you get traffic to your post that gets converted to Ad revenue.

4. Mobile bill payment commission.

Mobile phone has become a basic necessity to almost everyone in every country. If you can integrate mobile bill payment API’s to your BOT, people will be more than happy to quickly pay their Bills via. their favorite messenger chat itself – on the go. And the best part is all these mobile API providers pay a very good commission for each person paying his bill via. your referral. Similarly, you can keep integrating a lot more Bill payment API’s to your BOT, like Electricity bill, House rent, Internet Bill, Water bill, Loan, Insurance, Metro, DTH etc. ( and all pay affiliate )

Note: This BOT HERE has Mobile Bill API’s already integrated to it 🙂

5. Food Ordering affiliate

One thing people like to do a lot over messaging is order food. If you can integrate your BOT to Food ordering API’s like Grub Hub, Eat Street etc. your BOT subscribers can instantly ask your BOT for Food and check the nearby restaurants and instantly order food right from your BOT chat interface. These food ordering API’s pay you a good percentage of each bill value as an affiliate commission.

Note: This BOT HERE has Eat Street Food ordering API’s already integrated to it 🙂

How to make money with bots

Hope you learnt some solid techniques on How to make money with bots. The BOT RUSH is real and is the facilitator to the emerging Artificial intelligence market. If you can be quick and deploy a good BOT across all messaging platforms like FB Messenger, Skype, KIK, Slack etc. there is a good possibility to get a lot many subscribers. With this any subscribers, you can weave magic 🙂

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