Lyft vs. Uber

Lyft and Uber have been driving customers from their source to their desired locations since a long time. Though Lyft has launched its services later than Uber but has become one of the great competent of Uber. But still both have their features and their disagreements in the features. Let’s have a look how they are similar and how are they different:

  • Pricing:  When we look at the pricing applied from both the cab service providers, it hardly differs. If the base price is $1 then it is the same for both, $1.5 per mile after that and $0.25 cents per minute. This remains almost unbiased for both. You can feel no change even when the surge pricing is done. Surge pricing at peak hours is almost same. When Uber almost cashes out 7 to 8 times at peak hours, Lyft tends to make 200% increase in the pricing.
    Only difference that occurs here is that when a customer chooses to drive with Uber, he has a upper hand of getting to know the price beforehand, what lacks in Lyft.
    Uber tends to give more warnings too as per the surge pricing happening, but it has no control over the price hikes which starts from 200 and reaches to a hike of 700%.
  • Customer Support: Talking about customer support, we know that Uber has no single point of contact. If you are stuck in any situation, Uber has no phone number to get to the solution immediately. You can contact them via emails.
    While in Lyft, you have a phone number to reach out to their customer support and query will be solved.
  • App Experience: Though the experience is equally easy and great to handle for both the apps. But with Uber you get to know the price about the ride beforehand and it improves the user experience. For customers, knowing what will they be paying helps a lot.
  • Tipping: Uber is a wide class app that deals with a large group of people than Lyft. But still Uber has no option of tipping the driver which is really important for the drivers who work for them.
    Lyft has a great option for customers to tip the drivers if they like the services and the ride. They can either choose from the option of tipping to $5 from $1, $2 or any custom value according to them.
  • Customer Experience: While Uber believes in driving experience more than anything else, Lyft also engage their services with customer interactions. They allow customers to acquire the front seat, engage in conversations with the driver and share common platform like sports, karaoke or any sort of activity. This enhances the long tiring rides of customers as well as driver’s into one cherished ride.
    Uber is a more professional app. The drivers are sophisticated and well dressed compared to the ones reaching out for other services.
  • Customer Base: Uber has a large customer base as better investment has been done in Uber. Therefore it is more popular than any other services.
    And with a cover base of almost 58-60 countries Uber surpasses Lyft in any case as it offers services in mere 60-70 cities.

When you look upon these factors you realize that you can make any ride sharing service as per your convenience. Obviously, Uber has a head start over Lyft and also secures a place in providing services in maximum cities, still Lyft has proven its point in the long run! Go for what kind of ride you would prefer! We have sorted our points for you to decide!!

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