How to login to tinder without logging in to Facebook?

Facebook has acted as an integral part of our life today. And apps that are new to the market try to launch themselves with Facebook’s platform. When Tinder surprisingly took over the Dating market, the major brick behind the wall was Facebook’s integration.

Why do you think Tinder launched its services with Facebook Login?

Let’s get straight to the point, “To gain more popularity”. Well, when it has been a fact for a while that no social media medium has proved its mettle more than what Facebook has done. There are billions of us linked and synced with it. Tinder, willingly made its only way to login was to login with Facebook.


How does this help?

  • You get more likes: When your app is new in the market, you implant strategies to gain likes but increasing likes is not a one day task. It requires efforts and probably knowledge about how to reach out to people and make it popular. With Facebook’s login, this is done invariably well.
  • No Sign-in Option: So, when a new app launches, they tend to have no sign-in option or feedback option. Logging in simply with Facebook rules out a lot of effort making.

This helps surely!

With Facebook as the only logging in option:

  • You know, that Tinder is an app for finding yourself an efficient match for being your date partner. With Facebook’s login, you are assured the profile is not fake and probably by grilling in, you can perceive more about the person by online stalking.
  • Someone, who is a new user can wonderfully build a trust relationship with the app.
  • With Facebook as the base, Tinder can take up your profile picture from Facebook and display it on tinder. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • You get initial few options from your own friend list, makes comfortable option.

But, Why I wouldn’t like my Tinder account to be linked with Facebook?

In certain areas of our lives, we are very private and dating is probably one of them. Dating is an activity that connects two people or strangers or friends and that grows more like into a relationship. People won’t prefer display of their dating or relationship status publicly lying in open.

Linking tinder with Facebook, gives the people access to our location, friend list, images and our entire profile. Who would like to give the right to gain all our personal information for a dating app where all people are not my matches or prospective partners?

It is difficult to let your Facebook friends know that you are probably single and using Tinder. Why should they know when it is a personal matter for me?

Sometimes, taking up a picture from Facebook can also prove fatal, getting a picture that might be suitable for a Facebook profile but might be judgmental for a Tinder one. Aren’t these apps built for different purposes? It’s like I know I have a different area of contact when I am on LinkedIn and my picture varies. Similarly happens with every other app.

Even with various issues, with iPhone’s updated Tinder version 4.0.9, STILL…

Tinder has only one login option and ie. via Facebook and

!We have no option to disable the login option from Facebook, yet!

But then, what can I do from my side to ensure complete version of me is not out there on Tinder?

  1. You can Make another Facebook Account: To avoid getting involved on Tinder with your usual account which can give access to your personal profile and friend list, create a different account. When you do so, you are logging in through a trusted platform but also not arraying out information.Facebook-Account-Creation-Signup-Form
  2. Change Privacy Settings: Login to your Facebook account, and change the privacy settings. When you click on settings –> privacy –> apps –> Tinder. You will find the Tinder app. Click on that and change the icons that you don’t want to change or the ones you want to keep private. 



3. Try new Dating Apps: So, if you still feel you can’t access Tinder with Facebook login, try out apps that allow you to login without Facebook’s integration. We have sorted some of them for you:

  • OkCupid
  • How ABout We
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • Wingme
  • Siren
  • Willow
  • Bristlr
  • Badoo

Try any of the above mentioned app and enjoy your dating without any loophole in your privacy!!

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