How to lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Losing your phone even once and having it end up in the wrong hands can cause all sorts of problems.If you fail to lock your phone you are leaving your identities, contacts, passwords, finances, applications, locations, and more open for anyone to access.It is thus necessary to secure the data in your phone. Lets show you how to lock your Samsung galaxy S7 Edge using different techniques 🙂

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Take the following steps to lock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Step 1: Login to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Under Personal > Tap on Lock screen and security.

How to lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Step 3: Tap on Screen lock type
Here, you will be displayed with the following options

Secure lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
1.Swipe: Via. this option, you just have to swipe the screen to unlock. This lock screen option prevents your phone from performing accidental actions ( like, opening an app or place a call to someone due to the keys pressed accidentally )…but it provides no security though.
2.Pattern: A screen unlock pattern is a tap gesture you create and use to unlock your device.When you choose this option, you will have to trace over the dots in any order you wish the pattern to be.But you can trace over a dot only once.To confirm the pattern you might have to redraw the pattern and tap on Confirm.This option provides medium security.

How to lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile phone
3.PIN: This is a four digit numeric sequence that is more convenient to use.It provides better security.

Lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android Mobile phone
4.Password: The easiest way to protect your device from unauthorized user is to use a password lock.A password is an alphanumeric sequence.It provides high security.

Lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone
5.Fingerprints: Fingerprint lock is a trending screen lock option that lets you unlock your device with your fingerprint.You can register your fingerprint while setting up the screen lock, and then recognize it again to unlock the screen.

Fingerprint lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile phone
Step 4: Choose one of these secured lock screen options > Select Display options for the notifications on the lock screen > Tap on Done.


*How do I recover a forgotten screen lock?

If you already have a Google account set up on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can reset the screen lock online via. the Android Device Manager.

If you do not have a Google account already set up on the phone, you can only reset the screen lock by performing a Hardware Factory Reset to erase the phone.

*How to enable direction lock on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Direction lock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile phone

Step 1:Go to Settings >Tap on Personal > Click Accessibility.

Step 2:Go to More Settings > Tap on Direction lock.

Step 3:Toggle the Direction lock switch to ON.

Step 4:You will be prompted to create a series of directions.

Step 5:Swipe your finger in the desired direction to create your unlock pattern > Tap Continue.

Step 6:Register a backup PIN >Tap on Continue.

Step 7:Configure your lock screen notification settings>Tap on Done.

* How to manage the Privacy and safety settings in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

* How to configure the Motions and gestures settings?

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