How to lock Moto X

Maintaining privacy of mobile device has become necessary in order to keep our data safe and secure. The lock feature in android device guarantees the privacy of a person. These features help secure your data when your phone is lost and are even resistible to be stolen. These features make it necessary to know how the feature of locking a phone works. With the upcoming trends, learn how to lock Moto X Android Phones:


  1. Login to your Moto X android mobile phone.

Tap once on menu icon Apps icon that is present in the home screen of android phone, and then in the search bar type settings. Once setting icon pops up, again tap on that and this will lead you to setting menu.


Swipe down on the top on your screen; again tap on top your screen, and you will find settings icon Settings icon on the top right corner of your screen.Screenshot_20160317-133051

  1. In the setting menu > select security optionScreenshot_20160317-152050
  2. Under security setting, select,
  • Swipe (just slide the screen and you get easy access to the device; no protection is provided)
  • Pattern (you can draw simple pattern using your finger tips to keep your phone secured)
  • PIN (enables you to use number as password, the minimum number of characters should be 4; longer the PIN more secured will be your phone)
  • Password (requires four or more letters or numbers. This is the most secure option, as long as you create a strong password)Screenshot_20160317-152108

This will enable you to enable pattern, PIN or password as per your choice.

  • On the right side of your android device, the power button enables you to lock your phone instantly with just a click.


  1. Is there any timer available, so that we can customize the lock option according to convenience?

Yes, there are two timer options available:

  • Sleep: This feature allows greater battery extent. When the device is not in use, it automatically goes into sleep mode. You can access the phone just by sliding on the screen i.e. ‘swipe to unlock’Screenshot_20160317-152148
    • You can enable this by going to, SettingSettings icon > Display > Sleep (select the desired time frame)
  • Automatically Lock: This feature is enabled only after the sleep mode ends. Here you will need the security option that you selected to protect privacy of your device, i.e. password, PIN or face lock.
    • To automatically lock your devices go to,
    • Setting > under setting select SecurityScreenshot_20160317-152118
    • Then tap on automatically lock (select the desired time frame)Screenshot_20160317-152122


  1. What to do, if I forget my personally set access code to unlock the android device?
  • You can visit, if you have previously added your android device to Motorola account. You can log in and reset the details.
  • If your phone is synchronized to your Google account you can follow the following steps to unlock the device.
  • Visit from computer
  • Complete the authentication process by login in with your Gmail account email id and password
  • Once you are logged in, use that information to unlock your handset using the procedure of recovery password.





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