iPhone email setup guide

iPhone email setup is a simple and straight forward process. Here is the detailed step – by – step instruction to setup your email in an iOS platform.

Step 1: Click Settings located in your home screen of iPhone.

iphone email setup
Step 2: Your screen appears like below image after you press Settings.

Click on this option: Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

iphone email setup

Step 3: Your screen appears like the one below where you get multiple options to check your mail status and current configuration in your iPhone.

iphone mail settings
Step 4: Click the last option ‘Add Account’ as shown in the picture above.
Step 5: As you click ‘Add Account‘, your next screen appears like the following.

iphone mail settings
Step 6: Choose the type of server you wanted to use to create and configure account in your iPhone.

If you already have a Gmail account for instance, choose Google as your option.

If you are to create a new account, choose the server you want.

If you have a corporate account, click “Other” option to accordingly configure the server based on your domain.

Step 7: The next screen appears as below:

iphone email setup
Step 8: This screen is to set a new account.

Type your Name under the ‘Name‘ option Eg: Daniel

Type your email id under ‘Email‘ option Eg: [email protected]

Type the password for your email id under ‘Password‘ option Eg: daniel123

Type the description for your account under ‘Description‘ option Eg: “This is my official account

After you type all the details, Click Next.

Step 9: Make sure that details you entered in this screen are correct
Step 10: Identify if your account follows IMAP or POP server.

Usually, this is identified automatically by the phone.

If it is not identified, you have to enter manually, in a screen that appears as follows.

setup email in iphone
Step 11: If you have a corporate account, then IMAP is the right option.

As you choose IMAP, the screen asks you to fill the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Note: The incoming and outgoing mail servers are usually the same as you might have purchased the hosting server from the same provider.

Under Host name, you will nead to give the SMTP of your email Eg: mail.fastandclean.org. This can change based on your domain name.

The username and email id are almost the same. Eg: [email protected]

The password is the same one you use to login to your email account. Eg: daniel123

As the mail configuration is done for the same server, the outgoing is the same as the incoming server.

The host name, user name and password are also the same.

Step 12: As you complete the form, click Next.
Step 13: Follow the same procedure if you have an account in Google or Yahoo and all that you need is a username and password to configure.
Step 14: Now, your email is configured.
Step 15: The next step is to turn on Mail to get notifications from server.

Setting up email on iphone

Step 16: In the above image, mail is turned on and notes is also turned on. The account for which you turn on the incoming mail will be displayed on the top as email id.
Step 17: Turn on both.
Step 18: Your iPhone email setup is done.
Step 19: iPhone mail settings are already configured for you and you will receive push notifications.
Step 20: You can alternatively manage your mail account by selecting appropriate options in the screen as shown below.

iphone email setup

Step 21: If you have mistakenly created an account and wanted to delete the same, go to Settings in home page and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

iphone mail settings

Step 22: Choose the account you want to delete.

In this case, it is [email protected]

Step 23: Choose Delete Account as seen in the screen below:

iphone mail settings

That’s all for now folks 🙂 Hope this iPhone email setup guide was of good help to you. We will keep updating this post in the FAQs below,


* Can I configure accounts from multiple servers?

Yes, it can be a combination of Gmail, corporate account, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

* Can I create new accounts or should I use an existing account?

Your accounts can be new!

On the other hand, Your corporate account has to necessarily be an existing one and it has to be configured by your company and set. This will only let you to perform an iPhone email setup easily.

* Can I disable notifications for the email?

You can absolutely do it.

iphone email setup

In the above shown screen, click the button adjacent to Mail and it would turn grey. This means that the mail is turned off for a period of time.

* May I alter the look and feel of mails?

That is feasible!
Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars under the Settings option.
Choose the account.
You will get a screen as shown below. Modify as you wish.

iphone email setup

You can also do the modifications after your iphone email setup is done.

* What is IMAP & POP?

POP (Post Office Protocol) refers to the process where you can download the emails directly from server. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) refers to the process where the mails can be stored on the remote servers and it allows synchronization of the email account in multiple devices.

* Can you help me setting up my Hotmail account?

Setting up a Hotmail account is similar to the Google Account mentioned above. Go to Settings and select Mail, Contacts & Calendars.

iphone mail settings

The list of servers would appear and you will have to choose Other and then the hotmail is added from where you can setup the account further.

* How often does my email refresh? Can I set the timing?

Go to Settings followed by Mail, Contacts & Calendars.


Press on Fetch New Data and then choose the timing for refresh activity as shown in the image above.

* What is the difference between downloading the Gmail/ Hotmail app versus configuring it the way you explain? Which is better?

The procedure given here is the best if you have accounts from different servers. However, if you have just one account or all accounts from the same server, you can download the app.

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