How to increase your sales on Fiverr?

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The pandemic has brought most global economies to a standstill, a large pool of talent is being let go from their present jobs. At this point, most companies are in a very tight spot and limited budget that they won’t immediately look to hire new talent.

Instead, they’d take advantage of task/Gig-based freelancers from Gig marketplaces who offer niche services for a very affordable price.

Fiverr is one such marketplace filled with opportunities, where both companies looking to outsource a chunk of their tasks and freelancers offering high-quality gigs meet.

As a freelancer, if your Gig offers a lot of value and customers are able to get the best results, you’ll soon find yourself working on it full-time, where you’d be earning way more than what your job was paying.

At this point, I’m assuming you’ve already signed up for an account and you’re looking to create your first Gig or have Gigs for a while now and don’t have that many sales.

Whatever be the case, starting from scratch always has it’s set of perks and remember, you’re not alone in this.

Let’s begin by understanding a bit about how things work at Fiverr.

Behind the scene: How does the ranking algorithm work?

Over the years, the tech team at Fiverr has built one of the most sophisticated Gig ranking algorithms around. The Gigs are ranked based on a variety of factors like Gig Title, description, customer feedback, availability of the seller, and a few other factors that based on the order completion rate & delivery.

Fiverr’s main goal is to give prominence to High-quality sellers and it gives importance to new and upcoming sellers as well who have a complete Gig page that offers value.

Fiverr is already crowded, newer gigs tend to get eclipsed by ones that are already established. To overcome this problem, every 15 – 20 days Fiverr reviews your seller level and ranks them accordingly. This affects how newer gigs are ranked significantly.

The Math – How do I price my Gigs?

The question pops up especially when you are a creative freelancer and it’s always a struggle to price things right otherwise, you might scare away the client.

No matter what niche you are in, do a bit of research on what other sellers are providing for the price that’s on display. If you feel it’s expensive, you don’t have to price it as much at the start but don’t low ball your pricing either. Fix a reasonable price and explain clearly what are the deliverables, so that the customer understands that the Gig requires the effort and it’s worth every penny they are paying!

Customers would reach out to you and slowly based on the reception, you can fine-tune the pricing as well.

Identifying your Niche

While there are a whole lot of services you can offer on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Identify the one service you’re really good at and do a bit of research on how many people are already offering the same. See the total sales and reviews to understand the purchase trends and how frequently the reviews are posted as well to know if it is still in demand.

If you feel that you have something unique to offer that can help the customer’s business, go ahead with it. Otherwise, write down a list of things you can offer and narrow down to the Top 3. Consult with your friends and mentor if you’re in a dilemma.

Once you have picked your niche, now it’s time to create your first gig/edit.

Optimizing a Gig Page

This is the first step that will make sure you receive the much-needed attention from your prospective buyers.

Right from the title that clearly states what your customers would get, till writing a very attractive description that will draw your users in, everything matters.

How to make money on Fiverr

 Gig Title: Title has to clearly state what specific service you are providing within the allowed character limit.

Choosing a category: Choose a category and a subcategory that best represents the service you are offering. This makes sure that the right customer finds you. If you have different skillsets under a particular category, feel free to create multiple Gigs under it. Don’t try to squeeze everything in one Gig. This often creates confusion if you can’t communicate what you are offering.

Description: This is where the magic happens! a well-written sales pitch that explains the problem that your solution addresses in a simple & understandable manner can help you get your order faster. Try not to use complex words just to sound fancy, choose your words carefully. Keep in mind the fact that customers from all over the world whose first language may not be English are also reading your description. If they don’t understand, you’ve lost your order right there.

The most important thing, don’t promise too many deliverables that you can’t deliver. Instead, offer quality over quantity. This often translates to higher customer satisfaction.

Picking the tags & niche: While adding tags, only select the relevant tags so its easy for the rank algorithms & customers to find you.

Pricing: In the pricing section, it’s good to have multiple packages of the service with added value. This gives customers more choice and they may even pick the top tier with more value.

Taking a note from buyer’s psychology, one thing to keep in mind when you are pricing the middle package is to choose a price that is closest to the top package, that way, the top package looks lucrative than the middle one.

Gig Picture: Gig picture is as important as the gig title. While choosing a picture for your gig, make sure you have something professional, preferably with a presentable picture of you. This gives the buyer the confidence to purchase the Gig from you. This is a proven hack, where sellers from the community have reported that the moment they changed their Gig pictures with something that isn’t tacky and has a human face to it, buyers have responded positively to it and the Gig visibility has also increased.

Hiring a Gig Optimizer

If you feel that you need help with optimizing your Gig to make sure it has everything right to attract buyers, you can always hire a Gig Optimizer who will create a gig with all the right elements and images that are proven to work best with customers. You can buy one here:

Staying Online 

This is also a deciding factor when a customer chooses to buy from someone. When a customer searches for a service, they also choose the filter “Online now”. When a seller is online, they can reach out to them and ask for questions immediately before ordering from them. Download and install the Fiverr app on your phone and enable “Available Now”. So customers can see them.

How to increase your sales on Fiverr? or How to get your first order faster?

Making money on Fiverr requires meticulous work, dedication, and willingness to put in hours of your time until you get your first set of customers.

You should be focused on identifying the effort required, how to deliver the best product, and maintain a rapport with the customers. This not only increases sales but also gives you repeat orders every now and then.

#1 Buyer Requests

Buyers on Fiverr can request for tasks to be done and the price they are willing to offer for each Gig. When a buyer puts out a request, sellers can see it and bid for it. Based on the price and the quality of the pitch, your proposal might get picked by the buyer. The important thing to remember is that your pitch has to be short and precisely address the requirement and what you will offer for the price.

#2 Partnering with other Sellers

This is a hack that needs to be done in moderation. If you overdo it, the messaging feature can be blocked for a while. Many “Top Sellers” with a higher buying rate would have a variety of services that they offer for their customers and if your gigs are similar, you can request to partner with them. For example: If the seller is offering a branding package that includes logo design, website creation, and design collaterals. You happen to offer logo design as a Gig, you can ask them to consider using your service at a lesser rate.

Of course, you would need to show some samples for them to get interested. Build a rapport with them, and you might receive a trial order to see how you perform, if they are comfortable with the quality and speed of service, they’d order again.

#3 Paid Feedback (Try this with caution!)

Be warned that if you mess up the execution, you might get banned on Fiverr. I only recommend this if you know what you are doing. Proceed with caution on this one.

One of the quickest ways to increase your ranking is when more orders get delivered on time and customers leave happy feedback. We’re going to reverse engineer this process.

There are groups on Facebook & various forums where sellers offer high-quality feedback from user accounts in the US & European regions.

You will have to pay an amount that includes their service fee and the amount they will use to order your gigs. You can reduce the price of your present Gig to $5 or $10, then ask them to order it from your page.

Make sure that the entire purchase and delivery process appears to be done in a genuine manner. Fiverr’s fraud prevention system constantly checks and bans accounts that violate their terms.

First, the “buyers” will have to contact you through your seller chat. Then ask a couple of questions before placing the order. You will also have to answer them properly in a polite & professional manner.

Then, they place the order. If you had mentioned that the delivery will take one day or two days, wait for it. Do not immediately deliver the order as soon as it is placed.

Upon closing the order, the “buyer” will write nice feedback on your account. Make sure you respond with a reply that shows gratitude since most customers read the feedback to get a sense of how you will treat them among other things.

Once you are comfortable, you can set a slightly more budget and order for more such feedbacks but do it at a spaced interval. Do not over order.

Keep an eye out on the analytics, see how your Gigs are performing. Slowly your gig rankings should increase and you will start receiving inquiries.

#4 Blog articles

Blog articles are a great way to reach out to your niche customers. You don’t have to write a Pulitzer prize-winning article to get the attention that’s needed. It can be a simple article with an interesting, catchy title that aims to explain a problem in detail and give out the solution that the prospective customer can apply. In case you are offering your services to help address the same, leave a link to your Gig that they can order.

The idea is to position yourself as a domain expert and a thought leader. This will increase the confidence in you, and it turn translates to more order over time. Yep, it may not bring you instant results but will create a solid foundation for your future orders.

#5 Quora 

Quora is filled with people leaving questions, expecting to receive answers soon. There would be questions specifically related to your domain of expertise, find them, and give your opinion on them. Also, leave a link to your Gig that people can order from if they need it. For example, if you are a digital marketer and someone has asked a very basic question about how to market their business online. You can give out a few tips on it and leave your Gig link saying, alternatively they can order the digital marketing service on your Gig page to get the best service possible.

#6 Fiverr Forum

Fiverr forums are filled with sellers and buyers, you can introduce yourself and proactively share content to increase your clout there. Promote your Gigs on here, in case anyone is interested they can check it out. This is a great place to partner with sellers too. The more your Gigs receive visits, it signals quality according to Fiverr, and has a chance of increasingly showing up on searches.

#7 Tapping into Youtube

Youtube is an active community of users how are actively seeking out knowledge, and motivation. If you’re good at making videos, you can take up topics that are related to your niche and create videos for it. Make sure its under 10 minutes. By doing this, you are increasing your brand value. At the end of each video, promote your Fiverr Gig and mention that the link is at the description.

Before making videos, do thorough research on content that is already there and make sure you are offering something unique. Pay attention to the thumbnail and the title, these are very important for your videos to receive more views.

For example: Take a look at this video, the thumbnail looks very professional and has over 6K views in 4 months. It’s all because of the title and thumbnail.

I hope you found these tips & hacks on How to increase your sales on Fiverr? useful. Do let me know if I’ve missed out on something in the comments.

How to Increase your sales on Fiverr?
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If you're looking for resource on How to Increase your sales on Fiverr? You've come to the right place. The pandemic has brought most global economies to a standstill, a large pool of talent is being let go from their present jobs.
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