How to increase the price of your Cryptocurrency coin?

Creating your own Cryptocurrency is the first step. The next step is to convince buyers and sell them your token. The most difficult step is to increase the price of your crypto token 🙂  And we can all agree to this. In this article lets take a look at some of the activities that would help in increasing the price of your custom Crypto coin. The activities detailed here also helps your cryptocurrency token gain visibility to your target audience free of cost.

Note: The activities discussed in this article works good for cryptocurrency created on any blockchain platform Ex: Erc20, Bep20, Bitcoin Fork, Stellar, Cardano, Polkadot, Trc20 etc.


(4) Increase the Market Cap of your Crypto Token

By increasing the market cap of your token, it will start getting ranked better on public market capitalization portals like CoinMarketCap, CoinGekho, CryptoCompare etc. Globally crypto investors check and invest in tokens that are performing good on these portals. Having a good and increasing market cap for your token can by-itself act as a huge marketing factor for your token. As these portals get millions of high-risk appetite investors who throw their money based on the recommendations of these portals. Also an increase in your tokens market cap also automatically increases the price of your token on Decentralised exchanges like UniSwap, PanCakeSwap, SushiSwap etc.

So how do you increase the market cap of your cryptocurrency token? Follow the steps mentioned HERE.

(3) Enable your users to Stake your Crpyto tokens

Staking is the new mining. Cryptocurrency investors love to stack tokens for the rewards they get. Everyday globally millions of investors search for new and promising crypto coins to stake. As more users stake your token, it gets many benefits. It increases on-chain activity tremendously due to the Burn-Mint that happens when your tokens are staked and redeemed. More on-chain activity contributes to increase in market cap for your token. It increases your tokens rankings in many staking information platforms thus attracting more investors. More staking reduces the selling spree of your tokens and increases more buy orders. The more rewards your users get from staking your tokens, the more they share it in their circle ( not to mention the free press coverage your token would receive in cryptocurrency investment blogs and magazines ). Also you get to use the staked funds to improve the business model behind your token thus the opportunity to make it a success. All these factors contribute significantly to the increase of your cryptocurrency token price.

So how to you enable your users to stake your custom crypto coin? checkout the steps mentioned HERE.

(2) List your Cryptocurrency token in Decentralized Exchanges.

There are so many DEX exchanges out there where you can get your token listed. Having your crypto coin listed and paired with many other cryptocurrencies provide helps tremendously to increase the price. For starters, the top 10 DEX exchanges each have millions and millions of users. Having your token there is like putting the food right where the mouth is. Once your token is listed in a good DEX, there so many activities that can be done in there that increases your cryptocurrency price inside the exchange. Once the price of your changes in a DEX it is automatically picked up by every other major exchange and market capitalization platforms. It is always recommend to have your token listed in atleast one centralized exchange and one decentralised exchange. If you need help to list your coin in a DEX exchange, you can contact some experts HERE.

(1) Run an ‘Initial DEX Offering ( IDO )’ for your crypto token.

ICO is now an old school term. IDO is the latest trend in selling your tokens in big quantities. In an ICO you will need to spend time and money to market your tokens. In an IDO, the platform where you launch your token brings all their user base to checkout your token and buy it at a special price. Usually an ‘Initial Decentralized exchange Offering( IDO )’ is done before listing it in a DEX exchange. In an IDO you sell certain percentage of your tokens to investors at a special price. IDO sales usually start and finish in just minutes with the token getting over subscribed. All you need to do is get your token listed in a famous IDO platform and the sales is automatically taken care. Some of the famous IDO platforms out there are Polka Starter, BSC Launchpad, PanCakeSwap IFO, Lemonade, Super Starter, Tronpad, DAO Maker etc.

Looking to get your Cryptocurrency token listed in an IDO launchpad? you can contact some experts HERE.

How to increase price cryptocurrency token coin

To be continued…

Expert Tips to increase the price of your Cryptocurrency coin?
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Expert Tips to increase the price of your Cryptocurrency coin?
Learn how to increase the price of your Cryptocurrency coin. The activities proposed by industry experts works on any token created on any blockchain platform ex: Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ), Polkadot, Solana, Cardano, Bitcoin fork, Stellar XLM etc.
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