How to improve iPhone battery life?

The iPhone might be very savvy and fun to use but it all comes with a price. The price we have to pay here is battery life. This guide will give you the required answer on how to improve iPhone battery life.

  • Lower your screen’s brightness. (Navigate to Settings > General. Move the slider under Brightness as required.)
    iPhone has an intelligent feature which increases the screen brightness by itself in dark places. This feature is called Auto-Brightness. Turn it off. (Navigate to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > On)
  • Kill the Background App Refresh. This feature enables applications to refresh themselves in the background, even when they are not in use. This takes up a lot of memory as well as battery.
    (Navigate to Settings > General > Background Refresh App. You can either disable the feature entirely or disable it for selective apps.)
  • Minimize screen lock time. iPhone provides a feature that sets your phone to auto-sleep within a desired amount of time. You can auto-lock your iPhone sooner to save some battery life. (Navigate to Settings > General > Auto-Lock. Tap your time preference. The shorter, the better.)
  • Turn off Location Services or other Location Settings. The built-in GPS in your iPhone allows you to know where you are at all times. But this feature is also a major battery drainer. So if you’re not using your GPS, turn them off right away and save some power. (Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Settings. Slide to Off)
    A lot of location activity occurs in the background. Turning them off might save battery as well. (Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Settings >System Services. Turn off Diagnostics & Usage, Location-Based iAds, Popular Near Me and Setting Time-Zone.)
  • Turn off WiFi and Personal Hotspot. Keeping your iPhone’s WiFi ON at all times, hoping to get hold of an open network is a major battery drainer. Its advisable to keep the WiFi off unless you have a definite network to use.
    (Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi . Slide to Off. Or you may follow an alternate approach to turn it off. From the home screen, swipe upwards from the bottom to access the Control Center. Look for the Wi-Fi icon. Tap to enable/disable it. )
    Turning your Personal Hotspot off  (when not in use ) will also save some battery. A Hotspot enables you to share your iPhone’s wireless data connection with other devices. ( Navigate to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Turn the slider off.)
  • Turn off Data Push. Push refers to the process of getting your e-mails to your iPhone. It updates data automatically in the background and hence drains out a lot of battery. Keeping Data Push options off would be a sensible move to boost your battery. ( Navigate to Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data. Swipe the Push slider off. )
  • Fetch e-mails less often. This feature enables iPhone to fetch e-mails at a desired rate. Fetching hourly would be a smart thing to do, because every time you fetch for an e-mail, your iPhone accesses the network and hence battery is used up. You may also Fetch manually, if you are in dire need of battery saving. ( Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch. Select your preference. The less frequently you fetch, the longer your battery life remains. )

Do let us know if the above simple yet effective methods answered you question on how to improve iPhone battery life.


I would like to do a iPhone battery replacement. Can you guide me?

Battery replacement is an easy job now-a-days. All you have to do is contact the nearest Apple Store and check for your warranty period. If its within your warranty, you will get a free replacement. If not, you might have to pay to get your battery replaced.
In case you find going to the Apple Store too tedious, you could also order your battery online through sites like eBay or Amazon. Just type in your battery’s model number and get your battery delivered to you at your doorstep!

What is an iPhone battery case? Will it help me save my battery?

An iPhone battery case is basically like a portable charging case. It works as a phone cover as well as charger. You may charge the case by plugging them in a wall-adapter or a USB port. Then activate the case when your iPhone’s battery is running low.

Can you suggest a couple of battery saving apps for iPhone?

Some battery saving apps for iOS are:

  • Battery Doctor
  • Battery Life Magic
  • Battery HD+
  • Battery Master
  • Battery Power Pro

You will find these apps in the App Store of your iPhone.

How to find an iPhone battery capacity?

By determining how many battery cycles your iPhone has completed, its remaining life span can be estimated. You may check your battery health by using a third-party app.

Step 1: From your PC, go to, click the Download tab.
Step 2: Install the program by selecting the version of your Operating System.
Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the PC using a UBS cable. Start iBackupBot. Select your device.
Step 4: Click the More Information tab. A screen will pop-up. Under the Battery tab, you will see the battery count being displayed.

Usually, it is said that upto 80% battery degradation has occurred by 300 to 500 cycles. Post that, it is advisable to get a battery replacement.

What are the most common iPhone battery problems? What would be the symptoms?

Some of the common symptoms for battery problems are:

  • Frozen battery readouts even though the battery continues to drain.
  • iPhone crashing for no evident reason.
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