How to import SIM contacts to a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

You can transfer your contacts between your SIM card and your phone, so you don’t lose your phone numbers and addresses, in case you change your sim or your phone.Importing contacts within your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is very simple.This feature is available in the contact app.

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Take the following steps to import SIM contacts to new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone:

Step 1: Login to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Step 2: Go to Settings >Tap on Manage and Backup contacts on the very first section.
Step 3: Tap on Import/Export contacts menu button.
Step 4: Tap on Import.
Step 5: Select the Sim card from the window that pops up.
Step 6: Select the location to move the contacts to.You can choose from

  • Device
  • Google Account
  • Samsung Account

Step 7: A list with all your contacts will be displayed.
Step 8: Mark the contacts that you want to import > Tap on Done.


* How much of contacts can a SIM store? ie. What is the capacity of a SIM?

* My SIM card is damaged. Is there a way to retrieve contacts from a damaged SIM?

* Can I access the contacts in my lost SIM card?

* Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a CDMA phone or we can only insert GSM SIMs in it?

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