How to import contacts to new Moto X Android phone

Following are the steps to import contacts to new Moto X phone

Import SIM contacts to you new Moto X phone

Step 1: Login to your Moto X phone > Open the Contacts app.
Step 2: Tap the Menu(three dots) at the top of the screen > Tap Import/Export.
Step 3: Choose to copy the contacts from either the SIM card, or storage (which is the memory card).
Step 4: Tap to select multiple contact files which you’d like to import > Tap OK.
Step 5: Tap on Menu> Tap Select All, to select all contacts.
Step 6: When the import is complete, you will see them displayed in your contacts list.

Import using Google account:

This is one of the simplest methods to import contacts to new Moto X phone.You dont have to worry about losing your contacts anymore.

Step 1: Sign in to your older device with Google account.
Step 2: Go to Setting> Tap on Accounts> Click on Google>Click on the account> Tap on contacts to synchronize.
Step 3: The Google account is completely synchronized with Google Contacts service.
Step 4: Now,Log in to your new device with Google account. The contacts are automatically synchronized to the devices.

Use Motorola Migrate:

Moto Migrate is one of the coolest apps which has been around since the first iteration of the Moto X.It just never caught the limelight like the other features, because it’s one of those apps you use once then never look at again.

Step 1: Login to your Moto X phone.
Step 2: Go to Google play store> Download and instal Motorola Migrate.
(Motorola Migrate mostly comes preinstalled on the Moto X)
Step 3: Click ‘Send Data FROM this device’ from your old phone
Step 4: click ‘Send Data TO this device’ from your new phone.
Step 5: Select your old phone type from the drop down menu>Click Next.
Step 6: Select contact files that you wish to transfer> click Next.
Step 7: Scan to connect with your new device.
Your contacts should now be successfully transferred to your new Moto X phone.

You feel thrilled exploring the features from your new Moto X phone and then you suddenly realize that the contact list on your new phone is empty.Yes, its of paramount importance to get your contacts transferred over to your new Moto X phone and the above 3 simple steps can easily and quickly help you to transfer contacts to your new Moto X phone 🙂


How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Moto X phone?

Take the following steps to transfer contact from Nokia to Moto X phone.

Step 1: Install and run MobileTrans on your computer

Step 2: Connect your Moto X and Nokia to the computer via USB cables.

Nokia phone will be shown on the left pane and the Moto X appears on the right pane of the primary window.

Step 3:Tap on “Flip” button.(Two phones places will be interchanged)

Step 4: Click “Start Copy” to  begin contacts transfer. When it’s done, Click OK to end the contacts transfer.

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