How to import contacts from sim to iphone

Got a new iPhone? The primary thing you’d need is to have your contacts imported from your old sim ( if you plan on using a new sim ). These steps will help you with your question on how to import contacts from sim to iphone 🙂

Step 1: Insert the old sim into your iPhone and turn on the device.

Step 2: Once your sim is working, launch the Settings from the home screen.

how to import contacts from sim to iphone

Step 3: Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendar  > Import Sim Contacts

how to import contacts from sim to iphone


how to import contacts from sim to iphone


Step 4: Once you Tap on Import Sim Contacts, You will get a prompt message asking if you want to import to gmail or iPhone. Tap On My iPhone.

how to import contacts from sim to iphone

Step 5: Once the transfer is complete, you may remove the old sim, insert the new one and start using it!

Its that simple. 🙂


How to copy contacts from iPhone to sim?

iPhone does not provide the function of copying its contacts to a sim. You can import contacts into your iPhone from a sim but the reverse is not possible. It stores the contacts in the device memory.

How to transfer contacts from another Apple device?

This is where iCloud comes to the rescue. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First, backup your contacts on iCloud in the other device. ( Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Backup. Tap Back Up Now and let the backup complete. Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi )

how to copy contacts from iphone to sim

Step 2: Turn on your new device. You will be greeted with a “Hello” screen.

Step 3: Follow the steps until you land up on the Apps & Data screen.

Step 4: Navigate to Restore from iCloud Backup > Next. Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Step 5: Choose your backup. Wait for the transfer process to complete. ( It might take a while, depending upon the size of the backup files and the network speed )

What will happen if the iPhone switches OFF while the contacts are being imported from Sim to iPhone?

How much contacts can a SIM store?

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