Smart ICO Token Marketing Strategy that works

Lets face it. In the current world a new crypto token is launched every hour. To make your token sale succeed, you need to up your game. The age old ICO marketing strategies of 2019 is not going to work anymore. Token sales is no longer just about getting covered in the press, emails, search rankings, blog posts etc. Infact even the word ICO is becoming irrelevant. The current market is more about DeFi Tokens, Initial Dex offering, IFO etc. Tokens that swell today are the ones that integrate all the bleeding edge techniques to reach the target audience in a way that provides value. In this article lets dive deep into some time tested token marketing strategies that can really make your crypto coin a super hit among investors.

Note: The ICO Token marketing activities revealed here start with the most radical ones that provide instant results if done properly. And then it un-folds to the more traditional activities. Where ever more in-depth explanation is required, we take you to a dedicated page for that activity.

(1) Show up on Analytics portals.

This can be the best thing you can do for your token. If done properly the token sales will pick up like wild fire. Crypto coin buyers and investors rely heavily on token analytics portals like Messari, Santiment etc. to discover and invest in cryptocurrency tokens. There are hundreds of such analytics platforms.Each of these platforms has millions of visitors checking them out constantly. Good news: Since all these platforms pickup data real-time from the blockchain directly, you dont need to keep working for each of these platforms. HERE is a list of critical activities that you can do to get your token show up on all these portals.

(2) Enable seamless BUY for your tokens.

Ok, what is ‘Seamless Buy’? It means that users should be buying your tokens without you selling it to them. And this can happen only when your token is part of a business model. For example: Theta Tokens. They have built a Youtube like decentralized video sharing platform. The Theta token is used inside the platform for providing rewards and buying Ads etc.  Like this you can take an existing business model already -or- create a new one and power certain transactions inside with your custom token. It can be as simple as having the payments inside using your tokens. Once this is done, all you need to do is just market your business and the token sales will be taken care automatically. Also Cryptocurrency investors love to invest in tokens that actually have a good business model supporting it. This is one the best ICO token marketing strategy if you are planning to bring your token under the top 100 coins globally.

If you are looking for some Turn-key business apps to integrate with your token, contact these experts.

(3) Get more Liquidity Providers ( LPs ) for your Token.

For this to happen, first you need to have your token listed in a good DEX exchange. Once listed, anyone globally can start providing liquidity for your crypto token instantly. Liquidity Providers swarm around DEX exchanges constantly sniffing for a good new token. If you do a series of simple steps, your token can easily become a very lucrative token among the LP community. As you might already know that when someone wants to provide liquidity for your token, they would need to purchase equal amount of the tokens first. This can result in huge sales of your tokens without much effort. Also more the people provide liquidity, the market cap of your token will start improving tremendously. Not to mention the funds you get to further market your token. A cryptocurrency token with more liquidity providers makes your coin stand out as a promising one among the crowd. It can be smart ICO token marketing strategy to implement to see great results. If interested, you can check out this article that dives deep into attracting Liquidity providers.

(4) Increase Point-of-Sale ( POS ) presence.

This may sound a bit far fetched. But actually its not so complicated & is followed by many European Crypto token founders. One of the recent trends in ICO token marketing is to setup POS systems in as many places you can afford ex: Gas station shops, Canteens,  Malls etc. A POS system can be as simple as a iPad securely mounted to the wall. The iPad screen will be loaded with a dashboard for users to easily buy your token and get it delivered on the spot. Such systems offer users a variety of payment channels like Paypal, Credit Card, Cash etc. You can either rent a small space in a shop for your POS -or- you can convince the owner to take commission for each sale. Your token brand prominently displayed in such public places by itself is a big marketing boost for your cryptocurrency coin. As any visitor to the shop will for sure enquire about the display in the cash counter ( and such public spots get thousands of daily footfalls easily ). Just putting a 5% conversion ratio will fetch huge token sales quickly.

Note: There are many ready-made Token Dashboard platforms that you can use. To quickly integrate your token to & load on your POS for users to buy. HERE is one you can check.

Not to mention, you can use the same above technique to setup an ATM for your token. And you can use the same Token Dashboard on your ATM machine screen. As you very well know there are many Cryptocurrency ATMs available to be bought readily. You can order one to be delivered to your address and load it quickly with the token dashboard software.

(5) Incentivize early buyers with a unique NFT each.

NFTs are the talk of the town. Everyone loves and wants NFT. There are millions of users on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. who keep a constant lookout for anyone giving away NFTs. Also they are ready to invest in NFTs. Using this craze for marketing your token can be a smart move. Heard of the recent 10K NFT projects like Loot project, BAYC, Cryptopunks etc.? It goes like this:

Step 1: You create 10,000 NFTs. All algorithmically generated random NFTS ( including the art, words etc. ). You can also choose it to be not that random and mint the 10K NFTs based on a niche topic ex: Food, Town names, Birds etc. Or you can choose to have all the NFT’s based on the concept your ICO token is.

Step 2: Create discord group for your ICO token. As all the people who claim your NFT will want a chat channel to discuss the future of this. Connect your NFT’s to Opensea APIs, so any NFT claimed gets auto-listed on Opensea under your collection. The smart contract governing your NFT’s should allow only one NFT per wallet address.

Step 3: You hold 1000 of them and leave the remaining 9000 for the community to claim. Make it free to claim by just paying the gas fees alone. Use your ICO tokens Twitter and social media pages to announce the NFT giveaway. Use hashtags like #NFT, #NFTdrop etc. in your posts. In a matter of days all your 9000 NFTs will be claimed and all the people will follow your Twitter page for further updates and also subscribe to your discord channel. Here you achieved the following effortlessly:

– A strong community of 9000 people have been created, who actively read your updates, comment, share your project details thus bringing in more eyeballs. Moreover since the NFTs are limited to only the first 9000 buyers of your token, you also have 9000 buyers already for your ICO token.

– The 9000 NFTs like in the marketplace will quickly gain value. They can easily reach atleast $500 each. Which means the 1000 NFTs you hold has gained a value of $500*1000 = $500,000. And as your NFTs get traded and transacted from one person to other, your token brand also gets marketed. This can really be a multi-level ICO marketing strategy for your token.

All this sounds over-whelming? contact these experts and get this done fast and clean.

ICO token marketing strategy

ICO Token Marketing Strategy


Smart ICO Token Marketing Strategy that works
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Smart ICO Token Marketing Strategy that works
Tried and Tested ICO Token Marketing Strategies used by top tokens in the market. Each hack is explained in detail by experts from the industry.
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