How to Take Screenshots in Moto X Play Android phone

Here is a step by step guide to help you to take as several screenshots in Moto X Play phone running on Android

Step 1: Locate the Power and Volume up/down button in your Moto X Play ( its on the right side of the phone. The Top button is the Power, the next long button is Volume up if pressed on top &  Volume Down if pressed below)

MotoX Play Power Volume buttons

Step 2: Now navigate to the screen which you wanted to capture > Press and hold simultaneously both your Power button and Volume Down button for few seconds until your Mobile screen flashes or till you hear the camera shutter click sound.

Step 3: The flash which you see on the screen, gives you the notification that the screenshot is taken and the image is ready.

Step 4: And finally your image will be saved on your phone ( You can find it in your Gallery > Screen Shots )

Moto X Play, is undoubtedly one of the amazing and best Android Smartphone released in the recent times by Motorola. And there are a number of times when we want to capture the content displayed on the screen. Termed appropriately as screenshots, this is one other feature that makes Moto X Play more fun to use 🙂


* Where will the captured screenshots be saved in Moto X Play?

– Yes, once we take the screenshots, we end up struggling to locate and find those images. So here are the easiest ways to locate the captured screenshots in Moto X Play.

  • Notification Bar : Yes, we can easily find the screenshot taken through Notification Bar. Simply pull down the notification bar from top and you will be able to see the captured screenshot images.

Take screenshot in MOto X Android

  • Gallery : You can directly click on the Apps in the Home Screen and navigate to the Gallery Tab and open the Screenshots Folder to view all the Screenshots taken in Moto X Play.

Take screenshot in Moto X Android

  • ES Explorer: If you have ES Explorer, then you can simply use the File Explorer function to locate the exact physical location of the screenshot image.

* How to edit and share the Screenshots taken in Moto X Play ? 

– Like any other photos in Gallery, we have complete options to edit any screenshot taken. Navigate to a Screenshot ( or any picture ) in your gallery. Tap the picture once & You will find an edit symbol on the top. Tap on it.

Edit screenshot in Moto X Android Phone

– The Edit screen opens & ou have plenty of options to edit your picture and Save it.

Edit screenshot in Moto X Android Phone

You can also send the screenshots via email or picture message across all social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter etc.

* How do I automatically cleanup the screenshots that are old?

Sorry, there are no options to delete old files automatically from your Moto X mobile.  All you need to do is manually search for the screenshots which are old under the Screenshot Folder in Gallery and Delete the files which are unnecessary and taking up spaces. Deleting old screenshots, will also help speed up your Android Moto X phone

* Is there any app for taking screenshots in Moto X Play?

– Yes, there are many Apps which helps you to take screenshots in Moto X Play Android phone. Some of the best Apps are listed below;

Screenshot from Geeks Lab

Screenshot Capture from App Doodle

Screenshot Easy from Ice Cold Apps

* What is the difference between editing photo’s in Phone Vs Using Instagram? 

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