How does coffee meets bagel work – pictorial guide.

This article explains in detail on how to use CMB & how does Coffee meets bagel work 🙂

Step 1: Open the Play Store / App Store in your mobile phone & type “CMB dating app” in the search bar.
Step 2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on CMB Free Dating app.
Step 3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
Step 4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
Step 5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.

how does coffee meets bagel work

Interesting FAQs answered at the bottom of the post!
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Step 6: You will get a flash screen, Tap “Get Started
Step 7: Coffee meets bagel works with Facebook. So you will need to authenticate with Facebook first. Tap on Continue & wait for the Facebook authentication to happen ( may take a few seconds ). Post which you will see the app loading ( all your profile information will be taken from Facebook & your CMB profile will be created behind the scenes )

how does coffee meets bagel work

Now your all set to start dating 🙂

Configuring your preferences:

Being a location based dating app, Coffee meets bagel works best when you have set your preferences properly. Lets get doing that now.

Step 1: On the app, Tap the Hamburger icon on the top left of your screen & it will open up the menu.
Step 2: Tap on My Profile beneath your profile picture & your profile screen will open up.

how does coffee meets bagel work

Step 3: Select PREFERENCES in that screen & edit your preferences as per your liking.

how to use coffee meets bagel


Note: The other most important thing in a Location based dating app like Coffee meets bagel is the location itself. Matches will be shown from the nearest vicinity( like in Tinder ). So lets get this right:

Step 4: Tap on DETAILS & check if all your location information is correct. Also feel free to edit every other information, as all these details play an important role in the match making algorithms running behind the scene.

how to use coffee meets bagel


Configuring your Photo

Get your best photo’s in & more the possibility of getting more bagels 🙂 Lets now work on setting up your photos in Coffee meets bagel.

Step 1: Tap the PHOTOS tab. Beneath it you will notice a couple of pictures already uploaded from Facebook. You can tap on a photo and edit it or delete it. You get options to choose photos from Facebook or you can upload photos from your mobile phone gallery. You also have options to crop your photo to fit in right. You can upload as many photos as wanted.

how to use coffee meets bagel

coffee meets bagel review

Step 2: Once done tap on the tick mark on the top right corner to save your profile settings.

How does coffee meets bagel work?

Lets look in to this now… Being a Location based dating app, Coffee meets bagel works mainly by taking all your preferences & location as the input. Based on your settings, Coffee meets bagel gives you 1 match everyday. You can either choose to Like the Bagel ( match ) or Pass it on. You get to see the full size picture of the match ( we will call it Bagel going forward ) by tapping on the picture. You can also scroll down and see more information about the bagel.

– The moment you like a Bagel, He/ She will be notified. If they like you too, a match is made & you can see the status getting changed to “Connected” ( before it would have been Liked ).

– Once You are connected to a Bagel, you can start sending them private messages. You will need to tap on the message icon present on the top right corner to do that. Every time you get a reply, you will be notified via. push notifications.

– So, on the menu screen when you tap on Today’s Bagels, you will be taken to a screen that has 2 tabs: Today & History. Tapping on the History tab will show all the bagels you have taken action on & the respective statuses ( Liked, Connected etc. )

coffee meets bagel review



How does the Premium membership in Coffee meets Bagel work?

CMB is one awesome Dating app that has not stepped into monthly membership yet ( as they do well with in app purchases ). Today CMB has come up with a good Membership plan for $34.99 p.m. So what do you get? You get:

  • 6000 beans to use across the app.
  • Like in Whatsapp, you can now check if your messages has been read by the opposite party ( Read status )
  • You also get the ‘Open Sesame’ feature via. which you can un-lock the mutual friends.
  • & a couple of virtual purchases can be done.

If you are serious into Dating, I guess this will be a good value add on 🙂

What is Coffee meets Bagel LadiesChoice? How does #LadiesChoice feature work?

The Ladies Choice feature is a new addition in CMB. This feature helps Ladies to take a informed decision. This is how LadiesChoice works:

  • Everyday Men in CMB get to check out 21 matches ( Bagels ). In this process either they will Like or Pass the Bagel.
  • Now CMB will curate the best man for each Lady ie. When a woman logs in CMB, she will get to see Men who have liked them already. Via. this feature CMB believes that ladies can skip the guessing game and get connected more effectively with potential men.

CMB LadiesChoice feature

What is the Coffee meets Bagel TAKE feature all about?

You might already know that Coffee Meets Bagel has a Discover section ( and you can discover new people there ). If you would need your profile to appear in someone’s Discover section, you would need to Take Him / Her. Say for example you Discover Jennifer’s profile in your Discovery section & you would want Jennifer to see your profile as well in her Discover section. All you need to do is Take the bagel. In coffee meets bagel, once you take a Bagel – a Take notification is sent to that Bagel as well. A note will appear on your profile ( in your crush’s discover section ) that you have liked them. Whenever you Take a Bagel, beans will be spent from your end. The next time you see their profile, it will be mentioned as Taken.

Coffee meets Bagel TAKE feature

What is coffee meets bagel Give feature?

Very simple. You might have a lot of Bagels in your history tab that did not work out for some reason. Now, if you know a friend whom you think would be a better match for a Bagel, you can GIVE them. In coffee meets bagel GIVE is like introducing them to a friend. The best part is, the more you GIVE the more beans you earn. You can earn a maximum of 300 beans per day using the Coffee meets bagel give feature.

How can I get to connect with more than 1 Bagel everyday?

By default how Coffee meets bagel gives you only one Match a day. But you can pay for more Bagels. They have something called the Bean shop from which you can earn more beans by referring your friends or straight away you can pay money and get more beans. Once you get more beans, you can trade it for more features etc.

coffee meets bagel review

Apart from the Match’s Coffee meets bagel gives, can I look out myself for more profiles?

Yup. Tap on the Hamburger icon > Tap on Discover. Inside you can slide through a lot more profiles. Based on the number of Beans you have left, you can do match making with these profiles.

What is a WOO?

This is the Super Like version of Coffee meets bagel 🙂 You can click the + sign and add as many WOO’s as wanted to super impress your bagel. Each WOO deducts a certain number of beans from your account.

How to do a Coffee meets bagel rematch?

Yes, you can do a Coffee meets bagel rematch by tapping on the Rematch button on a particular profile. The Rematch option is helpful when you PASS on a Bagel and change your mind.

Is there a coffee meets bagel gay version?

The coffee meets bagel gay version is not a separate app, but you have an option in PREFERENCES screen to set it up as STRAIGHT or GAY.

How to use coffee meets bagel to check your stats?

Coffee meets bagel provides a cool interface for everyone to see their stats in detail.

Tap on the Hamburger icon to open the menu > Tap on Tips & Reports.

Inside tap on My Status & you can checkout your weekly stats ( Liked, Passed, No Action, Connected etc. ), The people you have chatted with last week with detailed counts, The Top 5 Most Bagels who chat a lot etc.

Update: Now CMB has the feature to Re-Open expired chats. All you need to do is tap on ‘Reopen‘ and the chat gets activated again. But in order to reopen chats, you need to spend beans ( so only serious people do it )

coffee meets bagel rematch


Go back & tap on Tips & you get tips on how to improve your dating activities ie. Why a bagel passed on you, Best practices, Things that should not be done etc.

Go back & tap on Reveal & you can check out what other bagels think of you, What is the reason top 5 Bagels like you for etc.

coffee meets bagel rematch


How to use Coffee meets bagel Photo Lab feature?

The Photo Lab feature in Coffee meets bagel is used to improve the overall experience of the dating app. Inside you get to choose the best picture of other users, by selecting the best picture of the 2 options displayed. You not only give valuable feedback to the user & improve the app experience – but you also get to earn Bagels for the time you spend inside this section. If you tap on the + sign you get to upload 2 of your pictures as well to get feedback from the community 🙂 Cool!

coffee meets bagel success stories


How does coffee meets bagel work offline?

Though Coffee meets bagel app opens up when you are offline, it does not work beyond that. You need to have a active internet connection to get all the features working.

Who are coffee meets bagel founders?

Coffee meets bagel is a dating app founded in 2012 by Arum Kang, Dawoon Kang, Soo Kang.

Where can I get a Coffee meets Bagel clone script app?

You can get a CMB like dating app clone script HERE

Coffee meets bagel review

In the world of Location based dating apps, 2 apps that have stood out are Tinder & Coffee meets Bagel. The service is pretty interesting and they match people in a very limited and powerful manner. It works like a charm in nearly all the cities the app has launched in. Though it seems a bit slow in the starting, you can get addicted to it over a period of time. There are many coffee meets bagel success stories & yes the profiles inside are very much genuine. Hope this coffee meets bagel review helps you in getting started with more confidence 🙂

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