How to use Zebpay app to Buy and Sell Bitcoins?

In this article lets take a look at How to use Zebpay app to buy and sell Bitcoins.

Step 1: Download and install the Zebpay app on your Android or Apple phone. Click HERE to get the download link from Zebpay’s official secure website.

Step 2: Open the Zebpay app and tap on Register. You will be asked to fill in the usual registration details as in any normal app. Fill them out.

  • Next is the most important step. As in any Bitcoin exchange, you will be required to verify your KYC details. 
  • Only if you successfully get your your KYC documents ( ID proof, Address proof etc. ) verified, will you be able to even buy and sell bitcoins in Zebpay.

Step 3: Tap on the hamburger icon ( 3 lines ) present on the top right corner of the app > it opens a menu > Tap on the second line in the menu that reads “Verification” > The screen is the Account verification screen.

Step 4: Email verification: The first screen is the email verification. Enter your email ID. You will get a verification mail from Zebpay. Tapping on the link in the email will verify your account email instantly. Next tap on the tab the reads: PAN CARD

How to use Zebpay App

Step 5: PAN CARD verification: On this screen, fill in your PAN card details. Please see you fill in the exact text you see on your PAN CARD ie. First name, Last name, PAN number, Date of birth, Gender. Once you submit, there is a manual verification process from the back-end that may take upto 3 days. Next step is the Bank account verification.

How to use Zebpay App to buy bitcoins

Step 6: Bank verification: On this screen, you will enter your Bank account details. You will only be able to transfer money to Zebpay via. this bank account, so give extra attention here. Please see that the bank account name from which you make payment to Zebpay should be the same name as on your PAN card. You will be required to enter your Bank IFSC code, Bank name, Your full name & bank account number. Next tap on the tab that reads AADHAR

How to use Zebpay App to sell Bitcoins

Step 7: AADHAAR verification: On this screen, you will need to submit your AADHAR card details for verification. You will need to also upload a scanned copy of your AADHAR card ( both front and back sides ). And you need to fill in your AADHAR details as seen exactly on your card: AADHAR number, Address, Pincode. Hit submit.

How to use Zebpay App to Deposit cash

Once you upload and provided all the above KYC details, it usually takes 1 to 3 days for the Zebpay team to do a manual verification of your details and approve.

How to buy Bitcoins on Zebpay app?

The first step towards buying bitcoins in Zebpay is to deposit money in your Zebpay account. You will be able to d this only after your KYC verification is complete.

Step 1: Open your Zebpay app > Tap on the blue button that reads: deposit.

Step 2: On the screen that opens, you get options to deposit money either via. net banking ( NEFT, IMPS etc. ) -or- via. an online payment gateway

How to use Zebpay App to transfer bitcoins

Steps to deposit money in Zebpay using Netbanking:

Via. this method, you can fund your Zebpay account by depositing money via. Netbanking. The minimum amount you can deposit is Rs 10,000 and the maximum is Rs 20,00,000 INR. The processing time is usually between 1 to 5 days ( When we tried the money got deposited in just 60 mins )

Note before you deposit:

  • This process works exactly in the same manner like your transfer money to any of your friends accounts via. Net-banking.  
  • You will need to strictly only transfer money from the Bank account you have verified with Zebpay. If ay other account was used to transfer, the funds will be returned back to the bank account after 15 days with a penalty of Rs 250 being held.
  • Cash deposits are strictly not allowed.

Step 3: On the previous screen tap on the option Normal Transfer > On the next screen enter the amount you want to deposit > On the next-next screens read through all the points Zebpay wants you to read > Finally when you click “accept & start deposit “, you get the details on which Zebpay account to transfer money to ( A/C number, Bank name, IFSC code etc. ) > You will need to add the mentioned account as a beneficiary in your net-banking account, so you can initiate transfer.

How to use Zebpay App to trade online

Step 4: On the next step Zebpay displays your bank account information. Verify if it is right.

Step 5: Once you have done the transfer, note down the transaction reference number. On the next screen you will need to provide this to Zebpay ( to identify your payment and tag it )

How to use Zebpay App to sell Bitcoin      How to use Zebpay App for money deposit

Step 6: The next screen confirms your payment. It will reflect your Zebpay account balance soon.

Now that we have funded your Zebpay account, next look at how to procure Bitcoins using the money you have deposited.

Step 1: Tap on the buy button on the home screen of the app > it takes you to the next screen that shows the current rate of a bitcoin in INR, your account balance etc.

How to use Zebpay app to Buy and Sell Bitcoins?


Step 2: Enter the amount you would want to buy Bitcoin for & the app instantly shows you the amount of bitcoins you would get for the amount you have entered. If all looks Ok, hit the buy button & the Zebpay credits bitcoin wallet with the newly bought bitcoins.


– The deposit bank account of Zebpay ( and the payment process ) keeps changing. When we deposited it was a KOTAK account. Now at the time of writing this article it is a RBL Bank. Dont need to worry about this, as cryptocurrency exchanges are having a hard time with banks & they keep changing it.

– Transfer a sample amount first and see if everything works fine ( like Rs 500 ). If OK, do the next transfer.

Steps to deposit money in Zebpay using Payment gateway:

One other way Zebpay allows you to make payments is via. the payment gateway. The biggest advantage of using this method is that you can also transfer funds after 6 p.m and its fast ( the sample amount we transferred got credited within 1 hour ). But the dis-advantage’s are your transfer limit is only between Rs 2500 to R 5 Lakhs, and HDFC bank is not supported & there is netbanking charges for each transfer.

Step 1: On the home screen of the Zebpay app select the ‘deposit‘ option > On the next screen tap on the PAYMENT GATEWAY option for payment > On the next screen enter the amount you want to transfer > On the screen read the instruction carefully and hit ‘ Proceed to pay ‘.

How to use Zebpay App to deposit payment gateway     How to use Zebpay App to deposit payment gateway India

Step 2: The next screen gives you a list of banks via. which you can make your payment. Choose the bank and make your payment.

Next lets learn How to Buy Bitcoins using the money you have deposited in Zebpay app:

Step 1: Open the Zebpay app > Tap on the button that reads buy

Step 2: The next screen shows the fund balance you have in your Zebpay account, the current price of a Bitcoin in INR and a space to enter the amount for which you would like to buy Bitcoins for ( As of date, the minimum you can buy Bitcoins for is Rs 1000 & maximum is Rs 10,00,000 )

How to use Zebpay app to Buy and Sell Bitcoins?


Step 3: Once you enter the amount and hit buy, the screen proceeds to procure the equal amount of bitcoins for the amount entered. There is a transaction fee. Once the Bitcoins are bought it will be present under your Zebpay wallet.

– To view the transactions you have made on Zebpay > Goto the homepage of the Zebpay app > At the bottom of the screen you will find icons / links that read: B transactions, INR transactions, Settings

– Tap on the B Transactions icon to view all the Bitcoins transaction you have made with your Zebpay app ie. the Bitcoins that you have purchased with fiat currency, the bitcoins you have sent to other exchanges/ wallets ( like Binance, Coinbase, CEX.IO, Koinex etc. ).

How to use Zebpay App to make money

– Tap on the INR Transactions icon to view all the money transaction you have made with your Zebpay app ie. the funds you have transferred from bank to Zebpay, money withdrawn from Zebpay to Bank, Bitcoin Buy orders placed etc. and the status of each such transaction.

To be continued. We will keep adding more information in this article on How to use Zebpay app to buy and sell bitcoins.


How to buy Ripple coins in Zebpay app?

You cant buy Ripple coins in Zebpay. But there is a hack though. Follow these steps to purchase Ripple coin from Zebpay:

Step 1: Buy Bitcoins using Zebpay following the steps in the above article.

Step 2: Open a account in Binance > Transfer your Bitcoins to Binance > Convert them to Ripple coins.

HERE is a step-by-step article explaining the above process in detail.

How to transfer Bitcoins from Zebpay app to Binance?

Please check THIS detailed article that explains the process.

How can I change my Bank account details in Zebpay app?

If you have already got a bank account verified by Zebpay and want to change it again, it may take upto 7 days to change the account details. Goto your verification’s screen on the app by tapping on the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the app. In the screen that opens, choose the BANK tab. Tap on the icon that reads: Change bank details > Submit your new bank account details.

Note: In Zebpay NRE / NRI account are not supported and OCI users are not supported.

My Zebpay account verification is getting delayed. What to do?

Due to the Bitcoin gold rush there are millions of people trying to buy bitcoins online all of the sudden. So there is a big queue in front of every bitcoin exchange which is making the manual verification process time consuming for every exchange. You can raise a support ticket to Zebpay and ask the reason for the delay here. Or you can call their customer support here: 18602330474

Note: All the support details shown above are as per the date of this post ( December 28th 2017 ). For the latest support email and number, please also double check Zebpay website here

Why is HDFC bank not supported?

For some reason there is not much support from HDFC bank. When we tried using the direct payment gateway method to deposit money to Zebpay, we could not find HDFC bank in the list of banks. Would be really helpful if HDFC support is added, as its a major bank in India with many people using it.

How much percentage transaction fee does Zebpay charge?

Zebpay charges 0.0001 BTC as a Bitcoin network fees. For each transfer or receiving of bitcoins this flat fee is charged. So if you would like to save on this fee, plan your transactions in one chunk.

How to get Free Bitcoins from Zebpay?

To get Free bitcoins from Zebpay: Click HERE and download the app. Once you install the app, you will get the FREE bitcoins credited to your account.

How long does it take to transfer Bitcoins from Zebpay App to Binance?

Bitcoins get transferred usually within an hour max from Zebpay to Binance.

Is Zebpay trustworthy to buy and store Bitcoins?

How to securely store your Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies?

Will be written as a separate topic.

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