How To Use Binance App To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

How to use Binance for Bitcoin Trading?

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In this post we’ll take you through a crisp detailing on, How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcoins.

This post is dedicated to the Binance App. Click HERE, for the Binance Exchange website guide.

Let’s start off with the basics on How to get started?

1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Binance” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on Binance – Cryptocurrency Exchange app.
3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.

How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcons

Now you’re all set to begin your bitcoin venture and start trading.

Binance App

The main page of the app, shows a list of stocks on the market along with their current pricing and their margin of growth/fall. At the bottom, you’ll find another three tabs namely;
– Trades
– Funds, and
– Account

Now before you can start trading, you need to registered yourself on the application to avail its services. The Trades, tab is where you will be doing all the transactions related to your purchase and sales. The funds tab is your wallet, that will show you, your profits and current balance in your account. But to have a chance to view all of these, like stated earlier- one needs to register themselves to move forward.

How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcons

On tapping the ‘Account’ tab, the app will take you to a new page where you will need to validate your account. Tap on ‘Register’ if you’re a new user to sign up on the app.

How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcons

Enter your existing email id and a password of your choice to register. Click on ‘Register’ once you’re done. On doing that, the page will send a verification code to your mail. Go back to your mail and copy the 6 digit code. Enter this code in the space provided to proceed further. Once you enter the code, the page will automatically refresh and you’ll have to log in again. A slider challenger will be initiated to check if you’re human or not. Once you successfully finish that, your account will be ready and you can start trading.

How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcons


Before you start making your trade calls on the app, you will first need to secure your account using the various security measures provided. For this you’ll have to visit the website and enter your login credentials to set this feature. This is to keep your account secure in case of any compromise or breach of security and safe guard your account.

The app uses a 2FA (2 – Factor Authentication) protocol to secure your account. You can use either of the two options provided. If you’re a Mainland China user, you can use the SMS Auth factor else the Google Auth. If you wish to skip this procedure you can also do that by tapping on the “Skip for now” option. To enable the Google Auth, follow the instructions provided on the website to dot and set it up.

Depositing Into Your Account – How To Use Binance To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

  • On your dashboard (or the first page you see when you log-in), click on “Funds” tab and later tap on the Deposit/Withdrawal button.
  • Search the coin that you want to deposit and press the “deposit” button. It is extremely important to only click the “deposit” button that is specific to the coin that you’re going to deposit. So if you’re depositing Bitcoin (BTC), make sure you click the “Deposit” button only for Bitcoin (BTC). This is because the address for each coin is different. You can just search for the coin in the search field to expedite the process.
  • The address you’ll be sending to will be generated in the field under “BTC Deposit Address” (assuming you’re depositing BTC). So if you’re transferring BTC from your wallet or from other exchanges to Binance, this will be the address you send your BTC at.
  • The history of your deposit will be shown in the “Funds” > “Deposits/Withdrawals” tab.

You will also need an account with an exchange that allows you to buy a major crypto (e.g. bitcoin) with USD or other fiat currency, like Coinbase, et. al. Then you deposit those coins into Binance.

On the ‘Markets’ tab, to add a particular crypto as your favorite – A long press on any of them will do the trick. On giving a long press, an option called “Favorites” becomes visible. Tap on it to add the particular to your favorites tab for easier access.

– Exchange! Here you can easily sell or buy the coins you want. Put in the amount of coins you want, or click the percentage based on what is in your wallet.

How To Use Binance To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

Seems like everyone has caught onto the Bitcoin bug and it has turned out to be quite a revolution in these past couple of months. The demand for bitcoins was relatively low earlier, due to its lesser significance. But a sudden splurge of activities around the world has made this little wonder a global phenomenon. The millennial generation swear by Bitcoins and believes that it is the future.

The demand has been real and its meteoric rise is relatively due to all the attention it has been getting through media and other sources. Future stock markets and trading are set to be built upon Bitcoins because of its wide range of benefits. The world of autonomous cars are set to expand with the arrival of bitcoins as every day there are thousands of newcomers who are interested in entering the world of crypto-currencies and trading.

To facilitate this process, there are many online trading platforms that now accept Bitcoins as a source for trading. One such app is Binance that has been around for quiet some time and also has a lot of positive feedback.

Hope you have learnt How to use Binance app to buy and sell Bitcons, shoot us your queries below in the comment section and we’ll get back to you asap.


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