How to use Zagat app?

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A wise man once said, “First we eat, then we do everything else”.  Other than being a basic need for survival, food is an art. Regional cuisines have their own unique taste, aroma, style and cooking techniques. With countless restaurants available to us, it’s only natural tendency that we prefer the best restaurants serving the best food, which is within our budget.

Zagat is a restaurant review service, which originally started as ‘Zagat Survey’ in 1979. Back then, Zagat collected reviews and ratings of restaurants from diners and published them in the form of book guides. In September 2011, Google acquired Zagat as a part of its $125 million acquisition. Google then relaunched Zagat’s website in July 2013 with improvements.

Zagat – The app

The new Zagat app is available for download on App Store for Apple users.

The app is fairly simple to use and is optimized for a very smooth user interface. Zagat makes recommendations based on your current location and the time of the day. Just open the app, and whether it is 1 O’ clock in the afternoon or 9 at night, Zagat will show you restaurants that are open for lunch or dinner near your location.

Zagat Guides originally rated restaurants on its traditional 30 point scale, with 1 being the lowest and 30 being the highest. After its acquisition by Google, the 30 point scale was replaced by a more mainstream 5 point scale. Restaurants on Zagat are rated on three separate categories – Food, Décor and Service. While most of its competitors display a single rating, Zagat’s three category rating gives the user a wider impression of the place.

How to use Zagat

The ‘Find Nearby’ feature on the Zagat app is very convenient. This feature shows you the top rated restaurants in your vicinity. You can turn this feature off to see all the restaurants.

If you want to be selective and specific with your food then Zagat has filters to narrow done your search. Whether you are looking for a pub on a Friday night, or a quiet café on a Saturday afternoon or a breakfast joint for Sunday brunch, Zagat filters the type of restaurant you are looking for. Furthermore, you can filter restaurants according to their food score, décor, service, cost, open hours and whether it accepts online reservations.

Sorting of restaurants on Zagat is well arranged and systematic. You can choose how restaurants are to be sorted depending on the Zagat score, Google rating, distance from your location or pricing. If you want to try new food spots, you can filter restaurants by ‘new places’.

How to use Zagat app?

Zagat, a Google owned service, uses maps quite efficiently. Restaurants are displayed in a list view by default while you can shift over to a map view. On the map view, the restaurants are marked by pins along with their Zagat rating beside it on a map.

There are recommended lists on the app’s home screen. These lists may include ‘The Hottest Bars in NYC’ or ‘Best Kid Friendly Restaurants’. A list of the top Zagat picks near your location will also be given.

On the app, there are four options at the bottom of the page namely – Home, Search, City’s Best and Saved. On ‘Search’, you can look for a place to eat according to cuisine type or neighborhood. ‘City’s Best’ is a list of the best restaurants in selected major cities. ‘Saved’ is a section where you can shortlist restaurants that have caught your attention and want to visit.

On Zagat, you can also go through interesting articles and video blogs available on their site. Not only do these articles and videos help you find new places to eat at, but they are also educational. ‘Caviar Tasting – Stop Eating it Wrong’, ‘The Right Way to Pronounce Your Favorite Wines’ and ‘Expert Grilling Tips’ are a few of blogs topics available on Zagat that might be helpful.

How to use Zagat app?


1.    Three category Five Point scale rating – On Zagat, restaurants are rated on the basis of three categories – Food, Décor and Service. The ratings are upon a maximum score of five.

2.    Find Nearby – Shows top restaurants near your location.

3.    Sorting – Sort places according to the Google rating, Zagat rating, distance and pricing.

4.    Lists – A list of recommended restaurants.

5.    Shortlist – Shortlist restaurants that you want to visit on the ‘saved’ section.

Hope you learnt How to use Zagat app. Please do let us know of any questions you have in the comments section below 🙂


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