How to use Yummly App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Yummly App effectively.

How to install the Yummly App

You can install Yummly App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. As seen, there are 3 ways of signup. You are ready once you sign in. You can also continue without signing in but will have a restriction to some features.

yummly sign

Features of Yummly App

Yummly is a fine app to aid you in your culinary attempts. Yummly provides a convenient list of ingredients required and a step-by-step guide to prepare dishes. Yummly strives to be as universal as possible by supporting recipes across the world.

yummly features

Feature breakdown of Yummly App can be summarized as below:

  • JUST FOR YOU: Recommendations based on your choices
  • EXPLORE: A repository to present to you topics like ‘Guided’, ‘Popular’ or ‘Kid Friendly’.
  • STORE: A repository where you can shop items with presets like ‘Kitchen Essentials’ or ‘All Things Sweet’.
  • SHOPPING LIST: Your placeholder acting as a heads-up to highlight essential items you want to buy to realize your cooking adventure.
  • Search for recipes: You can search for recipes of your choice to learn.
  • Setting favorites with My Yums: You can bookmark your favorite recipes for easy access. You can also undo this.
  • Global Settings: Set global parameters for your installed app.

A handpicking of some features

Step-by-step procedure to make use of JUST FOR YOU

STEP 1: Click on ‘JUST FOR YOU’ tab to access this feature.

STEP 2: This section intelligently suggests your recipes by learning from your choices.

STEP 3: You have a choice to bookmark your favorite recipe by clicking on the orange ‘Yum’ button located bottom right. This will also teach Yummly about your taste.

Step-by-step procedure to make use of EXPLORE

STEP 1: Explore is a section that has preset content and is designed to inform.

STEP 2: Click on EXPLORE tab to get the below section.

yummly explore

STEP 3: You can make use of a preset section like Videos which houses informative videos. Likewise, make use of other sections.

yummly videos

Step-by-step procedure to make use of STORE

STEP 1: Store eases your shopping experience by making it less overwhelming.

STEP 2: Go to STORE tab to get to the below section.

yummly store

STEP 3: In the above selection of presets, for example, if you tap on ‘All Things Sweet’, you will get store items with the relevance.

yummly all things

Step-by-step procedure to make use of SHOPPING LIST

STEP 1: To go to Shopping List, in the main feature page, click on the notepad like icon located top right.

STEP 2: You will reach the below screen. Your shopping list may be empty.

yummly shopping list empty

STEP 3: Click on ‘Add’ to append to your shopping cart the things you aspire.

yummly cart

STEP 4: When you choose items or recipe elements they will appear in your kitty as below.

yummly items

STEP 5: As seen above your items are segregated with titles. When you get/purchase an item and check against it, it disappears from the list.

Step-by-step procedure to search for recipes

STEP 1: To make use of search, in the main feature screen there is a magnifying glass icon. Click on it.

STEP 2: You get a placeholder to enter a dish of your choice. You will be informed about its preparation.

yummly mutter

STEP 3: You will reach the search results page. When you click on a result, you will be informed of the ingredients and there will be a Get Directions button.

yummly get directions

STEP 4: When you click on Get Directions, you will be redirected to the respective website and shown a clear cum concise preparation procedure.

yummly prep

Step-by-step procedure to make use of My Yums

STEP 1: In the home screen towards the top left, there is a teal button with 3 lines inside. Click on it.

STEP 2: You will reach the below menu options screen where one of the options is My Yums.

yummly my yums

STEP 3: When you click on My Yums, you will see all your ‘marked favorite’ items arranged according to type. You can always come back here and revise on your favorite dish.

yummly fav

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you inform me in a glance how I can use and leverage the Yummly app?

Please note Yummly is an excellent app to learn and appreciate local as well as international recipes. If you have a passion to prepare and enjoy delicious homemade food, this app is your best buddy.

2. What makes Yummly app distinct from other apps?

Yummly is almost like a one-stop-destination when it comes to everything food related. Yummly scans the internet to bring you best result for your recipe search. The steps are clearly presented and even a novice can become a cooking expert.

3. What are some truly standout features of Yummly?

Lookout for the great way in which recipes are presented for your varied choices. Stay abreast of your shopping items with a handy placeholder. Go shopping on the store and be mesmerized by the great collection of items.

4. What are some great global settings I can change on the app?

You can edit your personal account and make changes with respect to notifications. You can also set Dietary Preferences thus narrowing your search or preferences.

Additional information about Yummly app as presented in the store is as below:

yummly add

How to use Yummly App effectively?
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How to use Yummly App effectively?
How to use Yummly App effectively? Bring your recipes alive with this great app.
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