How to use Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App effectively?

We will help you leverage the Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App.

How to install Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App

You can install Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. You can start using the app by launching it and making use of all the tools.

Features of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a fine app for reading and editing PDF documents on your mobile device. Feature breakdown of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App can be enlisted as:

  • PDF viewing and smooth navigation
  • Write directly on a PDF, highlight and underline text, and more
  • Auto-sync PDF edits with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive
  • Open MS Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files for reading and annotating, and save as PDF
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Fill PDF forms and sign documents
  • Take notes on blank PDFs

Handpicking of certain features of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App

Step-by-step procedure to open and read a PDF

STEP 1: When you launch the Xodo app, the app automatically scans salient folders in your mobile device and displays the list of PDF files available.

Xodo Read

STEP 2: You can click on any of your relevant PDF files and start reading the file. You can swipe for scrolling up or down.

Step-by-step procedure to annotate a PDF

STEP 1: You can annotate a new PDF or an existing PDF. To create a new PDF, click on the ‘+’ button and select ‘New PDF’.

Xodo NewPDF

STEP 2: You can start annotating the PDF by clicking on the pen/pencil icon located towards the top right. As a sample, we have annotated the below PDF with the brush tool to add a character.

Xodo Annotate

STEP 3: Similar to the above, you have several choices to make your annotation. You can add comments, highlight text, add new text and make a signature.

STEP 4: You don’t have to worry about saving your PDF manually because all changes are automatically saved. So an important point when you are working with documents, make a copy and work on the copy.

STEP 5: You can also add, delete or rotate pages.

Step-by-step procedure to sign a PDF

STEP 1: To sign a PDF, click on the pen/pencil icon to enter annotation mode.

STEP 2: Click on the fourth icon from the left which looks like a signature.

STEP 3: Create your signature and click on ADD.

Xodo Signature

STEP 4: Your signature will be added to your document.

Step-by-step procedure to open other formats and save as PDF

STEP 1: Many a time you will have the need to quickly convert a Microsoft Word file or a JPEG file to PDF. Note that this is just an example and Xodo app supports other formats for conversion.

STEP 2: To make use of this great feature, go to the main documents dashboard.

STEP 3: Click on the ‘+’ and choose PDF from documents.


STEP 4: You have to now navigate to the folder location in your mobile device where documents in other formats exist. As described earlier, this document needs to be a format supported by Xodo, for example, word file, jpeg etc.

STEP 5: When you select the document, you will be prompted for a new file name and a new location in your mobile device to save. Make these choices and you will have a newly converted PDF file.

Step-by-step procedure to sync with cloud storages

STEP 1: Many times, you will have the requirement to edit documents in your cloud storage. Xodo app supports 3 cloud storage options – Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

STEP 2: To login into particular cloud storage, in the documents dashboard click on the top left button which looks like 3 lines. You will get a flyout as below.

Xodo Flyout

STEP 3: When you click on either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, you will be prompted to enter your credentials post which Xodo will log in and using the same flyout, you can select documents in the cloud.

STEP 4: Note that when you open PDF files from cloud storage, edit them, the changes will be uploaded to the cloud. So you must ensure the integrity of your documents by first making a copy if required.

STEP 5: As a general note, from the cloud, only PDFs are directly editable and uploadable. For other document types, you will need to create and work on a copy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Can you inform me in a summary format how best I can make use of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor app?

Please note Xodo PDF Reader and Editor app is an excellent app if you have to deal with anything PDF based. You can read, annotate, share, sign and sync to cloud storage. If you are on the lookout for a great PDF editor sustained within the small form factor of mobile devices, Xodo should be one of your options.

2. Does Xodo app have alternatives and what makes this app unique?

Yes, there are alternative apps for Xodo but what makes Xodo unique is that it almost seems like a one-stop solution to all the activities associated with PDF. You do not have to switch applications to span your requirements.

3. What are some truly great features of Xodo?

Features of signing, sharing and syncing with cloud-based storages stand out as great features. Apart from this, annotating your document with comments and other text edits are truly standout features.

Additional information about Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App as presented in the store is as below:

Xodo AddInfo

How to use Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App effectively?
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How to use Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App effectively?
How to use Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App effectively? Make full use of this excellent PDF annotator.
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