How To Use Workplace By Facebook?

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Facebook just can’t stop tinkering with its product. And just after a few days with the launch of Marketplace, here’s something new Workplace By Facebook. With applications lack Slack gaining more interests in the official world, Facebook Inc has come up with their own little product. How they describe this new product is like this, “The workplace is about more than just communicating between desks within the walls of an office.”

How To Use Facebook Workplace

So What Exactly Is Facebook Marketplace?

Workplace is a mobile and web app that aims to keep you connected with your work mates and colleagues. The service, which was known earlier as Facebook Work, offers features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, built-in audio and video calling. It also provides you with the access to the social network’s profiles, Events, and Live video tools.

Facebook’s employees have been using a customized version of Workplace for years now. It has also let other companies test its beta version since 2015. Workplace already caters to big clients, including Starbucks, the 100,000-employee Royal Bank Of Scotland, Yes Bank etc.

Workplace includes the best of Facebook, everything from News Feeds, from the ability to create and share in Groups to features like Live, Reactions, Search, and Trending posts.  By doing all this, you can thereby communicate with all your colleagues in real time. There’s another feature known as the; Multi-Company Groups, which allows employees from different organizations to work together.

How to use Facebook Workplace

Larger organisations will appreciate that Workplace includes a dashboard with analytics and integrations with single sign-on, in addition to identity providers that allow companies to integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems.

How to use Facebook Workplace

Signing Up

If your company already has a page on Facebook, you will receive an automated mail regarding your account details along with other information about Workplace. If not, you can sign up for this service by clicking HERE.

To sign in, visit [YourCompanyName] from your desktop browser, or download the iPhone or Android app to access your account.

Learning: How To Use Facebook Workplace

The different options that you have on here are as follows

  • Groups
  • News Feed
  • Following
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Search
  • Notifications


Workplace enables you to establish groups, which is open to any member of your team or just a limited segment of your workforce. Like in every other group, you can initiate a new post to get a discussion started, or add a photo, video, or document to get opinions and suggestions from your colleagues. You can also respond and react to other members’ posts in a group.

How To Use Facebook Workplace

News Feed:

This is where you’ll come across all the posts and engagements from all your groups. Like the original Facebook News Feed, it’s tailored to you so you’ll see relevant and trending posts. Thereby you wouldn’t miss put on any important announcements or posts.

How To Use Facebook Workplace How To Use Facebook Workplace


You can follow people who are your co workers and get to know them through their profile. Just like adding a friend on the regular website, here you follow people. Once you follow a person you can see all their posts and discussions on your feed. You can communicate with them through the inbuilt chat app, Workchat!

How To Use Workplace By Facebook?


The inbuilt application WorkChat enables you to communicate with your coworkers.You can either communicate on a regular one on one basis or even add more people to the conversation. You can even send documents (media, text etc) via WorkChat. The Live Video Calling Option is also enabled on here.

How To Use Workplace By Facebook?


You can use Workplace to set up an event initiated by your company. Thereon like any other event on Facebook, you can post a description about the event and even set up a RSVP section to know how many people are attending and vice-versa!

How To Use Workplace By Facebook?

 – Search:

So what does the “Ctrl + F” button do on your regular desktop browser? It finds you a relative word or a phrase that you’re looking for in the general outline of the text. Similarly, Workplace enables you to search for specific content on your feed. You can search from names to phrases and it will hook you up with it in the very next moment. Aside from the universal search bar at the top, just like you’d see in the original Facebook, Workplace lets you search within groups and chats for specific things.

How To Use Workplace By Facebook?


You’ll receive notifications whenever you have new messages or replies on posts. You can have access to them from your desktop website or through the application for your smart phone. You are also entitled to receive them as an email notification (optional).

How To Use Workplace By Facebook?


Workplace is now available to teams, companies, non-profits, and educational institutions of any size.


New companies can get a free three-month trial period for signing up. After that, Facebook Workplace has a tiered pricing structure that costs $3 a month per user for companies with less than 1,000 active users (or $1 per month for companies with over 10,000 users). For non-profits and Educational Institutions, Workplace is completely free. See details of pricing here.

Also, Facebook Workplace is free from Advertisements!

Cool. Hope you learnt How To Use Workplace By Facebook. Please post your questions in the comments section 🙂

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