How To Use Wattpad App

Here’s a quick guide on How To Use Wattpad app.

Before you start: Wattpad is a revolutionary application that takes everything you love about telling a story, and turns it into a social, on-the-go experience! The result is an unique adventure in creation and discovery. To date, more than 45 million people around the world have joined Wattpad. Wattpad is based at Toronto, Canada but the stories on it are beyond borders, interests and languages.

Let’s start off with the basics on How to get started?

1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Wattpad” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on Free Books & Stories – Wattpad app.
3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
5: Tap on the Open button, once the app is installed.

How To Use Wattpad app?

Creating An Account

You can create a Wattpad account using your Facebook/Google+ account or email & password. Signing up using Google+ is available only to users who are on an Android phone. You can also create you account on the web, by following the similar procedure. Setting up an account is essential as it keep a record of all the stories that you are going through and even safeguard the stories that you have created.

How To Use Wattpad app?

Once your account is all set, you can move onto the next step! You are now an inch closer to reading your favorite stories on Wattpad, or even create your own!

Getting Started

Moving on, the next page you will have to select 3 genres of stories that interests you. This can range from Horror to Fiction to Romance and many more! This is done in order for Wattpad to understand what your favorite kind of genres are, so that it can provide you with suggestions about the best trending stories in that category. You never have to miss out on any of best stories on the app by doing this! The stories that you have selected will be added to your library.

Once you are done with that, tap on “Next”.

How To Use Wattpad app?

The next page, Wattpad provides you with the option of finding your friends who are existing users of the app via Facebook. All you need to do is incorporate your Facebook account with your Wattpad account. On doing so you can follow your friends and never miss out on any stories or notification from your best buds. Wattpad also provides you with a list of pro authors, whom you can follow. You can either follow them individually or just tap on the “FOLLOW ALL“. Tap on “Done“, once you have finished. You can even choose to skip following people, by simply tapping on the “Done” option, directly.

How To Use Wattpad app?

You are now all set to use your account in full-fledge!

Once you are done with the initial procedure of setting up your account, here is what your normal page would look like.

How To Use Wattpad app?

Scrolling further down on this page, you will again come across various suggestions about the stories or books you would want to read.

Understanding How To Use Wattpad App

The App has about 5 main tabs on it. All its features are embedded with these and they sum up Wattpad.

  • Home
  • Library
  • Add Story Info
  • Updates
  • My Profile

Let us look into what each of these tabs have to offer;


The “Home” page has a list of stories that are mostly suggestions based upon your interests and your reading patterns. You can search for stories here, based on either a certain genre or even by using the much acclaimed “Hashtag” method. This page also shows you articles from the people whom you follow and their best works. Swipe left/right to see more of either author’s creations! You can add authors and others by using their user-ids, as your friend and follow them.

How To Use Wattpad app?


The Library is where you can find all the books that you want. Under this tab, you have 3 sub divisions;

  • Current Reads
  • Archive
  • Reading Lists

– Current Reads – Firstly, this tab shows all the books that you have accessed to read at any point of time. These are the books that you are currently reading.

– Archive – Secondly, the archive is the place for you to access your history and all the books that you have read in the past. If you wish to go to back and read a certain story again, you can do it here!

– Reading Lists – Thirdly, this is place where you can curate something like a “To Do List“. This is where you can create a timeline of all the books that you want to read in a certain order or anything as such. This is basically done, when you want to create a certain order of scheme to read a particular story. Certain stories on here are published as parts, so to keep track of all those; these lists helps.

How To Use Wattpad app?

Add Story Info

As the headline suggests, here is where you can curate or build your own story. You can either publish it as a single one shot story or even publish it as parts. Firstly you need to input a certain title for your story. Secondly you need give in a short detailing about what the story is all about to attract more readers. Add an image to your story, by using the “Add a cover” option.

How To Use Wattpad app?


This is the social aspect of this app. This tab features 3 subdivisions:

  • News Feed
  • Notifications
  • Messages

– News Feed – The News Feed is your timeline where the different updates and recommendations are shown. This is also with reference to the people that you follow and also your reading patterns based on the genres.

– Notifications – This tab shows you all the updates with regards to; people who have followed you, liked your stories, commented etc.

– Messages – Here is where you can communicate with your fellow writers and readers. It is just like any other messaging feature.

How To Use Wattpad app? My Profile

This section is all about you. Upload a picture, write a little about yourself, know how popular you are with the number of followers that you have etc. You can even access the settings page from here. This is the page that describes you to the other users on the app. So you would want to keep it a bit trendy and attractive for others to get enticed by it and follow you.

How To Use Wattpad app?
Wattpad allows you to discover stories from well-known authors including Anna Todd, Scott Westerfeld, Tyler Oakley, Margaret Atwood, Paulo Coelho, RL Stine, Dan Brown, Christopher Pike, Pharrell, Zayn, Felicia Day, Jennifer Armentrout, Meg Cabot, Marissa Meyer, Gena Showalter, Hugh Howey, Kevin J Anderson, and Maureen Johnson.

About The Company

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Description: Wattpad is a free app that lets people discover and share stories about the things they love.
Founders: Allen Lau, Ivan Yuen
Categories: Digital Media, Social Media, Mobile

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Hope you learnt How to use Wattpad app and how Wattpad app works. Please do let us know of any questions you have in the comments section below.


Where can I get a good Wattpad clone script?

There seems to be a ready made Wattpad clone script app available with the folks at Proven Logic. Send a mail to: [email protected]

Is Wattpad app and Whatpad app the same?

Yes, Wattpad and Whatpad app are the same. Many mistype the original spelling as Whatpad app.

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How to un-install / delete Wattpad app?

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