How to use WalletBay?

Every business that thrives on the Internet and needs a Wallet. WalletBay is a Wallet as a Service (WaaS) platform, to help your Online business accept payment from your customers easily by auto-integrating over 60+ payment processors around the world. So the users can add money to the digital wallet through PayPal and Stripe and purchase / pay for your service anytime.

You can create an account with WalletBay here

Lets see how we can set up a WalletBay account

While setting up a WalletBay account these are the steps that you should follow to successfully.

Step 1: The Dashboard

Once you login to the Dashboard, you should see the Businesses you’ve added under your Account, this varies with the plan you’ve selected. For example, at the time of writing this, the plans that were available are Ultimate and Basic.

The Basic plan allows you to have two businesses under it and some limitations on the service. Whereas, Ultimate as the name suggests, allows you to add unlimited businesses and payment gateways.


Step 2: Adding  a Business. 

When you add a business it allows you to set up the payment gateways and retrieve the API keys for it. On the top right corner click on “Add New Business” to create a new business.

Step 3: Entering the Payment Gateway details

Once you’ve created the new business, you’ll be taken to the add a payment gateway section, where you can enter the payment gateway details.

Step 4: Select payment gateway of your choice.

On this page, the payment gateways that you want to activate will be displayed. Here, you can check the payment gateway you want to make available for the business.

For PayPal, if you’re testing, you can use the testing mode, where you can create test transactions. Once you’re ready to go live you can disable it.

Step 5: Enter Credentials

Step 6: Getting APIs

You can get WalletBay’s Secret Key for your business here, once you’ve entered the details. Each business created under your account will have a separate individual API key, for you to use.

Step 7: Viewing Transactions

For each transaction done, you’ll be able to see the individual transaction under the Transaction tab. Walletbay allows you to see transactions made by individual users as well.



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