How to use Vurb app?

If you’re a Googler, here’s an app that’ll tiptoe your search a notch higher. Presenting an app that eliminates the hassle of toggling through messenger, Google search, yelp and various other apps. So named VURB, you can access various apps without having to access those apps and also helps you share your searched info with your friends. So lets get started on How to use VURB app.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

Step 1: Head on to the Google Play Store / Apple Play Store and search for “Vurb”

How to use VURB app

Step 2: Click on the install button, in the mean time, it wouldn’t harm to practice a little patience 🙂

How to use VURB app

Step 3: Once downloaded, you’re good to search through a wide array of interesting things to do, news and plenty more.

Step 4: LAUNCH the app, you can either login with your facebook account else, sign up with your email id.

Step 5: Next, you’ve got to choose a username. Once you’ve done that, you might get a Grant Location access that should be turned on.

How to use VURB app?

How to use VURB app?

Step 6: Now that you’re done with the introductory formalities, it’s time to search for everything that you need using a Vurb Card. Cards make it easy for the user to take action.

How to use VURB app?

How to use VURB app?

How VURB works?

Step 7: Now, you’re guided to another page where you can find friends either on your facebook friends list or your phone’s contacts. You can also invite friends by text or by email. Post that, click on the start using vurb key and choose if you want to be notified.

Step 8: Finally, you’re guided to the home page that has various options such as:  Today, Things to Do, 2016 games, Nearby Places, Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Music and Events

How VURB works?

How Vurb works?

Based on your choice, you can choose the ideal things to do.

Feeling Hungry?

Supposing, you click on Things to Do, and in the meantime you’re on a binging spree, you can simply click on diners near you. Once you click Diners, you will be guided to a map that has various filters based on:

Distance, Place, Working hours etc.

You can choose the place accordingly and get your reservations done within no time.

Book and Share:

How Vurb works?

Once you enter your parameters, you will get a list of places that fit your needs, next click on the place of your choice.

How Vurb works?

You will get the details of the chosen place such as:

Ratings & Reviews, Map, Working hours, Liberty to book an UBER cab, Sharing the card with your friends

How Vurb works?


Simply tap on the Movies icon and you will be guided to the movie page that shows: Movies Playing in Theatres, New Trailers, Movies that are coming soon and, The movies that are streaming etc.

Movies in Theaters:

Under the Movies in Theaters icon, you can swipe through the list of movies that are playing in theaters.

If you like a movie, simply tap on the icon and you will be guided to the details of the movie.

If you’re skeptical about the movie, you can read various reviews from trusted sources such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes etc.

You can save the cards by clicking on the save tab and you can make a private deck with the details of the movie/activity you choose.

How Vurb works?

Hope you enjoyed reading How to use Vurb app 🙂  Do lets us know any questions in the comment section below.


How do I create a Deck in VURB app?

Supposing you want to watch something interesting happening with the Rio Olympics and want to watch it later, just scroll through the videos tab and click on your favorite video.

How to use Vurb app?

Once you click on the video, you will be guided to the screen containing the video and options down below such as Save and Share

How to use Vurb app?

Click on Save

A screen showing “Save to Deck” will pop up

You can add a note about the card if needed and you can save it.

How to use Vurb app?

How do I view my saved decks?

After saving a particular card onto your deck, simply click on “Me” tab on the extreme lower end of the app screen.

How to use Vurb app?

There, you will find your saved deck(s), next just click on the saved deck and you will find your saved cards. This will help you save time over rummaging through various movie lists/ videos.

How to use VURB to chat with friends?

Chatting with friends is fun and easy too. The Vurb app allows you to chat with your friends without having to switch between apps.

On your app screen, you will find a tab named “Friends”, simply click on it and it will display the friends on your list.

How to use Vurb app?

Click on the friend you want to chat with and you will be guided with a popup window that has the option of chatting with your friend.

Click “Chat” and start chatting.

What’s different between the normal messenger and the Vurb Chat messenger?

A Lot.

Well, you can share your saved Cards, Decks or you can even collaborate your cards/decks with your friend’s saved cards and decks. Or, if you don’t want to do any of that, you can simply chat away to glory 🙂

You can also create a group and chat with a couple of friends and plan your exciting weekend with them.

Can I access my friend’s deck?

Sure, its pretty simple.

If your friend has created a deck, click on the “decks” tab that helps you glance through your friend’s saved cards in his/her deck. Here, you can like, comment or even save the cards from your friend’s deck to your deck.

How to use Vurb app?

What else can I do with Vurb?

To start with, you can see what’s trending, you can watch trailers, watch out for the latest movie releases, book cabs, chat with friends, find out new and interesting food joints, read news at your finger tips, search for nightlife in your city, get information about the events happening near you, read stuff about the newly released books, get information about sights near you and much more.

Is there a follow feature on Vurb?

Glad you asked. There happens to be a “Feed” tab that enables you to browse your feed that lets you find friends/ invite friends or you can simply click on the “Featured” tab.

Featured Tab?

Featured tab lets the social butterfly in you view the profiles of other viewers who have plenty of cards / followers and allows you to glance through their likes and may be find something you like too. If you find a connect with other users in terms of commonalities of cuisine, TV shows, Movies, you can follow them too.

How to use Vurb app?

Will I get notified?

I don’t see why not? 🙂

If your friend has saved a couple of new cards, you will get notified. However, if you choose not to be disturbed, you can change that in the setting tab.

The settings can be found right next to your profile picture.

How do I search for activities and interesting stuff?

On the Home page, you will find a search bar on the top. Just click on it and search for anything.

How to use Vurb app?

Can I set my interest parameters?

One of the interesting features with Vurb is that you can choose those things that interest you on your day-to-day basis. Simply head onto “Edit Interests” in Settings and choose your interests by just tapping on them, once you’re done just click “Done” and that’s it, you will be shown information pertaining to your interests.

How to use Vurb app?

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