How to use ‘Vimeo Create’ app to make Short Brand Videos?

Making a Video for your business or fun is now easy, thanks to the Vimeo Create app for Android and iOS. Let’s learn how to use Vimeo Create app to easily make short brand videos for social media and other ad campaigns.

Opinion: Vimeo and Youtube have both toughed it out to onboard a significant percentage of creators on their respective platforms. ‘Vimeo Create‘ is a step in making the video hosting service even more creator-friendly for businesses/individuals looking to make high-impact social videos. The tools offered by Vimeo allows you to make nifty edits such as texts, color and add your brand’s logo to a pre-existing video template. The templates on Vimeo are of high quality and even the editing cues are clearly mentioned, which means that you don’t have to view the videos back and forth to edit it. It’s all displayed as separate clips, just tap on the one you want to edit.

The timing of the launch is right, since Canva, the browser-based image creator is also planning to offer video creation and editing tools this year. Nicely done, Vimeo. 🙂

While it’s competitor Youtube has upgraded it’s Youtube Studio interface to make it easier for creators to upload and edit videos. Vimeo understands that it’s user base is a little complex and a different strategy is required to grow its revenue. The launch of the standalone ‘Vimeo Create’ experience is targetted towards businesses and marketers who want to create a short-form video for marketing purposes.

One more thing, you’d need to purchase a Vimeo Pro account to Publish the video.

So, What can you do with the ‘Vimeo Create app’?

Vimeo Create is also available for Android, iOS and the web. This gives the users the flexibility to use the platform to create on different platforms.

  • Storyboard

The storyboard allows you to add Videos, Images, music, and text from scratch. You could add these design elements in any sequence you’d like, edit them and publish or export it to a platform of your choice.

  • Ready-Made Video Templates

There’s a video template for every type of business ranging from Food to Fitness. All of them are easy to edit, you could even add your own videos or images before you publish.

Vimeo Create app

  • Text Editor

The in-built text editor allows you to add custom text prompts, change color and position by dragging and dropping in the video easily. This gives you a great level of customization.

How to use Vimeo Create

  • Video Cues

The templates are organized and based on the time code where the text prompts start, the cue is displayed as a separate clip. You can directly go to that point and edit the text and duration of it.

  • Branding

Vimeo Create app allows you to add your own branding easily, just upload the logo and it will be displayed throughout the video.

  • Export

Export the completed video to any platform easily, generate videos based on different aspect ratios as well.

How to use Vimeo Create app to easily make short Brand Videos?

Step 1: Download the ‘Vimeo Create app‘ for Android here and iOS app here

Step 2: Create an account / Login to your Vimeo account.

Note: You’ll need a Vimeo Pro plan to publish.

Step 3: Once logged in, you’ll land on the ‘Start with a Template‘ section.

Vimeo Create app

Step 4: Choose a template that you like and Tap on it.

Step 5: It will now show you the different sections of the video and then Tap onCustomize This Template‘.

Vimeo Create app

Step 6: The entire Video will be split up into different sections and will be available to edit. You can change the text, add music, etc according to your liking.

Vimeo create app

Step 7: Once you have made all the changes, you can Tap on Preview at the top right corner. A preview will be generated.

short Video maker app

Step 8: If you like what you see then Tap on Save and Publish or Tap on Edit to go back and make further changes. Once you have published you can export it or share it on other platforms.

Short Video maker app

Have any questions related to the Vimeo Create app? Do let us know in the comments.

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How to use Vimeo Create app to make Short Brand Videos?
Making a Video for your business or fun is now easy, thanks to the Vimeo Create app for Android and iOS. Let's learn how to use Vimeo Create app to easily make Short brand videos for social media and other ad campaigns.
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