How To Use Uptime App?

YouTube launched its latest social venture with the hope of taking fun & frolic to the next level. A few days back a team from Google’s Internal Incubator; Area 120 released a new app on iOS Store known as “Uptime“. Kinda rhymes with Bruno Mar’s hit track, Uptown Funk 😛 Nevertheless you can be sure of one thing, the app is the latest talk of the town and is just set to explode in the coming days! Might just be the next hottest thing in the market! In this article lets look at how to use Uptime app and how it works.

Uptime – The App

Update: Use invite code “pizza” to get inside Uptime 🙂

The all new Uptime App is available for download on the App Store for Apple’s iPhone users.

The app has a very colorful and funky interface that is customized for smooth and hassle free usage! Just open the app, post download and share happiness along with you friends and family. The app has been designed with careful precision and the user experience is completely different, even though it comes from the same house of YouTube.

With the “reactions” feature being a hit on the go, the developers have included this as a standard function on the application. It has drawn much inspiration from live streaming services like Twitter’s Periscope and  Facebook Live.

While watching a particular video, there are many things that you can do, on the go as well. During this process your profile icon floats about the screen, you can comment on the video and even post the standard emoticons like smiley face, surprised face, heart eyes, angry face etc. During the course of which, these reactions can be viewed by anyone who watches the video, even at another point of time.

One unique feature is leaving sparkles on the video! You can do this by just tapping on the screen. Although the crucial point to be noted here is that, this feature of adding “sparkles” can viewed only by those who are watching the video along with you at the same time!

Uptime is not the first of its kind in this segment. There have been attempts in the past by developers in the form of apps like YouTubeSocial, WeMesh, LiveLead, AirTime and others. But Uptime is the final polished product. The app has even cracked a way to enjoy the app even if friends aren’t able to join and watch immediately.


The major attraction if this application is that, you can watch videos with your friends and family together. It has everyone on the same platform and watching videos couldn’t be more fun! The app just doesn’t restrict fun to just watching, but also by commenting, adding emojis, sparkle and what not!

How To Use Uptime App?

Discover and share videos among your friends and extend your happiness. Unearth a gem of a video and be a star by being the first person to share the video on your timeline. With more users engaging and being active the number of videos being rotated will also increase.

How To Use Uptime App?

Use the app like any other social networking platform. Follow people with the most happening content, make friends and enjoy more videos 😀 Add comments, heart the videos, share them and make it more lively!

How To Use Uptime App

Make your own profile and share what you thought was romantic, baffling, interesting, resourceful etc. with your followers and friends. Likewise you get to view what others have shared too. You can either watch these videos together at the same time with your friends or even it share it for them to watch it later.

How To Use Uptime App

Sharing Videos

You can search and share video clips from YouTube to the app to Uptime, making it discover-able by others. A checkbox lets you also notify your friends on the service when you post. Right now, you may not have too many friends using the app, and there isn’t an address book sync feature or ability to import from other social networks — you can only send invites to friends.

To be clear, the app is also about public sharing, not private messaging. YouTube itself only recently added an in-app messaging feature to its mobile application, which lets you share videos and your comments on them with friends without having to switch to another messaging client or SMS. Uptime is not designed for this private sharing, but is instead a different take on the more public socializing that takes place around video content.

The app still lacks quite a bit of features which could be added via updates in the future and through the creativity of its developers. One of the major factors that is lacking in the app is that it doesn’t support live streaming.

Uptime is currently in invite-only mode, but the invite code “pizza” gets you in.

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Hope you have learnt How To Use Uptime App. Do share your thoughts and views below in the comment section. Share this article too and get more users to try out this all new app !


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