How to use Todoist App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Todoist App effectively.

How to install Todoist App

You can install Todoist App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. To start using the app, you will need an account and as depicted below in the screenshot you have three ways of sign up. You are ready after signing in.

Todoist Welcome

Features of Todoist App

Todoist App basically works on the concept of Projects and Tasks. A project is a collection of tasks. The other option items that can house tasks are ‘Inbox’, ‘Today’, ‘Next 7 Days’ and ‘Projects’.

Todoist Features

As an example, you can go to the option item Inbox and click on ‘+’ to start adding tasks. Tasks are goals that you want to achieve or plan to achieve. Similarly, tasks can be collected under option items ‘Today’ and ‘Next 7 Days’.

Todoist Inbox

To summarize the overall features of Todoist App:

  • Inbox: A general categorization of tasks if you are unsure where the tasks can be housed.
  • Today: A placeholder to hold the important tasks that you plan to work on the current day.
  • Next 7 Days: A convenient basket to hold all your tasks planned for the future 7 days starting the current day.
  • Projects: A management facility where relevant tasks can be bundled into specific projects and can be managed or disposed off. You can use ‘Manage projects’ under Projects for editing and deleting a project.
  • Labels: A feature only available in the premium version of Todoist which helps easy searching of tasks based on what label they have been assigned.
  • Filters: Another search criteria for easy identification of tasks and typical filter parameters are like ‘Assigned to me’ or filters based on priority.
  • Settings: Your toolbox to customize important offerings of Todoist app starting from changing the theme to setting options for notifications.

An explanation of Tasks and their features

Tasks are the most fundamental elements of the Todoist App. Tasks are highlight elements that helps you stay aware of action items and not forget it.

When you add tasks, you are presented with 6 easy options namely – scheduler, which project to assign the task, label, priority, which person to assign and comments. You have a final option to create the task.

Todoist Tasks

To breakdown task options:

  • Scheduler: The scheduler helps users set due dates and time when they wish to see their task completed. There are presets like Today, Tomorrow or Suggested and also you can choose custom date/time.
  • Project Assignment: The tasks you create can be directly assigned to a Project with this button.
  • Labels: This option helps you set the labels for tasks, which aids in easy search of tasks.
  • Priority: This option is the seriousness level of the task. High priority demands speedier dispatch than lower priority.
  • Assignee: The relevant stakeholders need to be a part of the task. A point to be noted is only custom projects can have assignees and not ‘Inbox’, ‘Today’ or ‘Next 7 Days’.
  • Comments: Comments drive spot based communication and easy heads-up.

A note on Sharing and Notifications

Sharing a task basically assigns a person or a group of persons that particular action item. When the assignees have completed their task and made changes to it, the project admin is notified about changes in their shared projects.

We will guide you through a step-by-step procedure to share a task –

STEP 1: In the Projects option, create a new project or use an existing one.

STEP 2: When you create a project, you have the option to add the ‘collaborators’. These collaborators are the parties responsible for the end result of the tasks. The collaborator details are generally identified by their email address. Collaborators can also be added from other projects or from contacts.

Todoist NewProjectTodoist Collaborator

STEP 3: Enter the project. Click on ‘Add Task’. Enter the task details and click on the assignee button to entrust a single person or a group of persons with this task.

Todoist Assign

STEP 4: Alternatively, if you are in ‘Inbox’, ‘Today’ or ‘Next 7 Days’ option item, create a task. Then choose the project selection button to choose which project the task will flow into. Only when you choose a custom project, assignee button will be enabled for making choice.

Todoist Inbox assign

When you share a task with a genuine email address, the persons who own those addresses are notified by mail. They must login with the same email credentials into Todoist and work on their tasks.

A note on Labels and Filters

Labels and Filters are easy tools to search and bring together tasks which meet specific criteria. Please note Labels is a premium feature only (meaning you must pay to make use of this feature).

Take an example of Label. You may want to categorize certain tasks as being primarily email related. When you create a new task or edit the existing one, you can assign that task to say an ‘email’ label. So when you search for ‘email’ label, all tasks associated with this label are listed.

We will show you a step-by-step guide to use filter:

STEP 1: Click on ‘Filters’ option.

STEP 2: You are presented with a host of options like ‘Assigned to me’, ‘Assigned to others’ and so on. These are filter options applicable to the task.

Todoist Filter

STEP 3: For example, if you click on ‘Priority 4’, then all tasks having this priority gets listed in the search results. Adding new filters is restricted to the premium version of Todoist.

Todoist priority

Features available in Premium Version

Todoist is an enterprise application and many of its features are available only in the premium version. These features are –

  • Label: For easy segregation.
  • Comments: For out-of-the-box suggestions or a follow-up.
  • File Uploads: Uploading any file like PDF cannot be done for free.
  • Activity Log: To see any changes made in your account by you or your collaborators.
  • Custom filters: If you want to define your own filter criteria.

You will get a screen similar to below if you use the free version and opt for paid features:

Todoist premium

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What are some typical use cases to use Todoist? Can I use it for a simple task keeping?

Please note Todoist is a full-fledged enterprise app that can be used in large and complex project management requirement. Yes, as a simple task keeping and time management tool, you can use it.

2. What sets Todoist apart from so many other apps?

Todoist app prides itself by being simple and powerful. Any user with a basic knowledge of mobile apps can easily start using the app. Being mobile friendly, it brings mobility.

3. Does using the free version and not going for premium version restrict my usability?

It depends on your requirements. For simple domestic use, a free version will do. In large companies where time management is crucial, the paid version is a definite must.

Additional App information as presented in the store is shared below for your information:

Todoist Add


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