How to use Tinder app?

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How to use Tinder?… You would need to download the app first ( Details on how to Download > Install etc. are taken below to the section 3 of the article ).

Section 1: How to use Tinder to get a date instantly!

Step 1: The Moment you Download & Open Tinder, it asks you to sign in with your Facebook credentials ( You would need to do this, as Tinder fetches all your details from Facebook )

Step 2: Once you sign in, Straight away Tinder starts searching for match’s around you ( See Screenshot )
How to use Tinder?

Note: Tinder is a Location based dating app. It searches for the nearest match around your location ( ie. where you stand right now ). You can increase the distance of the search or ask Tinder to show people in other locations. Scroll down to learn how to do it.

  • On each Profile which shows, you swipe either RIGHT -or- LEFT. If you swipe RIGHT, it means you like the profile. If you swipe LEFT, it means you DONT like the profile. LIKE’s are notified to the person.

Step 3: Now lets look at how to change your Settings/ Preferences in Tinder ( ie. Ask Tinder to show more match’s based on your liking ).

  • Tap on the icon present on the top left ( a human shaped round icon ), to open your SETTINGS screen.
  • Inside Tap on the text that reads SETTINGS.
  • Here is where you can change preferences like “Search Distance”, “Partner Age” etc. [ You can also use this page to change other settings like: Notifications, Delete account, Web Profile etc. … but we will look at these options later in the post. First things first 🙂 ]

How to use Tinder app?

Step 4: Once you have played around with your settings, hit the back button on the top. In this screen, you will notice a Flame icon on the top ( in the middle ). Tap on it and Tinder will immediately start searching for profiles based on your new settings 🙂  Go on, keep changing your distance setting + Age setting to checkout as much profiles you want. Just dont get too naughty 😀

Section 2: How to  Boost your Tinder presence ( by Paying little extra )

There are ways to instantly boost your presence on Tinder and get flooded with Likes 🙂

Step 1: Tap on the little purple lightning icon present at the bottom of any profile ( You also do this from your Settings screen, which we discussed in the earlier section )

It opens up the screen, where you can buy Boosts!

Step 2: The screen that opens has the options for you to buy your way to be the Top profile in your area. The rates differ based on the location you are in ( can be anywhere between $1 to $5 )

How to use Tinder app

  • There is also another option. You can convert your account in to a Premium paid account for as low as $2 per month. It is called Tinder PLUS. A Tinder PLUS account gives you super powers to send more Super Likes, you can rewind your last swipe, change your location etc.

How to use Tinder app

Section 3: How to  Boost your Tinder presence ( by Paying little extra )

Step 1: Open Google Play Store(Android) or App Store (for iPhone) & search for “Tinder
Step 2: Tap the Download / Get button. ( If your mobile prompts with a list of permissions, like access to photos, etc that your app will be needing, don’t worry, hit OK )

Step 3: The Tinder app will start downloading on to your phone. Once downloaded, press “Open” or return to your app drawer and open the app.

How to use Tinder?

Now, that we are all set, let’s see how tinder works. Once you see the above screen on your device, the first thing is to Sign in with Facebook.( Tinder does not post anything on Facebook so no worries. It is for understanding what you like and based on that you’ll get matched with people with similar interests. )

Let’s proceed through this phase in a step-by-step process:

New9 Tinder pick up lines that will work out instantly!

Step 1: After you tap Sign in with Facebook, you will encounter a screen that asks for location permission.

This is where Tinder finds people around you using GPS. It will show all the people near you, based on the preference you have set ( we will see more about updating preference later )

Step 2: Lets update settings. To do that, tap on the Hamburger icon at the top left corner of your screen (as seen in the image above). Post which you will see 3 options.

* Select the Discovery Preferences to see a screen like this:

How to use tinder

How to use Tinder

You can change your Discovery Settings as per your need. You can also choose to share your location with others who view your profile. You can set the age preference. The most important setting is the distance, the lesser distance you set the more chances of seeing people very near you ( as Tinder is a Location based dating app & its strength is the location factor )

Step 3: Go back and see the next setting option, the App settings. Once you tap that option, you will encounter this screen:

how to use tinder

These are the numerous options available in the App settings. Now, we shall see about each and every option in the app settings:

  1. New Matches: This option when turned on, will show all the new profiles that have recently joined tinder and also the ones which you haven’t viewed.
  2. Messages: Enabling this would allow you to send and receive messages from different profiles that have been mutually liked.
  3. Message likes: This option is used when you can message the profiles that you have liked and those who have liked yours back too.
  4. Super Like: This is an additional feature of tinder where you can give super likes for profiles you SUPER LIKE 🙂 and let them know you are very much interested in knowing them than others. Tinder gives access to only 1 “Super like” for every 12 hours. If you want to give more super likes to many others too, you have to purchase Tinder plus.
  5. Show Distance: Gives a rough estimate of how far the person is from you.

Now, after all these options, you can view the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the app. If you agree to all the terms and conditions, you can go ahead and use the app. If not, there’s always the freedom for you to delete your account from the option- delete account below.
Now that we are done with the settings and what each setting is, let’s get to know How to use tinder,

How to use tinder

There are 4 options given below each profile. Also, the name and age of the person in the profile is mentioned (Amanda, 26). A book-like symbol on the app shows the number of things that you and the person in the profile have in common according to your Facebook profiles. It could be your mutual friends or interests.
Now, lets look at each of the buttons on this screen & what it does,

  • The Re-wind button: This allows you to re-wind your last swipe ie. you can go back and swipe again( But you get to use this feature only if you are a paid member )
  • The red Cross ( X ): You Tap on this button when you are not interested in the profile you are looking at.

how to use tinder

You can also achieve the same action by swiping the profile picture to the left [ action can not be undone. Well actually it can be undone if your a paid member 🙂 ]

  • Green Heart button: Pressing it means you like the profile and you’re interested know the person.

how to use tinder

Again, the same action can be achieved by swiping to the right. Remember, Swipe Right for Liking a profile & Swipe Left to pass on a profile. Simple!

  • The Blue Star: This is for Super Like and tapping on it means you are Super interested in his/her profile and would like to get to know them better than everyone in the world! As mentioned earlier, by default you are entitled to Super Like one profile per day for Free. If you have used up all the super likes, you can always pay & get 🙂 … GET PLUS

how to use tinder

How to delete Tinder account?
In the rare case you wanna delete your Tinder account, lets see how to go about doing it. Well, there is provision to delete Tinder account.
Open Tinder, tap on the Hamburger icon on the top left corner and select App settings. Once you select the option, scroll down. As you see in the image below, there is a button that reads Delete Account. Beware – This will delete your account from Tinder 🙁  So think twice before doing it!

How to delete Tinder account

How to use Tinder online web version?
OK, the strength of Tinder lies in its Location based capabilities of matching people. If you remove this proximity factor Tinder becomes a blunder 🙂
On the other hand, Yes there is a Tinder online version. To enable your profile on the Tinder online web version, you would need to create your web profile on the Tinder mobile app.
Open App > Tap on the Hamburger icon on top left corner to open up the Menu > Select Discovery Setting on the Menu > Scroll down.
Under Web Profile, Tap on Claim Yours

Tinder online


Tinder Online

On the Username screen key in the web profile name you would like to have. This will be the vanity URL you would use to open your profile on the Tinder online web version.

Tap Confirm & come back to the previous screen > Now you can see your Tinder online Username. Tap on View my Web profile to see your profile on the browser.

Tinder online


Tinder Online

So going forward, to view your profile on Tinder Online, Just open this link: // You can also use this as your Tinder PC version

Tinder Tips:

There are some effective ways to go about using tinder. It’s not all that tricky but if you play your cards right, you might just find a perfect match. Let’s have a look at a few Tinder Tips:

  1. Post your display picture as the best one yet. Let it be original.No need to apply filters and make yourself artificially good looking. People aren’t going to be interested if that’s the case. Plus it also shows you are not comfortable with how you look generally. This is one of the most important tips for Tinder.
  2. Make sure your positive personality is highlighted in your profile. People with all looks and no personality are a rejection waiting to happen.
  3. Next is your bio. Don’t make it like a story. People won’t bother reading it. Make it precise and show people what you want them to know about you.
  4. Once you have a match, make sure you don’t come out too strong in the start. Hold back your emotions since you have not even met the person and you want to create a good first impression.
  5. Follow the previous by planning an opening line. Don’t be all filmy with your match. That creeps out people most of the times. Be it men or women ( yet another note worthy tips for Tinder )
  6. Take the conversation outside tinder to Whatsapp or Facebook. This means that the other person is willing to share their personal things with you.
  7. Before you meet this match in person, get to know them well. Do not meet them up immediately after finding a match.
  8. Use tinder smartly ( Thats not all. We will keep adding more Tinder Tips )

Bonus Tinder Tips: Check out what are the Facebook pages your opposite gender like most & like all those pages in Facebook. This will show you more matches based on interest 😉

Happy Tindering!



What is Tinder Social?

Tinder Social is a new feature that allows you to create instant groups -or- join other groups nearby. Via. this feature Tinder wants to replicate the real life scenario of a group of friends hanging out together. Its very interesting and each group only lasts for a day!

* How does Tinder Social work?

Tinder Social is a new feature that allows you to create instant groups -or- join other groups nearby.  Via. Tinder Social, you can see what is going to happen nearby ( like someone is planning a party, people are going out together for a movie etc. ) and become part of it.

You can create or join a group and invite friends from Facebook to join the group. You can also swipe and match with other interesting groups nearby. To use Tinder Social you will need to un-lock it first. The moment you un-lock it, you can see other people who have un-locked nearby also and discover new things.

The beauty about this Tinder Social feature is, you can match your group with other groups nearby. If any of the member of either groups match with both the groups then all the members of both groups can talk to each other ( thus gaining access to Group chats )

Note: The groups and matches created via. Tinder Social lasts only overnight and they all disappear the next day at noon.

* What is Tinder Stacks?

Ok, First of all Tinder Stacks is only for iPhone users.

Tinder Stacks is tightly integrated to iMessage and works like an image based polling. Using this new feature, you can sned and ask your friends to vote on any stack you send them by just swiping right -or- left ( as done in Tinder ).

You can send them a variety of things. It can be a selfie, Dress options for a party, where to go out tonight etc. All you need to do is select a group of photos and create a stack & send it to your friends for swiping 🙂

* How to use Tinder Stacks?

Step 1: Launch Tinder Stacks from iMessage
Step 2: Tap ‘Start a Stack’

How to use Tinder stacks?
Step 3: Select your photos & create a Stack
Step 4: Name your Stack

How to use Tinder stacks?
Step 5: Review your Stack.
Step 6: Send to your friends.

How to use Tinder stacks?
Step 7: Now your friends can swipe to vote.
Step 8: Now since you have got all the votes from your friends. Tap your Stack to see the results 🙂

How to use Tinder stacks?

Hope you learnt how to use Tinder stakes 🙂

1. Tinder not working. What could be the reasons?

It could be because your phone does not support the app or possible because the apk file was corrupted (not downloaded from the Play Store or App Store). There might be a technical glitch while connecting to Facebook via tinder during your sign-up. So when Tinder not working, do a check on these action items: Active Internet connection, Are you able to signin to Facebook in the same mobile, Any clash in the recent mobile software update.

2. Any Tips on what to say on Tinder?

First of all, don’t be upset if you don’t find a match. Follow the steps above and you may find a match. Once you have a match, never come out too strong in your first conversation. Once you and your match have reached a certain comfort zone in talking to each other, ask if the other person is looking for something serious or just a casual fling or probably just trying out the app. Do not overwhelm the other person with your emotions and feelings as soon as you have found a match. If you have other tips on what to say on Tinder, do post it in the comments below.

3. There is so much hype… does Tinder work?

Tinder is a dating app. It necessarily need not fulfill your wishes of meeting someone. Few get lucky, few don’t. For those who met someone, Tinder worked and for those who did not, it sadly did not. The hype is present because of the probabilistic factor of finding/not finding a match on tinder. In general does Tinder work? Yes it works perfectly. Has millions of users & there are everyday matches happening across the globe in millions!

4.  I get no matches on Tinder. How to get more Tinder matches?

Follow the Tinder Tips in the section above. The chances of getting a match would definitely get higher. This is how to get more Tinder matches.

5. What does Tinder mean? How come this name?

Tinder, as per the dictionary means uncertain. The owners of tinder gave this insight to a dating app. This basically is sort of a blind date set up by an app instead of your friends. What else does Tinder mean? Just that the name is very catchy as well 🙂

6.  Ok, what is Tinder used for?

Tinder is a dating app. You can find people who are looking for other people for dating. This is exclusively for dating and getting to know people. In one word what is Tinder used for? Ans: Speed Dating 🙂

7.  How to change your age on Tinder?

Since tinder is synchronized with Facebook, whatever age you have mentioned on Facebook, it appears on tinder. To change your age on Tinder, you’d have to change your age in Facebook for that to reflect on tinder.

8.  How to message on Tinder & how do I backup my Tinder messages?

There is no provision to backup your messages with your match on tinder provided by Tinder. There are certain hacks though. Get the Tinder extension for Google Chrome. See the entire conversation in Chrome. Copy the content and paste it. And for the question on How to message on Tinder… First get connected to a match > goto the profile > Tap on the message icon & start chatting. Hope you learnt how to use Tinder to backup your messages 🙂

9. How to change location on Tinder?

Go to your Discovery Settings and select Swiping In and then Add Location. Once you have selected that, choose which is your preferred location. 

10. How to find people on Tinder?

No specific way to search a particular person on Tinder like Facebook. All you can do is narrow down the search criteria to something that would suit the person whom you want to search for. This is how to find people on Tinder.

11. What is the Tinder cost for Tinder Plus?

Tinder cost varies from region to region all around the world. The price ranges from $0.99 to $19.99. It comes with the benefits of undoing your swipe and giving more super likes etc.

12. How does Tinder match people?

According to few programming experts who formerly worked at Tinder, it uses artificial neural network principle of recognizing and training the heuristic algorithm for better matching. It is said that they set a certain standard for the appearances and personality based on which people get more likes than no’s. This way, people who are actually good looking get more number of likes and matches to their profiles. So, there is a standard algorithm which matches people on tinder and it does not happen on a random basis. This is how Tinder match people. Hope you learnt how to use Tinder to get more match’s 🙂

13. Can I switch back to the Tinder old version? How?

Yes you can. But this is a tedious process. If you’re running the latest version of tinder, you have to uninstall the app. Once you uninstall the app, you have to find tinder v3.3.2 (the older version). You won’t find that on Play Store or the App Store. So, you’ll need to search the .apk file on the internet. Certain websites do offer such apks. Though they might be filled with advertisements and may be a big problem, you can still download them use the older version. This is how you switch back to Tinder old version.

14.  How to see who liked you on Tinder?

If you have liked someone’s profile on Tinder, and they have liked yours back – You’ll get a notification saying: “It’s a Match“. This is the sign/ notification to see if someone has liked you on Tinder. If no notification has come, it means that nobody has liked your profile yet.

15.  How to block someone on Tinder?

You can only block a person who you have started a conversation with. Once you feel like it’s not working out and like to block him/her-

  • Open the conversation
  • Tap the more button on the top right corner
  • Select Unmatch.
  • Select “Report” for serious problem.

These steps will help you block someone on Tinder. Hope you learnt how to use Tinder to block someone 🙂

16. Can I use Tinder without phone?

The answer would be NO because it is a phone-based dating app. Plus, if Tinder was to be used on other devices, there is no way to bypass the number verification. This is connected to Facebook, so in any way you see, there is a phone number that has got to be involved. Tinder without phone? NO.

17. What other apps / sites are there as interesting as Tinder?

There are many interesting dating apps like Tinder like Badoo,, eHarmony etc. But 1 dating app that is as interesting as Tinder in the market now is “Coffee Meets Bagel“. This one works in a slightly different manner than Tinder, but has an interesting twist that makes it stand out 🙂 You can check out how this app works here

18. How to register in Tinder as another Gender?

Yes, Tinder previously had only two gender options ( Male / Female ). Now you have more gender options to choose from and represent yourself in the way your wish. To do this all you need to do is: Edit your Profile > Select “More” and start typing the gender you want to represent > Select from the list of suggestions that appear.

How to use Tinder gender

19. What is Swipe Ventures? Can we approach them for funding our company?

Swipe ventures is an initiative headed by Sean Rad ( CEO of Tinder ). Tinder has in the past invested in a couple of other companies and related platforms. Right now its still not clear on how this fund will function & how one should approach for a funding. But our guess is that there will be some initiative in future to open up API’s in Tinder for others to develop apps on top of Tinder. Like how Slack has a fund for apps that are developed for its platform, we foresee this new ventures will be able to fund innovative ideas that are built on Tinder API’s.

( Click HERE for Tinder icons meaning. )

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