How to use Stylect app?

Are you a shoeaholic? Then Stylect is the perfect app for you! It is the ultimate shoe paradise for the branded-shoe-lovers!! The amazing new collections and designs from leading shoe brands are to die for. Also you get ravishing discounts! Let’s get you acquainted with this fab app & learn How to use Stylect app 🙂


For starters, you need to install the app in your Android phone.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store. Search for the app in the search bar.

Step 2: Install the app.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, tap Open.

How to use Stylect app

You are now ready to use Stylect.

  • As you open the app, it asks you to create an account using facebook in order to track your purchases. You have the option of either logging in or not creating a profile and continuing as a guest.

How to use Stylect app

  • On the next page, you get to choose your foot size. This would provide a more selective browsing in the app’s shoe gallery.

How to use Stylect app

This is where your app venture begins.


The app has 4 tabs. I’ll take you through each of them.

On the bottom of each page you will find a Filter option. You may venture this if you want to set preferences according to shoe size, categories, prices, colors, etc. Your browsing will be sorted for you to narrow down your choices.

How to use Stylect app


The home page basically shows you the different categories of shoes available for sale.

How to use Stylect app

The types of shoes are:

  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Heels
  • Flats
  • Trainers

Also, at the bottom of the page are some Featured products by leading shoe designers showcasing their exclusive products like

  • Sophia Webster
  • Burberry
  • Forzieri
  • Alexander McQueen, etc.


This section constitutes of some handpicked collections, categorized by style or patterns like

  • Shoes with bows
  • Back to school
  • Under €250 by Marie Claire
  • Patterns! , etc.

How to use Stylect app

Inside each category, there is an individual display of shoes and every display has some options.

On the screen you will notice a cross sign(X) , a heart, and an undo sign.

For every picture, if you swipe it towards the left, the next item comes up. If you swipe it towards the right, the item gets added in your wishlist. The undo button will nullify the previous action.

How to use Stylect app

How to use Stylect app

You may also share a certain item via any other app in your phone. Just tap on the share symbol on the top right corner.


The third tab, the one with the heart symbol, is like a collection of your own. It is called a Wishlist.  All the shoes you have hearted throughout your browsing journey is saved in this section.

How to use Stylect app

The wishlist is empty at first and fills up as you keep adding your favourites to it.

How to use Stylect app

In addition to being a showcase, it also has Share options and a Settings option where you can change the Country and go through the Privacy Policy.


The final tab is like a running news feed where buyers post pictures of their amazing products that they have bought from using Stylect. You may heart a picture you like and check for product details.

How to use Stylect app


  • To buy a product, you will have to go through the collections and choose a pair(s) of shoes you want to own.

How to use Stylect app

  • Tap on the picture. This will lead you to a page dedicated to the product you have chosen.

How to use Stylect app

  • This page contains every detail you need to know about the product, starting from its description to the shipper details. The available sizes and most importantly the price. Also you get various view angles for the product. You may even magnify the picture to have a better look (Tap on the little magnifying glass symbol).
  • On the bottom right corner you have the share option, if you want to get your bff’s opinion on the shoe.

How to use Stylect app

  • If you decide to buy it, just tap on the BUY option at the bottom.

As you tap on BUY, you will be redirected to the Seller’s webpage. They will then complete your purchase.

How to use Stylect app

  • On the Seller’s page, tap on ADD TO CART option. (Don’t forget to mention your shoe size!)
  • Followed by this will be the normal buying procedures of payment options and transactions.

In a few days, you will have a sparkling new pair of shoes at your front door! Happy Shopping! 🙂

Hope you learnt in detail How to use Stylect app. If you have any questions please do post it in the comments sections below.


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