How to use Spplus App?

One of the good parking apps with a whole new creativity and innovation is Spplus parking app. Though known as Standard Parking System in earlier days, they have a whole new package for our customers and so their name has been changed to Spplus.Very well, letting us know their various services.

So, let’s get started on how to use the app and its so many features:

Step1: First of all head towards your App Store/Google Play Store and download the app. You can then sign up with your details so as to enjoy all the features and services that the app has to provide.

How to use Spplus app

So on clicking on the left most corner of the app screen, you can get the menu to your services. If you need to find a Parking spot currently, then click on FIND PARKING and get on searching for them. You can also use certain filters in order to sort out your search results.

Step2: You can click on the gray search bar that you see on the top and type the address that you are looking for. You can navigate through location navigator. If you want to find the details about the parking spot you have chosen then click on the “i” sign that appears alongside.

How to use Spplus app


Step3: Now, sometimes it becomes confusing on the map to find a suitable place so you can input your address and have a look on the list of parking spots available near your area. So, at the right most corner you can see a tab “LIST”, click on it for the List view.

How to use Spplus app

It will let you know how far is it from your location and by whom is it operated by.

Step4: Once you make your decision and choose one destination for your parking spot then just click on it and know more details about it.

How to use Spplus app

So you can know about the exact address here, how you can enter the parking spot and if you want to add it as your favorite spot just click on the star and mark it as favorite.

It has an amazing feature as we can see- GET MOBILE COUPON. So, you can simply click on it and get the discount coupon on your phone itself. Then after getting the code, display it to the attendant and avail your discount.

You will be able to see the coupon rates for your parking spot.

Step5: After that, your booking is confirmed and you will receive a barcode which you can easily scan and get your discount easily.

How to use Spplus app

And it’s done!

Spplus is not mere an app for parking but it includes a lot more than that. It also offers parking systems for Business programs who want to book it for their employees.

Then there is customer parking for:

  • Markets
  • Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal
  • Hotels


Operating since 1980 under the name of Standard Parking System, they were the owners of this industry since long. But now since 2013, they have a change of name that depicts that they are expanding in their own surfaces. They have changed it to Sp+. A plus sign resembling the many new changes that they have undertaken for good. Apart from parking, they are giving on themselves in the transportation market, facility maintenance, event logistics and even getting security services at our your doorsteps. The competition that gets darker each day demands a lot from the companies, and SP+ has taken a step towards this. Making their own identity they are surely going to lead the market.


I am familiar with Standard Parking system, what is Sp+ ?

Well, people have been confused with the Sp+ brand but there is only one thing to know that Standard Parking system has actually changed its name to Sp+. The services and facilities have been increased under this name and do not only adhere to the parking system, therefore changed their name to something that can be branded under everything that they deal with.

What is your Event Logistics Service?

They have basically expanded their horizons beyond the fact of just parking in streets or cities. They are now in the market for handling event related activities even. From organizing bus facilities for the players/artists to the parking system of all the buses and vehicles at the venue, they are organizing everything. So if you are a big event planner, contact them and they will take care of all your basic needs.

What are other services that they offer?

Other than handling event logistics they also provide you with security services. What is that you may ask? They have combined all their knowledge about the security policies keeping in mind the different client requirements. So, they provide security officials for gated communities, societies or office complexes.

Other than this is Facility maintenance. They offer environment-friendly core facilities or seasonal facilities to meet your demands in parking, surface load etc.

And thirdly they also handle Transportation System. Well, they provide for bus shuttle services for airports, hospitals, hotels or universities. They handle from the scratch i.e. getting the vehicle managed to the route that bus needs to follow with all proper training given to the staff.

In which cities can I access Spplus?

At the moment they provide their services in California, Washington State, Michigan, Colorado, Texas and Hawaii in the United States, as well as in Toronto, Canada.

Where can I find good Spplus clone app?

There is a fantastic Spplus clone script app developed by the folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’. You can get it HERE.

Where can I get some discount coupons for Spplus app?

We have few promotional offers and discount coupons but currently they are out of stock. If you want to avail the offers, click on subscribe and we will get back to you with amazing offers.

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