How To Use Songkick App?

This post is all about How To Use Songkick App.

Getting Started: How To Install The Application

To use the Songkick app, you will first have to download it from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store.

Step 2: On the search bar, type Songkick. Tap on the icon once the search options are visible.

Step 3: Tap INSTALL and wait for the app to download.

How to use Songkick App

Step 4: Tap OPEN.

How to use Songkick App

Your app is now ready to use.

Application Detailing

– First off, the app requires you to enable the location settings on your phone. This is required for the app to gather information about the local happening events around you. You could either turn on Location and let it automatically gather the information, or you may manually set the location later.

How to use Songkick App

– Next up, the app requires permission to access the photos, media and files on your device. This is done, in order to understand your preferred choice of artists and genres. Like the little statement in the image shown below, Songkick scans your music library to create your personalized concert calendar based on your favorite artists and location.

How to use Songkick App

– Like every application, to keep a headcount of its number of users, Songkick requires you to sign up for their application via your Facebook account or you can sign up via your alternative email address. If you have used Songkick before, and you already have your account registered; click on “Log In“.

How to use Songkick App

– You can link your Spotify account to Songkick, again to serve the purpose of tracking your favorite artists and genres. If you don’t have a Spotify account, click on the “I DON’T HAVE SPOTIFY” option.

How to use Songkick App

– Specify your location or turn on your location from the settings on your phone. This is for Songkick to understand your preferable location to see concerts in. It thereby tailor makes the list of concerts according to your interests.

How to use Songkick App

– Once you’re done with all the initial procedures, The Homepage of the app appears. Here, before you start off; you have the option to manually add certain artists that you’d want to follow and also add locations where you’d like to see the events happening.

How to use Songkick App

The application has 5 main options on the Homepage.

  • Concerts
  • Plans
  • Artists
  • Notifications
  • Locations

– The “Concerts” option is where you can track artists for their latest gigs happening around the world and also add in locations according to your choices.

– The “Plans” option is the social media connect with the gigs that you’re attending. This keeps track of all the gigs that you have planned to attend and lists everything according to the dates of the events.

– The “Artists” option is where you’ll have an overview of all the happening concerts around the world of all the major artists in their alphabetical order. If there’s an artist on the list that interests you or grabs your attention, you can click on the tile which shows the picture and the name of the artists to track all the updates about their tours and concerts around the world.

– The “Notifications” option is the place where you’ll be notified about any new tour or concert announcements about the artist or band that you’re tracking. All the latest news will pop up here thereby you don’t miss out on any latest update or information.

– The “Locations” tab will show you all the happening events in the cities that you have marked as your preferred location for updates. You can check all the details about the event here, like timings, ticket prices, location etc. A google map location is also provided for your convenience. You also have the option to share the event on different messaging and social media platforms. There’s a RSVP option available too, so if you’re sure about attending the event you can check the box which says, “I’M GOING“.

How to use Songkick App

This below image shows all the relevant details about the event.

How to use Songkick App

Songkick also provides you with ticketing solutions to your favorite gigs happening in town. It provides you with the best rates that are available based on your requirement. The tickets range starts from as low as $12 to $500 and above for premium range concerts. Songkick has partnered with global ticketing partner, Ticketmaster to provide hassle free ticketing solutions. You can buy your tickets via your credit card, debit card and other means of transactions. Tickets will be sent to your registered email address and you can display your ticket on your phone with a valid id-proof or sometimes you’ll have to take a print out of the ticket and display at the venue.

How to use Songkick App

So that’s pretty much all about How To Use Songkick App.

About Songkick

Songkick is that one platform that connects some of the world’s greatest music talents with millions of their fans from around the globe. As the world’s leading private ticketing and concert search directory, Songkick partners with hundreds of artists to handle the ticketing experience and also attract fans in astonishing ways. Their vision is to simple make sure every concert or show is an absolute success.

An application widely used by millions, this search platform is the world’s biggest one on one marketing channel. Targeting over 60 markets globally, the company focuses on engaging with the people who listen to music and want to keep track of their favorite bands and artists. The app provides mobile alerts the dates and availability of tickets whenever their favorite artists are playing nearby. Songkick uses its platform to make the experience of fans memorable in every single way with its proprietary technology that ensures tickets end up in the hands of committed fans than on the secondary market world.

Songkick App Review

The app sports a very dashy and trendy look. The interface is user friendly and very attractive. All the detailings are pretty direct, and first time users can be pretty sure of figuring stuff out on their own. Songkick is the world’s top app, in this segment and has received many awards for its services. Fans no longer need to worry about missing out on concerts and gigs of their favorite artists and band and can stay in the loop always!

Hope we have narrowed down every bit of details about the app for you & you have learnt How to use Songkick app. If there are any other queries as such, that you would like us to analyse and help you get around; do post them below in the comments section and we’ll get you back to you with the right answers asap.

Happy bouncing to your favorite tunes! 🙂


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