How to use SoloLearn App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage SoloLearn App effectively.

How to install SoloLearn App

You can install SoloLearn App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. SoloLearn requires you create a personal account. If you already have one, you can use it and continue, else sign-up. You are ready after signing-in.

SoloLearn Signup

Features of SoloLearn App

SoloLearn is an excellent app to learn and leverage popular programming languages. The feature breakdown of the app can be enlisted as –

  • Learn: Your dashboard to pick up a programming language.
  • Play: You can challenge other users for a quick round of programming questions.
  • Activity Feed: Feeds to give you a diversion.
  • Code Playground: A repository of interesting code submitted by users.
  • Q&A Discussions: Your destination where you can ask or answer questions and solve your queries.

A handpicking of some features

Step-by-step procedure to make use of the Learn section

STEP 1: Click on Learn tab which is the first icon and looks like a scholarship hat.

SoloLearn Learn

STEP 2: You will see that with no courses selected, My Courses is empty. Click on START LEARNING NOW to add a course.

SoloLearn Add Course

STEP 3: When you add a course, it will appear in MY COURSES as below. You can then avail the course tutoring at your convenience.

SoloLearn cplus

Step-by-step procedure to make use of the Play section

STEP 1: Play is a section that allows you to compete with other users on quick programming questions. The more you gain over your opponent, the higher the rankings you achieve.

STEP 2: Click on Play button which looks like lightning. Your ongoing challenges may be empty or in progress and you can enter more challenges by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

SoloLearn Add Challenges

STEP 3: In ‘Choose your weapon’, you have to choose the programming language that you are comfortable in. After this choice, you can choose a user or a random user, after which the challenge will begin.

SoloLearn Weapon

Step-by-step procedure to make use of the Activity Feed section

STEP 1: Click on Activity Feed tab which looks like a house. Activity Feed is your pitstop for some interesting content.

SoloLearn ActivityFeed

STEP 2: When you click on a feed, you will get a screen similar to below where you can interact with the post.

SoloLearn Post

Step-by-step procedure to make use of the Code Playground section

STEP 1: Code Playground is a section where users can post excellent or thought-provoking code which the users can use and even run.

SoloLearn Code Playground

STEP 2: A sample code which a user had posted appears as below. You can even save the code.

SoloLearn Code

STEP 3: If you want to view the quick output, click on RUN.

SoloLearn Spiderman

Step-by-step procedure to make use of Q&A Discussions section

STEP 1: Q&A Discussions is a forum where you can post any pressing issues you are facing with respect to coding and get satisfactory answers.

SoloLearn QA

STEP 2: You can post your own question by clicking on the icon which looks like a pen/pencil and keying in the essential items and tapping POST.

SoloLearn QA Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you help me understand the key selling point of SoloLearn app?

Please note SoloLearn is one of the finest apps if you are a coding enthusiast or a professional coder. With the wide range of popular programming languages supported, SoloLearn is your one-stop-destination for learning software.

2. As a novice or an inexperienced user, can I still make use of SoloLearn?

A definite Yes. Please note that as you embark on your journey in the digital world, you will be bombarded with terms like JavaScript, CSS or HTML. You must make an active effort to at least know the fundamentals. SoloLearn is your buddy in this attempt.

3. What are some outstanding features of SoloLearn?

SoloLearn caters to all stages of learners from amateur to professional. There are great tutorials on programming languages like C++, Java, and C#. There are some other tidbits like reaching out with Q&A Discussions plus coding challenges which truly stand out.

Additional information about SoloLearn app as presented in the store is as below:

SoloLearn AdditionalInfo

How to use SoloLearn App effectively?
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How to use SoloLearn App effectively?
How to use SoloLearn App effectively? Gain mastery of programming languages with this app.
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