How to use Snapseed App by Google effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Snapseed App by Google effectively.

How to install the Snapseed App by Google

You can install Snapseed App by Google on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. You can start using the app by launching it and making use of all the tools.

Features of Snapseed App by Google

Snapseed App by Google is one of the finest apps if you want to quickly edit images on your mobile device. When you initially launch the app the features available are:

snapseed load

  • STYLES: An upfront selection of filters like Portrait, Smooth, Pop and so on.
  • TOOLS: An exhaustive collection of tools like Tune image, Details, Curves and so on.
  • EXPORT: Provides facility for Sharing or Saving your image.

The TOOLS section of the app would be the features that will be widely used and houses 28 different tools. These tools range from tuning images with respect to features like Brightness or Contrast to adjusting the level of smile or pupil size.

snapseed tools

Also in the main page towards the top right, there are 3 options – Undo/Revert, Image details, and Options for Global Settings/Tutorials/Help And Feedback.

A handpicking of some important features

Step-by-step procedure to load an image and apply a style:

STEP 1: Launch Snapseed.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘+’ to load an image. You must allow access of the app to your gallery.

snapseed initial

STEP 3: When you load an image, the below screen will appear with 3 main options – STYLES, TOOLS, and EXPORT.

STEP 4: By default, STYLES will be selected. If not, click on STYLES.

STEP 5: You have options towards the bottom like Portrait, Smooth, Pop, Accentuate etc. When you click on any of them, your image gets a filter applied. Go ahead share or save your creation.

snapseed style

Step-by-step procedure to tune an image:

STEP 1: Load an image as described previously.

STEP 2: Click on TOOLS. You get a flyout housing 28 tools.

STEP 3: Click on Tune Image.

snapseed adjust

STEP 4: The general structure of image manipulation tools presented in each of the screens is as below –

  • In the top right corner, there is a toggle which is used to compare your original image with a changed image.
  • Towards the bottom left, there is a button which shows levels of your image as a graph.
  • Towards the bottom right, there is a Tutorials button.
  • At the bottom left, there is a Cancel tool, followed by Tool variety selector. Then there is a Magic Wand in case the auto adjustment is supported. Finally, there is an Accept tool button.

STEP 5: You can click on Tool variety selector and cycle between different varieties.

snapseed variety

STEP 6: When you choose a variety, the Name will appear on Top center. When you place your finger just below the Variety title and swipe, the intensity of the filter will change.

STEP 7: You can either decide to keep your changes with Tick option or cancel your changes with Cross option.

STEP 8: When you even apply a filter in Tools, you can Undo the change with the Undo option as shown below.

snapseed undo

Step-by-step procedure to apply Head pose:

STEP 1: Since selfie shots are the most widely edited, Head pose is a great tool for this purpose.

STEP 2: Load an image that has a human in it. The image must be reasonably clear with good visibility of the face.

snapseed head pose

STEP 3: In Tools, select Head pose. You can change the 3D axial view of your photo by swiping your finger on the photo either up/down/top/bottom.

STEP 4: You can disable 3D axial view change by clicking button third from bottom left.

STEP 5: In the Tool variety, there are 3 options – Pupil size, Smile, and Focal length.

snapseed head var

STEP 6: Quite self-explanatory with respect to their names, you can choose any of them and change the level.

You can always share or save your images with EXPORT options shown below:

snapseed export

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you tell me in a nutshell what Snapseed App is all about and would I find it great for day to day usage?

Please note Snapseed App by Google is an excellent and a full-fledged application if you want to avail image editing from your mobile device. It spares you the drudgery of moving your image from your mobile to desktop, editing and moving it back to mobile.

Snapseed is feature-packed and simple to use. A person who has a basic idea to use mobile will find it indispensable. Day to day usage would include image touch for Instagram, quick WhatsApp changes.

2. Does Snapseed save my edited images and can I access them on my desktop if required?

Yes, Snapseed is intelligent enough to allow you save your images in JPEG format and you can get access on your desktop/laptop. In this way, Snapseed is no less compared to professional full-fledged desktop software.

3. Will I find Snapseed confusing to use and what are the best features of the app?

No, Snapseed is very easy to use and you will never get confused using the app. In fact, as you learn, you become better appreciative of the features.

What we can suggest to you the best features of the app are Tools like Image adjust, making grayscale of your image, adjusting facial features using Head pose and Portrait.

Additional information as presented in the store is as below:

snapseed store

How to use Snapseed App by Google effectively?
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How to use Snapseed App by Google effectively?
How to use Snapseed App by Google effectively? We will help you understand the great features of this cool image editing app by Google.
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