How to use Snapchat?

Back in 2011 when Snapchat was first released, it drew a lot of comparisons with risqué teen behavior. Media outlets repeatedly warned parents of the negative effects the platform might have and as a result, the path way to success wasn’t looking good.Since then, Snapchat has evolved a thousand fold and the channel has earned lot of accolades for its fast growth and innovation. In this post lets take a deep look at how to use Snapchat 🙂

Snapchat is now known as a platform for both individuals and brands — one that allows users to create quick, lighthearted, and even educational video content without using valuable production resources. For brands, this means a new opportunity to show off their culture, share knowledge, and connect with their audience in a new and exciting way.

Step 1: Search for Snapchat on Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS and the Windows store for Windows phones.

Step 2: Tap on Download to download and after it is done, it will start installing the app onto your phone.

How to use Snapchat?

Step 3: Once downloaded, open the app.

How to use Snapchat?

Step 4: Since you are a first time user, select “Sign Up“. Once you do that, you’ll see this:

How to use Snapchat?

You will be prompted to input your birthday so that they can verify your age. Once that is done, You have to enter your phone number. This is optional. You can either choose to enter your  number or skip this step by tapping on Skip on the top right corner of the screen.It is recommended you enter your phone number.

How to use Snapchat?

The next screen you will see is this,

How to use Snapchat?

The main screen of Snapchat will look like in the above image. As the main screen suggests, “Tap to add a selfie“. Once you take one, you also insert a text within. Great, you have created your Snapchat account 🙂

So, once you have created a Snapchat account, you are also provided with a Snapchat ID.

  • In the above image, the second option which says, “Add Friends” is for adding friends already on Snapchat using their unique Snapchat ID.
  • The option that reads My Friends allows you to choose whom you want to Snapchat with ( Once you have added all your friends )

Now that we’re on the main screen, let’s explore Snapchat in a step-by-step manner,

  • Tapping on the The question mark (?) on the top left corner of the screen, will open a screen ( like in the below image ). This helps in adding your friends. As mentioned earlier, select their Snapcode and follow the instructions on the screen. You can follow the same procedure for adding other friends as well.

What is Snapchat

  • The Trophy Cabinet icon on the top middle, contains emoticons for each achievement you reach on Snapchat. These emoticons are locked and will be unlocked only after you have certain achievements on Snapchat ( which we will look into later )

What is Snapchat

  • The settings icon on the top right corner of the screen will take you to the settings screen, which you will need to configure as per your preference ( the screen should look like the below image ). You’ll see the personal information you have provided during signup. You can also update your mobile number and your E-Mail ID. An e-mail ID is required for password recovery in case you happen to lose it.

What is Snapchat

Before we dive into each of the settings, lets take a look at How to use Snapchat 🙂

Snap vs Story


A direct message from one account to one or many other accounts. These messages vanish immediately after viewing and can contain videos or images uploaded from your phone.

How to create and send Snaps

To send a photo Snap, open up the camera screen and tap on  Camera_circle_icon_small-595773352.jpg  or anywhere on the screen to capture the photo. To send a video Snap, hold  Camera_circle_icon_small-595773352.jpg.
If you want to twerk with the Snapchat Lenses; animations that can be coated on top of your selfie. To do this simply press and hold your face until the Lens option appears below. You can swipe left to go through the various options that are available.
Once you’re ready with your snap, you have a few options before hit the send option.

How to use Snapchat?
1. Discard your snap
2. Add emojis
3. Add a caption
4. Doodle
5.  Set a time frame for your Snap.
6. Save your photo to your Camera Roll
7. Add a Snap to your Story
8. Select recipients and share your Snap

You can also add filters, time, weather, or your current speed to a Snap. To add these features swipe left or right on the preview screen to browse your options.

How to view a snap?

To view a Snap that you have received all you have to do is, swipe right on your camera screen and tap once on the Snap. If you have several Snaps from the same friend, they’ll play like a flip-book. Later swipe down to exit the snap.


This is a photo or video that can be viewed by all of your friends for 24 hours. You can create multiple photos/videos shown in succession to create a longer story. This feature can be used to reach out to a larger audience.

How to Create a Snapchat Story

To create a Story on Snapchat, follow the process for creating a Snap above. When you’re ready to send it, tap on the “arrow shaped” button and select ‘My Story.’

How to View a Snapchat Story

To view a user’s story, swipe left on your camera screen and scroll down to ‘Recent Updates.’ Tap a user’s name once to open their story. (To view your own Story, tap ‘My Story.’)

Stories are usually available for 24 hours . During that 24-hour period, you can watch the Story as many times as you want, unless it is taken down by the up-loader.

Helpful tips:

  • To skip to the next Snap in a Story, tap the screen once.
  • To skip to the next Story, swipe left.
  • To exit, swipe down.

Lets dive a bit more deep into the Settings.

How Snapchat works

  • In simple words, Login Verification keeps your account secure.
  • SnapCash is a cool feature for fast and easy exchange of money within the Snapchat Chat feature. Via. this sleek option you can directly send money to another account in just a few simple steps without any hassle of going to the bank’s website.

Tapping on Manage, you will be taken to a screen like the one in the image below. Here you can configure your additional settings by looking through each option( Its pretty self explanatory & select them according to your preference ). You would need to go back to get to your main settings panel.

How Snapchat worksYou can also configure other essential settings like,

  • Who can Contact me: You have the choice of setting your preference to either “Friends Only” or “Everyone“.
  • View my Story: In addition to everyone and friends, you can also have custom settings.

How Snapchat works

Under Advanced, you have a another set of settings that needs to be set. Notification settings is a notable setting.Under it there are a number of options that are made available for you to play around with.

How to do Snapchat live chat

…and then under Account actions, you have:

  • Clear Browser Data: If you wish to clear all that you have been browsing on Snapchat, you can tap on this option and will clear your entire history.
  • Clear conversations: Tapping this will ask you to select conversations that you want to clear. This option is similar in nearly all messaging apps where you can choose to clear all the conversations or a selected few.
  • Blocked: You can check whom you have blocked from contacting you on Snapchat. You can unblock them as well.
  • Log out: For logging out of Snapchat

How to do Snapchat live chat

Hope the above post thought you How to use Snapchat 🙂  Do let us know your questions in the comments below.


  • What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a fun messaging app where instead of messaging using text, you message using images. The messages are self destructing in nature & you can set a timer for each message, picture, video to self destruct.You also have a collection of filters and add-ons which make the whole messaging totally new and different.

  • How Snapchat works?

In the above article, scroll to the section on How Snapchat works. We have explained in detail how to use Snap Chat there 🙂

  • How to do Snapchat live chat?

Follow the 3 steps to do a Snapchat live chat message:

1.) Tap the  to video chat with your friend! If they aren’t available, a notification will pop up to let you know they are busy.
2.) If your friend is available they can tap on ‘Watch’ or ‘Join’. If your friend taps on ‘Watch’ you will be unable to see them but they can hear and see you, and also send you chats! If they tap on ‘Join’ you will be able to see and hear each other!
3.) To stop video chatting with your friend, tap . If you hang up, you will still be able to see and hear your friend until they end their video chat as well or you exit the Chat.

  • How to use Snapchat online?

Go to and login in with your credentials ( which you did in the earlier steps ). Once you login to Snapchat online, from there the usage is pretty straight forward and well guided.

  • How to add people on Snapchat?

The steps to add people on Snapchat is mentioned in detail in the above article. But here is a quick overview:

Get your friends Snapchat ID > Add Friend or “Long Press” on the unique ID and you are good to go.

  • How to use Snapchat stories?

To create a story, take a photo or video and then tap the rectangle icon with a plus sign located on the bottom of your screen. Tap “Add to Your Story.” Once you’ve pressed this, it will exist on your feed for 24 hours.

  • How to video chat on Snapchat?

Once you are in a link with your friend’s ID, open the video camera and double tap! That’s about it.

  • How to update Snapchat?

Go to Play Store-> Search Snapchat-> Update.

  • What are features available in the Snapchat newest update?

New filters and More emoticons are available on your Snapchat newest update.

  • How old do you have to be to get Snapchat?

Minimum age for using Snapchat should be 13.

  • Who uses Snapchat?

Almost everyone uses Snapchat because it’s fun and a different way of messaging. Initially Snapchat was targeted towards college students & teenagers. Now its a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Need more info on team Snapchat.

Snapchat was developed initially by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown. They are Team Snapchat.

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