How To Use Snapcart App?

Now how would you like it, if someone paid you just to shop more? Sounds wacky, but that is exactly what the all new app named Snapcart is doing. In this post we take a look at How To Use Snapcart App.

1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Snapcart” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on Snapcart app.
3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.

How To Use Snapcart App

Snapcart is a mobile application that gives rewards and offers cashback solutions to shoppers when they snap a photo of their grocery receipts. Shoppers can earn more when they participate in bonus features in the app like filling in surveys and watching videos.

In short Snapcart is some thing that is – “Revolutionizing the way Brands Connect with Shoppers through Real-Time Insights.”

How To Use Snapcart App?

Before you proceed any further, you need to first sign up for your account on the app. You can do this by either registering your email id or by using your Facebook account to validate your account. If you are using your email address for this process, you may be asked to verify your credentials.

How To Use Snapcart App

Once you are done with that, you are now all set to receive huge offers and other cash back amenities. Snapcart works with the receipts that are generated whenever you make a purchase. So it is very important to keep your receipts safe. Another important thing to remember is that, Receipts older than 1 week will not be accepted! For now, Snapcart only accepts receipts of groceries, medical and beauty products (take note, products not services).

How To Use Snapcart App

– Scanning your receipt.

Place your receipt, ideally on a flat surface or hold it in a position that is wide and clear. Use the inbuilt scan tool, to scan your receipt. The app is pretty stubborn and will not proceed forward unless it gets a nice clear image of the receipt. Once the receipt is scanned, the app takes a few seconds to process the image and understand the various components on it. Based on its calculations, the app will notify you about the various cash-backs and the other offers that you can avail.

How To Use Snapcart App

The interface of the app is pretty simple and is very easy to use. It comprises of a dashboard, which gives you the summary about the various transactions you have made and also the status of the current upload.

Besides scanning your receipts, you can also earn more cash back by playing “Snaptastic”. It’s a spinning game where you will need tokens to be able to spin. The tokens can won by simply answering surveys, taking selfies and watching promotional videos. This is a cool way to promote other brands and is also a source of income for the company and to forget additional credits for the users.

Other Info – How To Use Snapcart App;

Snapcart gathers shopper and purchase data by incentivizing consumers to upload their shopping receipts into its app in exchange for cash-back rewards. That information is then turned into consumer insight and reports for its roster of 75-plus brands, which includes L’Oreal, Nestle and Unilever.

Over the past year, Snapcart has expanded from its launch market of Indonesia into the Philippines. Manila is where the startup houses its artificial intelligence and data analysis team, which perfects the systems behind its OCR (optical character recognition) technology that identifies line items within shopping receipts.

“Receipts form different formats across the countries where we collect them so there’s a lot of processes done to decrypt them: translating into text, making sure it is accurate and that we understand what is written,” Reynazran Royono, Snapcart CEO and Founder said in an interview. “We really invest a lot because we want to make sure the data we capture is captured in a high quality manner.”

Beyond that market expansion, Snapcart has opened a business development office in Singapore, but its service isn’t currently active in the country.

“Unlike most tech companies, Snapcart isn’t obsessing about getting large numbers of downloads of its mobile app. Royono said it tries to cap its active user base at around 50,000 in each market because it wants it to be representative of a country’s entire population. So, if Jakarta makes up 35 percent of Indonesia’s population, then Snapcart aspires to have 35 percent of its user base in Indonesia located in the city.

A panel of 50,000 consumers would be more than multiples larger than the audience size traditional consumer insight researchers use, but Snapcart also has the advantage of near-instant data capture. Rather than taking months to conduct surveys and publish results, as is traditional for this kind of research, its clients have access to last week’s data at any time. It also offers more granular insight, for instance based on specific outlets, and can track longer term trends, such as the impact of promotional campaigns.” – TechCrunch (@jonrussel)

Although, there has been significant pressure from the existing client base to push Snapcart to expand across Asia and beyond into other parts of the world; The company is taking a planned and managed approach to ensure its service quality remains high, so don’t expand global moves just yet.

Company Details;

Location: Jakarta, 04

Categories: Analytics, Apps, Big Data, Mobile

FoundersMayeth Condicion, Laith Abu Rakty, Reynazran Royono


Why does Snapcart pay the shoppers?

Snapcart uses the data from the receipts of the shoppers to study patterns. This data helps in market research and brand improvements. In return for the information that we give them through the receipts, they give back tokens in terms of cash rewards to the shoppers.

Is it safe? What about my privacy?

Snapcart ensures that they only get and save granular data. Personal information which can sometimes be encoded in the receipts are not included.

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