How To Use Snap Map

In this post we take a look at How To Use Snap Map and How Snap Map works

A glorious new addition in order to revamp its position on the Social Networking platform, Snapchat has now introduced Snap Map. An all new feature that enables you view Snaps by location and view Stories from around the world!

Well that’s not just what you can do with Snap Map. Stuck to just watching your relatives and friends Snapchat stories and wishing you could be there in real time? Well then guess what? You can just show up at the location, essentially!

Snapchat released this all new update by quoting on their blog “We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!

Snapchat’s next big feature wants to get you to meet up with friends in real life rather than just watching each other’s lives on your phones. SnapMap lets you share your current location, which appears to friends on a map and updates when you open Snapchat. It’s rolled out today to all iOS and Android users globally.

How To Use Snap Map

When you open the all new updated Snapchat application, you can choose to share your location with either all your friends or just a few selected ones. But if you want to disappear from the map at any time, you can switch to Ghost Mode or just don’t open the Snapchat App for a few hours. Alternatively, location sharing is turned off by default and you can leave it that way to just lurk, watching what friends are up to.

Interested in the new update? Its not too late, CLICK HERE to download the app.

So how do you get started? It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is access your Snapchat camera and oh be wary of that front facing camera syndrome! 😉  You can scroll around to see the whereabouts and the location of all your friends inside your city or even anywhere around in the world, from here!

Tapping on their “ActionMoji” BitMoji avatar opens their Story to show what they have been up to, or even message them directly to make meetup plans. Snapchat automatically picks an ActionMoji for you based on your location, time of day and other factors.

Search the map in ‘Ghost mode’ – This is done in order to hide your location from others, but you can see theirs. So you can go ahead and switch on to a full ninja stalker mode.

How To Use Snap Map

Beyond the location sharing factor, Snap Map also gives its loyal users a different way to explore Story content beyond the well settles Stories feed. Users can submit Snapchat Story posts to Our Story to be eligible for their content to appear to non-friends for 24 hours. You also can see “heat” colors on the Snap Map to see where lots of Snaps are being uploaded, which might indicate a concert or big event from which you’d want to explore Snap Stories.

Which Snaps and Stories appear on the Snap Map?

See something amazing? Submit a Snap to Our Story and it could show up on the Map! Only Snaps submitted to Our Story will appear on the Map.

Snaps are captured everywhere — just tap anywhere on the Map to view Snaps that were submitted to Our Story from that area! You can also follow the heat map: blue means that there were some Snaps taken at that spot, while red means there are tons ?

Stories can be viewed by tapping the circular thumbnails. These show up at special locations or events — like a museum, a basketball game, or a school graduation ?

This new feature lets you spy on your Snapchat friends around the world and lets you tune into events going on based on location for example if the ICC Champions trophy is on in Manchester you can now scroll yourself over to Manchester and watch what is happening, you can see what is going on at the Barclays Premier Leagues or have a peek at the front runners at The Grand Prix.

On an individual note, many tech bloggers believe that Snap Map is designed for improving social media and non verbal communications between people and their closest friends.

These new add-ons are surely generating Snapchat more money by getting users to watch more Snaps, even if they’re not trying to meet up with friends. However, for now, there won’t be any ads on the Snap Map. If you see a cluster of content labeled Featured, that just means it’s curated by Snapchat’s team and will appear in the Discover section, as well.

How To Use Snap Map

The Pursuit Of Happiness – How To Use Snap Map?

Snap Map creates a ground level way to see where your Snap-addicted friends are mostly up to and where are their constant hangout spots. While not as precise as a real-time location-sharing feature, it’s also less likely to freak out people.

This update was not born completely of CEO Even Spiegal’s creation, but because of Snapchat’s secret acquisition of social map app Zenly for $250 million to $350 million.

How To Use Snap Map

Zenly is a social mapping startup which makes ‘it fun and easy to know what your friends and family are up to’ and will be run independently of Snapchat even after the acquisition.

Snap Map will compete with Facebook Messenger’s recently launched Live Location feature. Snap Map is more geared toward privacy and saving battery life as it updates only when you open the app. Meanwhile Facebook wants to be your connection to all the acquaintances in your life. Snapchat is focusing on your best friends you can’t live without.

With the introduction of Instagram Stories, Snapchat really needed to work on something new to liven up its operations and face value in the market. And Snap Map might just be the thing to match the 250 million daily users on Instagram Stories, compared to Snapchat’s 166 million. Turning the app into more of a communications and offline meetup utility instead of just an online content-sharing network could give teens a whole new reason to stay glued to Snapchat.

Hope you have learnt How To Use Snap Map. Do post your queries and other opinions in the comments section 🙂

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