How to use SmartNews app

We all have our most favorite or go-to apps that we usually use to keep ourselves updated with what’s happening around us and the world. An independent firm in Japan has landed a couple of deals in the form of funding to take news reading to the next level. SmartNews — a news aggregation app that works with almost 1,500 publications and other resources, selects stories for you by monitoring and keeping a track on your reading activity in the app. It has raised another $38 million in a Series D round of funding. Lets look into How to use SmartNews app.

SmartNews is a free newsreader that lets you read through the latest headlines across several different news categories with an elegant user friendly interface. It’s also quick to load as you navigate through each category, with all the latest news hustling in the backdrop.

How to use SmartNews app

A great way to flick through stories – SmartNews

The layout of the application is something that catches everybody’s attention. Keeping it simple but at the same being very instinctive, the app comes with separate tabs at the top for each news category that you can touch or swipe left or right to switch among categories. The cool thing about SmartNews is that all the stories are already loaded, so you don’t have to worry about having a data connection always and you can still read all the stories from the last update.

In each category, stories are listed with a headline and small thumbnail. To view more stories you just have to scroll down. Switching between news categories is very smooth, and you can view all the stories from the last update/refresh.

You also have the option to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, this adds a Social tab to your categories where you can follow all the latest stories shared by the people on your list.

How to use SmartNews app

Analyzing categories & feeds

The first tab brings you all the Top Stories that are trending now, but there are also other categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Tech, US News, World News and several others. These are known as channels on the app and you can even customize them and their layouts.

By swiping downwards, and opening the settings page you can rearrange how the tabs will appear on your main screen and add new channels from the sources you like most.

The other option for adding a quick channel is to swipe all the way to the last tab and touch the plus sign. Here you’ll find the same layout from the Add Channels section, it’s great when you want to add a single channel for quick access.

How to use SmartNews app

Set timelines

One of the best features you have on this app is that you get to read all the stories even on offline mode. The app automatically updates itself at specific times that are set on the app itself to load and refresh all its feeds. You have the option to set the timings according to your preferences.  You do not have to open the app for it to refresh the feeds as it’s automatically accesses the data and keeps itself updated.

When you launch the app, you can touch the refresh button to get all the latest stories, but these deliveries mean you’ll always have something to read even if you don’t have a data connection.

How to use SmartNews app



SmartNews is somewhat a stand out in that sea of competition, in that the company has built all of its algorithms for sorting news from scratch, involving lot of complex theories and major analysis. Delivering news across several categories with easy navigational features. Navigating through a cluster of stuff was never easier! The major attraction of this application is its potential that allow its users to read stories offline, which sets the app apart from most of its popular competitors.

Hope you learnt in detail How to use SmartNews app. If you have any questions, do post it in the comments section below & we are glad to help 🙂


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