How to use Slack app?

What to do when you’re in a company and want to get in touch with all the other people? Is there something other than WhatsApp and Facebook to connect which does not mix up your personal messages with the official ones? Also, do you get an assistant along? The answer to all these questions is #SLACK! Lets see How to use Slack app.

Slack is a cloud based team collaboration tool. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.  Brings all your communication together in one place.

Let’s start with downloading the app first.
Step 1: Open Google Play Store(Android) or App Store (for iPhone) & search for “Slack
Step 2: Tap the Download / Get button. ( If your mobile prompts with a list of permissions like access to photos etc . that your app will be needing, don’t worry, hit OK )

How to use Slack app?

Once downloaded, select Open or you can go to your App drawer and select the app. On opening the app this will be the screen. Keep swiping right on the screen & read what the company has to say about the app.How to use Slack app?


How to use Slack app?

Since #SLACK is a team collaboration tool, there are a lot many features in it. Let’s get into the process, one by one.

Step 1: If its not your first time on slack, select Sign In. For most of you using it for the first time, select ‘Create team‘. On selecting that, it will take you to a screen like this:

How to use Slack app?

You will be assigned a company/group website ( a fancy URL for you to use ). You can choose ‘Send Reminder‘ to send you a message to your device which will contain the domain name. Select ‘Next‘. You have to give your E-mail ID so that Slack can confirm that you have signed up using the email ID provided.

How to use Slack app?

Select ‘Next‘ & proceed further. You have to give a name to your Slack group. For instance, here we have given ‘Fast and Clean‘.

How to use Slack app?

Select ‘Next‘ to proceed further. As you can see, Slack provides you an unique URL to you & team. If you do wish to change it, you can ( As we go through the screens, there are self explanatory text as well )

How to use Slack app?

In the previous screenshots, you can see that we had provided the URL as But since that was unavailable, a new URL was provided. Select ‘Next‘ and you will get to the below screen. This step asks you to have a unique username. In this we have given the username as shashankr95. It could be anything unique and should satisfy the conditions mentioned on the screen.

How to use Slack app?

Select ‘Next‘. Now, the whole purpose of Slack is to be in touch with people & collaborate effectively. So start adding people to your Slack group by sending them invites ( having more people will also make it easier to learn How to use Slack ). Here’s how you do it. Select ‘Invite‘ and then you’ll see the below screens,

How to use Slack app?

How to use Slack app?

Adding people is done via. e-mail ID’s. In the screen above you can see that we’ve invited 10 people by adding their mail ID’s and then hit ‘Send‘. Each of the invitees gets a confirmation mail so they can join Slack,

Note: To use Slack on Browsers, just login to your mail account and accept the invitation. To use on the mobile, you need to have the App installed on your phone.

Once done, you’ll notice a screen like below,

How to use Slack app?

And yeah, Instead of calling them “Groups“, In Slack, we call them “Channels“. As soon as you are on Slack, you can see you are part of a channel ‘#general‘ by default.  You can type in a message, in the message box provided. As seen in other messaging apps, you can also post links, photos, videos etc.

Once anyone joins Slack through your invite,You will receive a direct message from the Slackbot about it. BTW Slackbot is a cute little bot that is gonna be your assistant & help you in using the app more efficiently by giving you important tips all along ( It will assist you on How to use Slack, if you are lost somewhere inside the app )

How to use Slack app?

Sweet, As you keep adding more people, you will receive more credits on your account ( using which you can get some premium features unlocked ). Ok, now Tap on the slack icon on the top left corner of the screen, to see the below screen.

How to use Slack app?

If you notice, the message you received earlier was a Direct Message ( DM ) from the Slackbot. If you would want to check again the DM from Slackbot, just tap on Slackbot and you’ll be taken to the Private chat room with the Slakbot ( In this manner you can send DM’s to any user in Slack )

To know more about slackbot, tap on ‘@slackbot‘ and you can learn more about this helpful bot feature. Tap on the ‘star’ on the top right corner of any direct message to mark it as favorite.

How to use Slack app?

How to use Slack app?

Lets now Go back to see the menu again.

All the contacts who have accepted your invitation will be shown as your contacts below the slackbot. You can select any of them to directly message them.

How to use Slack app?

How to use Slack app?

Tap on a friends name ( in this case, ‘@shashankr11 ), and you would get options to communicate with them. Choose ‘Start a Call‘ to make a voice call.

Since voice calling is a bit new in Slack, your feedback after each call will help the Slack Team to improve the quality better on the go.

What is Slack?

What is Slack?

What is Slack?

You can add emoticons, share photos and files too on Slack. Tap on the emoticon on the left of your message box for emoticons and the ‘+‘ for adding photos.

What is Slack?

Tap on the Slack icon on the top left of the screen for the menu. Lets take a close look at the options here,

  • On the top, you see ‘Channels‘. Under which you can see ‘# general’ and ‘# random‘. These are your channels which are created by default. You can either choose to keep these groups or to delete them or add more channels.
  • The Search in Slack is fantastic. Its a site wide search & very powerful. You can pull out anything out of Slack using the search. It searches across all the features of Slack to find you answers ( channels, members, messages etc. )
  • Tapping on the App icon, You can add / delete more companies or groups. Each will be independent of each other. (There will be no mix up between conversations at all)

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

  • Go back to your main screen and you will see the ‘hamburger icon‘ on the top right corner of your screen. Tap on that to see the options roll down,

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

You can see 4 options:

  • Team Directory, shows you the team members in your group ( You can select any of them and send a DM )

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

  • Snooze is similar to the one in an alarm clock. Use it to snooze the notifications for a particular period of time.

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

  • Invite members is the option for adding people to Slack by inviting them.
  • Use Settings to edit your personal settings.

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

What does Slack mean? What is another word for Slack?

How helpful is Slack in project management?

Seen above are the available settings for you to play with. Use it to personalize Slack as much as you want & set your preferences. Each setting is pretty much self explanatory.

Slack Review

#Slack is Hot & is the talk of the town. When personal messaging apps like Whataspp, Facebook etc. worked like a charm, there was a big gap for enterprise messaging & Slack solved it beautifully. We have been using Slack for the past few months and yes its very impressive & extensive. The API’s Slack provide has enabled numerous features to be become part of the app as web hooks and plugins. Though there a lot of Team collaboration apps out there, nothing solves the as good as Slack does. We did also read through a couple of Slack review’s before starting to use the app, and every Slack review seems to be positive ( thanks to the splended UX & UI the Slack team has come up with )


  •  What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud based team collaboration & enterprise messaging tool. It provides real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.  With the use of Bots, intelligent Search & innovative approaches to communication, Slack has become the darling of Team collaboration. Slack works across all mobile platforms ( IOS, Android, Windows ) and also has a Desktop app & a web version. Every platform works seamlessly in sync.

  • How helpful is Slack in project management?

In other words, Project management has never been more effective 🙂 Here are a few things you could do to efficiently manage a project via. Slack:

  1. Put channels to good use. Normalize your team into different groups / channels & improve communication verticals.
  2. Use the Slackbot to Take notes quickly. Just send text to the Slackbot. It stores everything and presents it is a neat manner.
  3. Turn favorites to a To-Do List: Star the messages so that you can view only the required things when needed.
  4. Use Slack on your phone and turn on notifications so that you know whenever something is needed of you or members of your team need something.

There are many more ways to use Slack in project management effectively. Will keep updating this section.

  • How to get and use the Slack desktop app?

Yes, there is an incredible Slack desktop app available. Just downloadthe Slack desktop app package by visiting Once you get the app and install it, Sign In or Sign up accordingly and follow the instructions given by the setup help.

  • Where can I get information about Slack pricing?

For checking out Slack pricing, visit the official website for slack at

  • What is Slack emoji? Can Slack custom emoji be made?

You can use Slack emoji on your messages or posts in Channels to make it look more creative. There are many Slack emoji present by default. Yes, Slack custom emoji be made on PC versions.

  • What are the Slack alternatives?

Slack falls under the category of ” Team collaboration ” & ” Team communication “. There are many Slack alternatives under these categories. Here are a few Slack alternatives:

  1. Wimi
  2. Hipchat
  3. RedBooth
  4. eXo platform
  5. FlowDock
  • How to make Slack Trello integration?

For doing a Slack Trello integration,

  1. Go to Slack Board Menu -> Configure Integrations.
  2. Switch to the ‘Configured Integrations‘ tab.
  3. Open up the Trello options and you will see a button to add a new Trello integration.

Slack Trello integration not possible with the free version of Slack.

  • How to create Slack groups?

On a handheld device, it is same as adding another Channel and adding members to it. For the PC version,

Follow this procedure:

  1. Select the More Items menu at top right.
  2. Select Team Directory from the menu.
  3. Select the Groups tab.
  4. Click Add a new User Group.
  5. Choose a Group Name and Group Handle (e.g. @Development ).
  6. Next, you can enter a Purpose to describe your new group.

This is how you create Slack Groups.

  • Where can I find a Slack tutorial?

Well, this article was meant to be a Slack Tutorial 🙂 The above post explains in a detailed manner on How to use Slack. If you need further assistance, you can visit

  • What are the coolest Slack features?

Each one of the Slack features is cool 🙂 Here are a few Slack features we love personally:

  1. Custom Emoji
  2. The Universal search.
  3. Slackbot is awesome!
  4. Reminder and notifications are cool.
  5. Private messaging is neat.
  • Is Slack invite only?

To create a free account in Slack, you dont need a Slack invite. But to become a part of an existing lack team you would need a Slack invite from the admin of that team. Team members can be invited as a Multi-Channel or Single-Channel Guest. Guests can join channels by invitation only, so access to other channels and information is limited.

  • Can I get more info on the Slack funding for developers?

Slack funding for developers is an intelligent innitiative by Slack to get more developers develop for Slack. Slack has introduced a $80 million fund for developers developing apps & web hooks in Slack. It has been backed by Slack and six of their investors: Accel, Andreessen-Horowitz, Index Ventures, KPCB, Spark, and Social Capital.

  • Where should I go for Slack support?

Learning Slack can be a little tricky at first and getting the hang of it is not that easy at the start. But with our pictorial guide, you’ve got everything you need in a concise way. If you want to know more, checkout

  • Is using Slack that effective?

Using Slack is very effective, as it saves a lot of man hours among members of a team. Managing different stuff in a business ( small or big ) is a breeze using Slack. Communication between onsite, on ground and in-office teams is very effective using Slack. The add-ons and web hooks present inside brings along a whole suite of features that are super useful. If you are still not using Slack for your team communication, you should definitely give it a try 🙂

  • Where can I get more Slack news?

To get the latest Slack news checkout Tech Blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable etc. Also follow the official Twitter, Facebook page of Slack.You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest Slack news in your Inbox.

If you have this far, for sure you must now know How to use Slack very well 🙂  Thanks for reading & do let us know any questions in the comments below.

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