How to use Sarahah App?

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While we can totally acknowledge that the new “Sarahah App” is the talk of the town, using it is also pretty much in news. Our Facebook walls have been flooding with people sharing their links. But many of us still stand unaware of its existence, what is it and how to even start! We have made it all simple and easy. Follow the steps on How to use Sarahah App.

Step 1: Download the app from your App Store or Play Store by typing “Sarahah” on the search bar. (Make sure to spell the name correctly!) You can even go to their website: and use your account.

How to use Sarahah App?

Login into your profile, once the details have been filled.

How to use Sarahah App?

Step 2: Once you have registered, you can login to your id, you will set a URL for your own profile which people can click on.

How to use Sarahah App?

You can see here the gear button near the tab ‘Profile‘ that will help you with the settings and to log out. This is your dashboard and you can contemplate all the messages received by you.

Step 3: Once your profile is complete, you can view the messages that have been received by you and the messages you have sent.

How to use Sarahah App?

You can gawk upon the great messages that will be flowing in and mark your favorite ones, if any message among them amazes you. Those messages can be accessed via the ‘Favorites‘ tab.

These steps would have guided you to use the ‘Sarahah’ App effectively. Now, we have a whole bunch of other features that you can do with this intriguing app.

  1. How to search for a particular person or id?
    Go to the search bar, by tapping the search option on the bottom post part of the app. Type the username or the person’s name for whom you wish to send feedback.
    How does Sarahah App work?
  2. How to share it on Facebook?
    This is the most important component to reach out to people notifying them that you have you have created an id by sharing your URL. For the same, you need to share your link. Just, click on the forward button against the URL and share it.
    How does Sarahah App work?
  3. How to enable/disable settings?
    Many of us wouldn’t like to be too open to people and therefore you can click on the settings button and enable or disable settings according to your wish.
    How does Sarahah App work?
  4. How to remove your account?
    You can login to your profile through the website and go to settings–> Remove Account. After confirmation, the account will be easily deleted.
    How does Sarahah App work?
  5. How to share Sarahah messages on Facebook?
    So, when you get an interesting message, you have the urge to share it on social media and thank or either generate your curiosity to know the person. How can you do that?
    – Login to your profile and tap on the message icon at the bottom most part. When you see the message click the “Share” option.
    How does Sarahah App work?– After clicking on that option, you will receive where to share options. Click on FB.
    How does Sarahah App work?– When you are done, you will be redirected to your FB wall and you can simply post it.
    How does Sarahah App work?
  6. How to share it on Instagram?
    Sharing on Instagram is also quite easy. Go to your Insta stories by swiping left. Stories allow only photos that have been taken in the last 24 hours. So, either take a screenshot of the link and share. Or you can take any picture taken in last 24 hours.
    How does Sarahah App work?Click on the chain option visible on the story. Paste your URL and click on DONE. Then share it. Everyone can view your story and therefore the URL to your profile.
    How does Sarahah App work?

All About Sarahah:

There are certain apps that make a humongous amount of buzz when they launch. Sarahah is one such app that has put all the other apps to look sides. Sarahah is an Arabic word which means Honesty. The app was launched to send messages to anyone anonymously. It is in perspective to the situations where you couldn’t say something to someone. You want to apologize, say thank you, motivate or even confess your feelings. Anonymous messaging app can be of great help! Living in a world where we all are hidden behind the mobile screens, this app has just moved a step forward.


Is the sender of the message visible ?

No, by no means the identity of the sender is made visible. That is the whole idea of the app, to send messages anonymously where no one knows who has sent it and from where.

Can Sarahah hack our messages or identities?

No, Sarahah is not involved in any such case yet. But yeah, there is always a bad name attached to the most famous things in the world. So, if someone tries to impersonate Sarahah then you need to be really careful.

Can we respond to the messages sent to us?

No, as of now there is no such option available. But their team is working on this option and may be it can be made available soon!

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