How to use Resso App and create music videos?

In this article lets see how to use the Resso App and also get to know more about this sleek social music app.

Opinion: ByteDance is the company behind Resso App ( also the owner of TikTok ). Formally code named as the ‘Street Music project’, this app sits in an interesting position. On one hand it tries to compete against heavy weights like Sound cloud, Spotify and Apple music. While it is also power packed with interesting social features. And has certain viral elements like in the famous TikTok App.

Though the parent company is from Biejing( China ), they have decided to initially launch Resso for the Indian and Indonesian audience. Since TikTok is a major hit in India with millions of users, it would be easy to float this new app and gain the same traction quickly. This is an interesting strategy as they have decided to not follow the usual route of launch in the west and move east. Moreover, the space and geography they are competing in have a couple of established players like Saavn, Gaana, Smule etc. Also monetising a Music app in this target markets is a challenge. We see that Resso app already has the option for users to upgrade to premium users by paying an extra fee.

The viral Vibe feature:

Resso does for music what TikTok did for videos. Its an interesting attempt to socialise music in a way like never before. Though there are cool features like commenting, sharing playlists, music etc. the one that caught our attention is the Vibe feature. You can use this feature to choose a music and add it as a BGM to a GIF, image or video. In short you can create short music videos in a super customised manner. Once you have created an interesting video with a BGM, you can also share it with your contacts in the Resso app. Your contacts will also be able to share it and comment on it. All this can be done in an easy and seamless manner right inside the app. It would be amazing if Resso also allows us to the share this clip on other social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

I personally think this Vibe feature will be helping the Resso app to get highly viral. We will be soon seeing many create a variety of Gifs, videos etc. with customised background music. This feature would especially be popular among the younger audience allowing them to create and share funny, romantic videos etc.

How to use Resso app music video

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