How to use RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App effectively?

We will help you leverage RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App.

How to install RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App

You can install RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. You can start using the app by launching it and signing in. You can even sign up for an account. You are ready after signing into your account

Features of RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App

RealtimeBoard Whiteboard is a fine app generally useful for mid to large size team collaboration. Only your creativity would limit you to make use of it for daily purposes.

Feature breakdown of RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App can be enlisted as:

  • Create a board: Start a whiteboard to capture essential action items.
  • Edit board: Edit vital board settings.
  • Delete board: Delete an unwanted board.
  • Search board: Search for parameters in a board.
  • Share board with the team: Collaborate with your team.

Handpicking of certain features of RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App

Step-by-step procedure to create a board

STEP 1: A board is a commonplace assortment of pending or heads-up action items. You can create a number of boards (but the free version has restrictions).

STEP 2: When you sign-in you will get the below screen.

Realtime AddBoard

STEP 3: Click on New board to create a brand new board to house all your actionable items.

Step-by-step procedure to delete a board

STEP 1: Many a time it so occurs that you finish your project or part of your project and all the tasks become obsolete.

STEP 2: At this pertinent stage, for better management, you would need to delete the board with all its components.

STEP 3: To delete a board, in the board overview there is an icon with 3 dots towards the bottom right of the card. Click on it. You will get board options. Click on Delete to delete the board.

Realtime deleteboard

Step-by-step procedure to edit a board

STEP 1: The salient aspect of creating a board is to consolidate actionable data. You can enter a board by clicking on its card in the main interface screen.

STEP 2: There is a small ‘+’ present at the bottom center of the screen. Click on it. You will see options like Text, Sticky notes, Capture notes, Comments, Pen, Shapes, and Upload.

STEP 3: If, for example, you click on Sticky notes, you get a preview of note entry. You should fill in what goes into your sticky note and click Done to submit the note.

Realtime StickyNote

STEP 4: On similar lines, you can avail other entities like Text or Comments.

Step-by-step procedure to search

STEP 1: Please note that you can pinch zoom in or zoom out of your board to have a clear view of the contents.

STEP 2: It may so happen that your board may become cluttered and you have a dire need to search for a keyword. To avail search, there is an icon like a magnifying glass at the top right.

STEP 3: When you click on the Search option, there is a text box which appears at the top of the screen. Enter your keyword and tap on Done.

STEP 4: If your search is valid, you will be suitably routed to the area on the board where the match is found.

Step-by-step procedure to avail facilities for sharing with the team

STEP 1: The central idea of the app is team collaboration. You have the options – Access settings, Share with the team, Make public and Copy board link to make the outreach truly effective.

STEP 2: When you go to board settings, you get the above 4 options. With Access settings, you can add or remove members of your team and check if you have got any invites to join a board.

STEP 3: With the option ‘Share with the team’, you can set privileges for the team to either ‘edit’, ‘comment’ or ‘view’.

STEP 4: With ‘Make public’, you can make the board universally accessible to anyone on the internet with privilege option ‘comment’ or just ‘view’.

STEP 5: If you want to share the link of the board to the general audience or to a member in your team, click on Copy board link to get the link. This link can then be shared.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Can you summarize what is RealtimeBoard Whiteboard app and how I will find it handy?

Note well that RealtimeBoard Whiteboard is an excellent app for team collaboration of activities and a handy heads-up to keep stickies in cloud storage. You do not have to worry about your important stickies getting deleted if you change your laptop. They will always reside on the cloud.

2.As a common domestic user will I still find RealtimeBoard Whiteboard app useful?

If you are a working professional in any domain, you would find RealtimeBoard handy. You can store important task items and refresh on them anytime. As a common domestic user, it would do well if you are at least aware of the app and its offering to help yourself for future prospects.

3. Is RealtimeBoard Whiteboard app completely safe? Can I entrust personal credentials?

Please note our general advice which is never to keep personal credentials on cloud storage. Although you may have an account and the app promises safety, your credentials like password or banking information are vital. Refrain from this misstep and keep dispensable data.

Additional information about RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App as presented in the store is as below:

Realtime AddInfo

How to use RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App effectively?
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How to use RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App effectively?
How to use RealtimeBoard Whiteboard App effectively? Make use of a versatile whiteboard.
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