How to use PRISMA app

In this article lets look in detail on How to use PRISMA app & How does PRISMA work.

FAQ:  How to save pics, photos, artwork in Prisma app?

Step 1: Open Prisma App  ( To install fresh, here is the Android Play Store Link, ios App Store link )

Step 2: Snap the Picture > Apply the Filter of your choice.

Step 3: To Save the Picture, Tap on the Download icon

Step 4: After this you will see the message “Artwork Saved to Prisma Folder

how to save pics in prisma

Step 5: Now Goto your Phone’s picture gallery & you will see a folder by name “Prisma“. Open it and you should see the saved picture there.

how to save photos from prisma

Note: You can also choose to SAVE pictures automatically, by Turning ON the feature in the Settings.

how to save artwork in prisma

Now lets see from start, how to use PRISMA app:

Step 1. Download the ‘ PRISMA ‘ app from the App Store.

Step 2. Open PRISMA.

Step 3. The Home page of the app displays your camera. With the option to turn on-off your flash towards the right, switching your camera at the center and the settings option towards the right. At the bottom right is the option to choose photos from your photo library.How to use PRISMA app

If you tap on the gear-like settings icon, PRISMA gives you the option to ‘ Save Original Photos ‘, ‘ Save Artworks Automatically ‘ and ‘ Enable Watermarks ‘.

Step 4. After you’ve clicked a photo via PRISMA or selected a photo of your liking from your library, you can crop it to size. An option to rotate your photo is also there.

How to use PRISMA app

Step 5. You now have to select a filter for your photo. There are many options of around 30 filters. Each filter represents a specific style or a specific artist like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Francis Picabia, Van Gogh and Isaac Levitan. The app will scan your photo and apply the filter of your choice. You can further fine-tune your photo by sliding left or right on your screen.

How to use PRISMA app

Step 6. Once the filter has been applied, you can either save or share it on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. You can also send the photo to your friends as soon as you’ve finished editing via E-mail, AirDrop, iMessage, Snapchat or Whatsapp.

How to use PRISMA app

The filters on PRISMA are representation of the different artists and their styles.

  • The Scream –  It is the popular name given to four versions of a composition created by Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910. The Scream has been a target of a number of thefts. The Scream has been described as ” an icon of modern art “.How to use PRISMA app
  • Udnie – This painting is the work of Francis Picabia. Udnie (Young American Girl, The Dance) was made in 1913 and is an oil on canvas painting. The artwork is currently kept in Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris.How to use PRISMA app
  • MondrianPiet Mondrian was a Dutch painter. His art movement consisted of a white ground, upon which he painted vertical and horizontal grids with three primary colors namely red, blue and yellow.How to use PRISMA app
  • BobbieBoobie Burgers is a well known Canadian artist, who is best know for his floral paintings. This filter would be best suited for nature photography.
  • #Followmeto – Murad Osmann, a Russian photographer, set an Instagram trend by sharing his trademark hand-holding photographs.
  • Monomake & Tokyo These are Japanese themed filters, giving an anime-like finish.How to use PRISMA app
  • Heisenberg – This filter will turn your photograph into a rough black and white sketch.
  • There are more filters, namely Roland, Impression, MIOBI, Mark, Composition, Roy, Electric, Paper Art, Mosaic, Gothic and Raoul.

PRISMA is one of the trending apps at the moment. One cannot categorize the PRISMA into an ordinary photo-editing app, it easily converts a photograph into a classic painting. Available only to iOS user right now, this app is free to download on App Store.

Paintings and artwork are the oldest forms of expression. The old works of classical artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Andy Warhol have been sold for enormous amount of money in auctions over the years. Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was sold for a then-record $102.5 million in 2010. The auction took less than 10 minutes to set the record price for an artwork. With modern technology in play, photography is a major art. It is the most realist expression of the photographer’s point of view. PRISMA is an app that superbly combines photography and artwork.

The app transforms your photograph into a Picasso-styled or a Van Gogh styled artwork. PRISMA uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to convert your intimate photographs into classic art. Along with the Picasso-styled filter and the Van Gogh-styled filter, there are 31 different filters on this trending app namely ‘ Waves ‘, ‘ The Scream ‘, ‘ Heisenberg ‘ and other various modern art filters. Some of these filters are suited for portraits while other filters go better with landscape photographs. The PRISMA filters are more advanced than your normal Instagram filters, the app first scans your photograph then applies the filter.

Currently, the app is only available to iOS users. An Android version is due to release by the end of July 2016. PRISMA filters are so sophisticated and amazing that it makes filters of apps like Instagram quite mundane. Editing videos is not currently available on PRISMA, but one can expect that feature in the next few updates.

The PRISMA app is very easy to use. When I first installed the app on my iPhone I presumed that I would have to make a PRISMA account first before I get to use the app. There’s no need for that ! You can directly click a photo on the app or select a photo from your photo library. Then, you have to choose a filter style for your photo. That’s it ! You can then save the photo on your phone or share it on Instagram or Facebook.

Hope you learnt how to use PRISMA app. If you have any questions, post it in the comments section below & we will help you out 🙂


How does PRISMA work?

PRISMA uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to convert your photographs into classic artwork. PRISMA filters goes through different layers of the photo and recreates it to an artwork.

What is the difference between Prisma app and Instagram?

Instagram filters overlays the original photo by adjust the components of the photograph like brightness, contrast, saturation, color and sharpness. While PRISMA filters are more advanced, they analyse the the photo and recreate the photo right from the scratch. PRISMA filters are inspired by popular paintings like Udnie, The Scream, etc.

How to share a picture on Prisma app?

You can share your photo after editing it on PRISMA, directly from the app. You can share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You can also mail or WhatsApp your edit to your friends and family.

How to print a picture created via the Prisma app?

You can either transfer the picture to your laptop or computer to print it, or you can directly print the picture from the app itself, if your phone is connected to your printer.

How to download the PRISMA app in Android phones?

PRISMA app for Android is due to release later this month. Currently, the app is only available to iOS users.

Update: Android version is released. You can get it HERE

Where can I get a PRISMA app clone script?

Well, we heard that there is a good Prisma app clone being built by the folks at Proven Logic. You can mail them at: kaviraj [at] & they will reply back to you.

How can I add more filters to my PRISMA app?

PRISMA app has more than 30 filters to choose from. More filters will be added with every update.

How to use PRISMA app in iPad?

Yes, you can download the app on App Store for free.

How to use PRISMA app on PC?

The official PRISMA app is not available on Windows at the moment. If you happen to own a Macbook, then you can download it on App Store & use it on your Mac machine. The Windows version is due to release later in July 2016.

How to add watermark to my pictures in Prisma app?

There is an option in the Settings on the PRISMA App to add or remove the watermark.

Prisma app not opening. What could be the reasons?

If the PRISMA app does not open, you can try restarting the app or try again after restarting your device. Your app may not open because it’s not up to date, so try opening the app after updating it.

Which is the best camera for using Prisma app?

Normally the rear camera of any phone is always better than the front camera, therefore I would suggest you to use the rear camera to get the best results on PRISMA.

When is the Video editing feature getting launched?

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