How to use PhotoScan app effectively?

We will help you make the best use of the PhotoScan app with these guides and steps.

How to install the PhotoScan App

You can install PhotoScan App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. You can start using the app by launching it and making use of all the tools.

Features of the PhotoScan app

The Photoscan app helps you to do the work of a scanner. If you have a hard copy of a document that you want to digitize, PhotoScan tries to do the best job of a dedicated scanner device.

Below is the screenshot when you initially launch the PhotoScan app.

PhotoScan Initial

As seen above, the initial screen has a preview for you to set the scanning space and 4 controls which from left-to-right are –

  • Flash on-off: You have the choice to either set your mobile device’s flash on or off when you take a snapshot.
  • Glare removal on-off: The app provides a smart glare removal. If you turn this off, scans will be faster but with less fidelity. Keeping on removes unwanted glare.
  • Shot capture button: Pressing this button actually captures the image that you want to scan.
  • Thumbnail view of captured images: This area shows a preview of the latest document that you scanned using PhotoScan.

When you capture a prospective document using the Shot capture button, you will see 4 white filled circles. We will explain its purpose shortly. When you commit to the circles and go to the thumbnail view of the recently captured image, you can select.

After you select, you have 3 choices –

  • Rotate: Does a 90 degree anticlockwise rotation. There is no limit on the number of rotations, you can keep on doing it.
  • Adjust corners: Many a time it so happens that your document will not be exactly scanned as per its edges. This option provides intuitive controls to set the boundaries of your document.
  • Delete: As the name suggests, this option deletes the image from the database of the APP ONLY. Your gallery, however, will still have it.

Step-by-step scanning procedure

You can avail of the below step-by-step procedure to gainfully scan your license, photo or any such important document and safely store it.

STEP 1: Keep your hard copy of a photo or document on a flat surface with minimum distractions. This will help you get the best results.

STEP 2: Launch PhotoScan and position the photo or document within the frame. Try to achieve a minimum perspective to get the best results.

STEP 3: Click on the Shot Capture button.

STEP 4: Next you will get 4 white filled circles and 1 unfilled circle. The aim is to move your mobile device so that you place the unfilled circle over white filled circles for some time.

PhotoScan 4 circles

STEP 5: As you keep the unfilled circle over the white circle for some time, the white circle disappears signaling correct transaction.

PhotoScan 1 circle

STEP 6: Now your scan will flow over to app database accessible through the thumbnail section. Go to thumbnails and click on the relevant document.

When you click on the relevant thumbnail, the steps explained are as below:

STEP 1: You have 3 choices as explained before – Rotate, Adjust corners and Delete.

PhotoScan thumb

STEP 2: To rotate 90 degrees anticlockwise, click ‘Rotate’. No limits on this.

STEP 3: Click on ‘Adjust corners’ to get a white bounding box.

PhotoScan bound

STEP 4: You can set borders of the bounding box by dragging its edges. This helps you narrow down your choice on the right image requirement.

PhotoScan bound small

STEP 5: You can anytime ‘Reset’ the bounding box by clicking on ‘RESET’ or click on ‘DONE’ to commit your changes.

STEP 6: You can share your image with various options or use the image saved in your mobile device’s gallery.

PhotoScan final

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best use of the PhotoScan app by Google Photos when there is already scanner devices?

Please note, PhotoScan app spares you the burden and expense to own a dedicated scanner device. With this app, you can quickly get the same results as a scanner but with certain care.

2. What care I have to take to get a perfect scan with PhotoScan app?

The general advice is to keep your photo or document over a white background. Minimize distractions like too many colors or people in the background. If the setting is a perfect studio makeup, the chances of a great scan are more.

3. What are some advanced features of the PhotoScan app that sets it apart from other scanning apps?

PhotoScan app by Google Photos is definitely a great app and the accuracy it achieves is almost comparable to a dedicated scanner device. Some of its advanced features are an automatic perspective correction, edge detection, and smart rotation.

Additional information about PhotoScan as presented in the store is as below:

photoscan add

How to use PhotoScan app effectively?
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How to use PhotoScan app effectively?
How to use PhotoScan app effectively? We will give you cool tips to help you gain confidence using this great app!
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