How to use Photomath App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage Photomath App effectively.

How to install Photomath App

You can install Photomath App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. Photomath will initially allow you to work without a profile but later emphasize on creating one. As seen, there are 4 ways of signup. You are ready once you sign in.

photomath signin

Features of Photomath App

Photomath App is a must-have for individuals who work on providing solutions like in rocket science, aerospace or computer graphics.

Feature breakdown of Photomath App can be enlisted as:

  • Global settings: A dashboard to set global settings for your version of the installed app.
  • Manual entry of equations: If your camera scan is proving to be unclear, you can physically key in the equation.
  • Camera scan of equations: Use your mobile device camera to scan the equation and avail easy solution.
  • Solution panel: A panel which displays the solution to the latest equation. There is also a facility to view other forms of the solution.
  • Notebook: A handy panel which houses Favourites and History. You can flag your equation as Favourite for future access while also UnFavouriting it.

photomath features

A handpicking of some features

Step-by-step procedure to key in a mathematical equation manually

STEP 1: You can enter an equation manually. To avail this facility, click on the first icon which looks like a calculator.

STEP 2: You will reach the below screen and you will see that in our screenshot we have pre-entered an equation.

photomath manual

STEP 3: A quick overview of the screen. You can click on the Cross present right side to cancel the current equation. Doing so, you can re-write a new equation.

STEP 4: The bar in darker gray (towards the middle of the screen) has 5 important controls. They are ‘Hide Keyboard’, ‘Carriage Feed’, ‘Move Left’, ‘Move Right’, ‘Backspace’. These controls facilitate equation edit.

STEP 5: The area below the dark gray bar is the full-fledged offering to effectively key-in the equation. If you observe carefully, there is provision to enter almost any kind of equation. There is polynomial, exponent, brackets and fractional.

STEP 6: The array of inputs provided above is ‘Simple’. If you want ‘Scientific’, click on the button having ‘…’ towards the bottom left. You will get below screen. You can toggle between Simple and Scientific by clicking on ‘…’.

Photomath Scientific

Step-by-step procedure to scan a mathematical equation using a mobile device camera

STEP 1: You can write your equation on a piece of paper and get it scanned using the app’s camera interface.

STEP 2: Click on the button which looks like a camera and aim the viewfinder onto the equation written either on a piece of paper or from another device.

Photomath scaneq

STEP 3: You can always turn on the flashlight of your camera with the icon like sun present on the top right. When the equation gets scanned you get a solution preview.

Photomath preview

STEP 4: You can go to Solution panel by clicking on ‘->’ located in the solution preview.

Step-by-step procedure to view the solution to an entered equation

STEP 1: The solution panel is a dedicated interface to view your solution stepwise.

STEP 2: For an equation, the solution panel looks as below.

Photomath solution panel

STEP 3: Click on ‘Tap here for different solving methods’ to view other forms of the solution.

Photomath other forms

Step-by-step procedure to mark and unmark an equation as Favourite

STEP 1: You can flag the solution of an equation as Favorite and keep it stored in a repository. This prevents you from again keying in the equation or scanning it.

STEP 2: To flag an equation, let it successfully appear in the Solution panel.

STEP 3: In the top right corner of Solution panel, there is a button having 3 dots. Click on it.

STEP 4: There is a first choice Favorite. Click on it and you will successfully mark Favorite.

Photmath mark favorite

STEP 5: Go to the Notebook section and you will see all your Favorites. When you bring it in the focus of Solution again in the same place there will be Unfavorite to toggle out preferred choice.

Photomath unfavorite

Step-by-step procedure to make use of History

STEP 1: In the Notebook section, there is a panel titled History.

STEP 2: You can get handy access to all your previously solved equations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you give me a broad understanding where I will find Photomath handy?

Please note Photomath is an excellent app especially for personnel in high-tech sectors who have daily tasks to work and solve mathematical equations. It may not be effective to daily domestic users but folks in research and development will find it great.

2. Can you inform me what kind of typical mathematical problems I can solve with Photomath?

Photomath strives hard to provide coverage for all varieties of mathematical problems like differential and integral equations, trigonometry, quadratic and simple algebraic equations. In case the app does not understand the equation, it will duly report.

3. What are some truly great features of Photomath that I can leverage?

If you are a core technical person who deals with either physics or mathematics on daily basis, you are in for a treat with Photomath app. You can leverage equation scan from your mobile device’s camera and get quick solutions. A must for any researcher.

Additional information about Photomath app as presented in the store is as below:

photomath add

How to use Photomath App effectively?
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How to use Photomath App effectively?
How to use Photomath App effectively? Helps you solve equations quickly. A ready reckoner for practicing scientists.
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