How to use Paytm

Lets learn How to use Paytm app ? In this article.

PayTM is an easy to use payments that allows people to quickly transfer and store money in their wallet and use it to make any online and offline payments. Small businesses also use PayTM to create a POS instantly. Customers can scan the QR code in the POS and make payments via. the money in their wallet. This is an article on how to use Paytm app.

Gone are the times when you would have to run to your local recharge shop in order to recharge your mobile balance or go to the bill payment center in order to pay off your electricity bill.

Paytm is India’s largest mobile commerce platform. It is an all in one app, that eases all these tedious errands for you. Paytm initially started off by offering mobile recharge and utility bill payments. Today you can use Paytm to book movie tickets, bus tickets and even flight tickets. One can also shop online on the app, starting from clothes to mobile phones.

Getting Started
Step 1. Download ‘Paytm’ on your phone from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.
Step 2. Open ‘Paytm
Step 3. You will now have to sign up and create an account on Paytm. You can either sign up using your mobile number or via your Facebook account or your Google+ account.

how to use paytm

Recharging your mobile number
Step 1.  On your Paytm home page, tap on ‘Mobile’ under ‘Recharge & Pay Bills For
Tap the list icon on the top left corner of your screen. On tapping the icon, you will get a list of activities you can perform on the app.
Select ‘Mobile’ under the list for ‘Recharge or Pay for’.

Step 2. Select the option stating whether your mobile number is Prepaid or Postpaid.
Step 3. Enter the mobile number you want to recharge.
On entering your number, your operator name (Airtel, Vodafone, etc) and region will automatically show.

Step 4. Now browse for the recharge plan of your choice. Paytm lists the plans in a very convenient manner, with different list for ‘Top Up’, ‘Full Talktime’, ‘3G Data’, ‘Roaming’, etc.
Step 5. After entering the details, tap on ‘Proceed to Recharge’. Paytm offers you coupons which you can choose to avail depending on the amount of your recharge.
Or, you can proceed directly to the payment by tapping on ‘Fast Forward’.
Step 6. Now complete the payment. You can use your credit card, debit card or net banking to make the payment. You can also use the Paytm Wallet for your payments.

How to use Paytm

Paying Utility Bills
Via Paytm, you can pay off bills for your electricity, DTH, water, gas and broadband. You can even pay your fees via. the app for select schools and colleges.
The process is similar to the one above.

Under ‘Recharge & Pay Bills For’, select the bill or recharge you want to pay off.
The list consists of – Mobile, Electricity, DTH, Metro, Gas, Datacard, Landlines, Broadband, Education, Insurance and water.
The next steps will be similar to the process of recharging your mobile, mentioned above. Proceed accordingly.

How to use Paytm

Book Hotel Rooms, Movie, Bus and Flight Tickets
You can book your favorite movie tickets or holiday flights on Paytm. Furthermore, you can also book hotel rooms using this app.

Movie Tickets
Step 1. On the Home page of the app, tap on the list icon present on the top left corner of your screen.
Step 2. Tap on ‘Movies’.
Step 3. Choose your location.
Step 4. Select the movie you want to book tickets for.
Step 5. Now, select the time, date and venue for the movie.
Step 6. You will now be forwarded to choose your seats for the movie.
Step 7. Make the payment. The e-tickets for the movie will be sent to you via text message or mail.

How to use Paytm

Bus Tickets
Step 1. On the Home page of the app, tap on the list icon present on the top left corner of your screen.
Step 2. Tap on ‘Bus Tickets’.
Step 3. Select the place you are travelling from (origin) and the place you travelling to (destination).
Step 4. Select the date of your travel.
Step 5. Tap on ‘Search Buses
Step 6. All the available buses for your date of travel will be displayed. The list of buses is arranged on the basis of popularity, time,duration and price, making it very easy for the customer to book the right bus.
Step 7. Select your seat on the bus. Proceed to payment.How to use Paytm

Flight Tickets
Step 1. On the Home page of the app, tap on the list icon present on the top left corner of your screen.
Step 2. Tap on ‘Flights’.
Step 3. Select your origin city and your destination. Select whether it is a one-way or a round trip.
Step 4. Select the date of travel.
Step 5. Now, select the number of people travelling.
Step 6. Select the class you want to travel in (Economy or Business).
Step 7. Tap on ‘Search Flights’.
Step 8. A list of flights will be displayed arranged on the basis of the departure, price and duration.
Step 9. Fill in the traveler’s details.
Step 10. Proceed to payment.

How to use Paytm

Hotel Rooms
Step 1. On the Home page of the app, tap on the list icon present on the top left corner of your screen.
Step 2. Tap on Hotels’.
Step 3. Select your destination.
Step 4. Enter your check-in date and check-out date.
Step 5. Enter the number of rooms you want to book and the number of adults and children.
Step 6. A list of hotels on the basis of popularity, discount and price will be displayed.
Step 7. Select a hotel and proceed to payment.

How to use Paytm

Paytm Cash Wallet
Paytm Cash Wallet is an online wallet where you can add money to it using your credit card, debit card or net banking. It is also where your instant reusable refunds go to. You can use your Paytm wallet to make on the go cashless payment at an instant.

Other features

* On Paytm, you can shop for almost anything ranging from mobile phones, electronics, clothes, books to health and beauty products, kitchen items and sports gear. One can also pre-book cars and bike using the Paytm app.
* Users can also save items they want to buy later on their wish list.
* A history of orders is saved to your Paytm account, from where you can track an incoming order.
* Paytm keeps notifying the user on discount deals as well.

Hope you enjoyed learning how to use Paytm for various purposes. In case you have any questions on Paytm, do post it in the comments section below. We would be glad to help 🙂

How to Buy Fastag on the Paytm Wallet?

The Indian Government has made it mandatory for cars plying on the highways to have Fastag, an RFID access card that has a digital wallet attached to it and allows the vehicle to cross the Tollgate by automatically by deducting the Toll fees from the digital wallet. This reduces the long queues that throng toll booth and can speed up your travel time.

To Order Your Paytm Fastag, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Open your Paytm App.

Step 2: Look for the Buy Fastag on the app home screen or Search for “Fastag” in the search box.

Step 3: Tap on the option once you see it. You will be redirected to the page where you can buy the Fastag.

Step 4: On this page, you can buy the Paytm FASTag for Car/Jeep/Van Class 4 Vehicles if you want to purchase Fastag for other vehicle types you will need to contact the Paytm staff.

Step 5: Enter your Vehicle Registration number.

You will also see the fare breakup here.

The Fastag price, a refundable security deposit and a Minimum balance that will be added to your wallet.

Step 6: Choose the address / enter the address that you want the Fastag to get delivered. (Paytm offers free shipping for the Fastag)

Step 7: Tap on Buy now, after you’ve reviewed the details. You will be redirected to the payment methods page where you can enter the details

Step 8: Once you’ve made the payment, the Fastag will be delivered to the address you have mentioned.


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