How to use PayByPhone Parking App?

How does it work? Lets look at how to use PayByPhone parking app.

Step 1: Go to your App store/Google Play Store/ App World. Search for PayByPhone Parking App. Download it and sink in to access some wonderful services and offers for your vehicle on road. 

Step 2: You can then just search for your location where you wish to locate your parking spot or you can enter your location number. PayByPhone Parking app has been reviewed excellent for locating the exact location. So, just enter the location along with your vehicle number. Vehicle number helps to make sure it’s genuine.

You can add any number of vehicles in your account and if you don’t wish to use the one already selected simply tap on CHANGE VEHICLE and change the vehicle number.

How to use PayByPhone Parking App?

After you have input your vehicle number, it will save it for any further bookings as well. 

Step 3: After inputting all details, you can simply mention the time you wish to the book the spot for. And you will be able to see this screen which will ask for your confirmation for all the information that you have given. 

How to use PayByPhone Parking App?

You can get all the information about the parking spot just below this page and you can check all of them accordingly.

And check for the confirmation:

How to use PayByPhoneParking app

And you will know the cost of the parking spot that you are booking. Then you need to move forward for payment confirmation.

Step 4: Make the payment after reviewing your booking. You can add your credit cards/ Visa cards and make fluent transactions. You can also pay by Apple Pay if you are an IOS users. It will directly connect to make your payments.

How to use PayByPhoneParking app

After you make the payment.

Step 5: The booking is done! Yay! And once you make the booking you will get to know about it by the alert system that you have. Get alerts for the time remaining when you have to arrive for the parking.

How to use PayByPhoneParking app

So, we have some queries solved here for you, in case some issues still prevail.

PayByPhone Parking App Review:

In the world where we reside today, we know we have crowded streets, public pushing all through to get a spot for their own vehicles. Although more long queues making it dreadful for us to make a way and find places to park our vehicles at a safe and secure place. We have many apps at our fingertips helping us out for finding such spots, one more added to the list is PayByPhone Parking App. It’s just not another app though, it is one of the highest ranking parking apps in the world. So just a few taps and the app helps you pay and makes you save a lot on parking and tolling.


How many times can I park my vehicle?

PayByPhone Parking App doesn’t restrict the number of times a vehicle can be parked. It all depends on the vendors or the service provider individual that for how many times you can park a vehicle at their particular spot.

What if I have input wrong details?

When you get to know that you have given wrong information regarding anything like time, location or vehicle number, you have to cancel the request. After canceling the request you can simply rebook again with correct details. 

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy depends totally on the vendors and the private parking renting stores. So, you can read their policies before booking the spot with them or call them and ensure it.

How should I set my reminders?

Well, you can set the alerts by both emails or text messages. How will you do that?

-Just go to Settings on top right corner.

-Click on notification tab

– And it will ask how do you want to get notified? Email or text messages? So, you can select email, then after completion of your booking, you will receive a receipt on your mail. And for text messages, you will get an alert 15 minutes prior to your booking.

How to use PayByPhone Parking App

As you can see here, You can switch on whatever settings you want to and then you can update the settings.

Where can I get PayByPhone Promo Code and Discount coupon?

All the PayByPhone Promo Code’s and Discount Coupons have ben used up by the users.  We will shortly be getting more PayByPhone Promo Code’s and Discount Coupons. Subscribe to our news letter on the top right corner and we will notify you.

How does the tolling system work for my vehicle?

So, when you are making an account you have already associated your account to one vehicle number. For ex. WDWLC is what is already input. Now, your toll charges are triggered with the vehicle’s license plate number that you have given.

I had a booking made but I couldn’t find the PayByPhone sign in the lot, why?

If you have booked via PayByPhone, then you will see the sign and you will know. Check if the location that you have input and the location you are currently parking are same. This is the sign that you can see with their logo.

How to use PayByPhone Parking app


Can I use the app in my city?

This app and its services are available across North America and Europe and a very few place in the UK and France.

How to get monthly renewal updates?

You can simply opt for Monthly by going into the payment section. You will be automatically charged for your package and it will get renewed every 3-5 days before the end of the month.If you want to cancel the renewal system, simply opt for cancellation.

Why am I not able to extend my parking session?

Yes, this is, in fact, a very important factor that for certain parking spots you may not be able to extend the parking session because of the restrictions imposed by the parking vendors or owners. Or you may have passed the maximum parking restriction, and therefore may be will be allotted a time of 30 mins after which again you can make a booking.

How do I update my profile?

You can simply go to the tab referring to PROFILE, and start editing and you can update your details there.

Where can I find good PayByPhone clone script App?

There is a fantastic PayByPhone clone script app developed by the folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’. You can get it HERE.

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