How to use Passport Parking App?

Passport Parking App is not a new buzz in the “pay and park” system. Let’s see how this app works, and then we will see what all services and facilities other than this Passport Parking provides.

Step1: Go to App Store/ Google play store and download the application with much ease. After the download is complete go ahead to the next step and complete your registration. Registration is an easy one-time process, and once you become a member you have to just login and enjoy its number of services forever.  

How to use Passport parking app


Step2: Now you are the master to use the app in your way. So how do we proceed? Well, whatever service you want to avail, you can have access to all. Click on the top left and you will have all the options to you. You can check your Active Sessions, you can book a new session, see your history or find your spot.

How to use Passport Parking App

Here can you see SETTINGS tab.

You can

click on PROFILE and set all your details.

Click on PAYMENT and you can save all your card details under this section and check it. It’s Secure.

Click on WALLETS and you can see how much money you have left in your wallet and balance update after a recharge.

Click on VEHICLES and you can save your vehicle’s license plate number here. For any bookings, that you wish to make.

Step3: Now all you have to do is, click on the search bar that says “ENTER ZONE ” so this zone number you can find under any Passport Parking signage and you can simply input here. Ex. ZONE 907. It will select it and ask you for your parking confirmation. 

How to use Passport Parking app

Step4: Once done with it, you can go ahead and enter the time you wish to book your parking spot for. And when done with it, you can find your booking under the active session and it will have a timer running. You can see the review page.

How to use Passport Parking

Step4: If you have done with it, you can always extend the session. Stuck at the office, or an event, just go through your app and extend the session with all ease.

How to use Passport Parking app

So we have the steps sorted for you. Let’s know more about the app. What else it does offer.

Passport parking App is one of the best in its kind. So, let’s see what all Passport parking offers:

  • Parking: As we have already seen this feature and how to use this excellent feature via your phones. It is perfect for street parking, universities or any parking lot.

In this, we have 2 types of :

Private Label parking App: If you want your Parking app, then just go with this. They have all your needs covered. With the most reliable and fastest software, they will build a customized parking app for you. They would deliver the best app for your city.

How is this beneficial for me?

Well, you can simply take control over it by your own means and one factor is that they will help you separate your data and customer database from other clients and you will have a unique database alone for your city. Isn’t it amazing and simple?

Passport parking App: If you don’t need an app of your own just go with their app to make your bookings done. It is the apt solution to all the parking problems we face in front of the universities, cities or private operators. 

  • Transit: So, with the advance technology we have today we also have access to ticketing system through our mobile phones. How about you travel via public transport and don’t need to carry cents as change?

Just book via their app, you can plan your trip by inputting source and destination, track where your public transport vehicle is leading you to and pay online. Just show them your QR code which the transport operators will scan and you are ready to go in few simple steps.

  • Permits:  Get your permit needs to be fulfilled by a single click. Fill the application form and send the status notification from this portal and get your hands to an easy access to permits.
  • Enforcement: So get your manual work reduced to a minimum and get started with an online cloud system and monitor all activities.


With growing apps for the parking system, this stands out in own ways. This is no ordinary app that just limits itself to offer parking spaces to people via their app but ensures themselves to be a leading market in mobility. They have expanded themselves in even providing apps for parking systems for individual cities. An exclusive app for each city, with exclusive data and customers. Ex. ParkChicago, ParkBoston etc.  Not a normal way to say that we are just into Parking! They have expanded hands in many other parts as well be it transit system or permits. Making their own name everywhere!

Bow down to their strategies!


What is the multi-modal they offer?

Yes, so it’s like shoot two birds in one go. They are offering you a cool app to let your parking problems resolved and simultaneously you can book a ticket to local transportation system as well. Integration of parking and the mobile ticket for public rides.

Are my card details safe to input?

There should be no pain for you to give a second thought while entering your details. They have a secure and reliable network that keeps your details and identity safe within their system. So, you can go ahead and save your card details under the tab Settings–> Payments.

Where is the Passport Parking involved in offering services?

They serve the Government offices, Transit agencies, Campuses, Private operators and Corporate Systems to ensure a proper parking space for all.

Where can I get the Passport parking clone script app?

There is a fantastic PayByPhone clone script app developed by the folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’. You can get it HERE.

Where can I get PayByPhone Promo Code and Discount coupon?

All the PassportParking Promo Code’s and Discount Coupons have been used up by the users.  We will shortly be getting more PassportParking Promo Code’s and Discount Coupons. Subscribe to our news letter on the top right corner and we will notify you.

Do I get a receipt?

After each booking that you make, you can find that booking and transaction in your account. So, you can simply take it from your mail or take the receipt from your account.

Is the app and its services free?

Oh well yes!! The app and its services are absolutely free but not your parking charges! You still need to pay or that !!





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