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How to use Parkwhiz app?

Doesn’t it always happen when we are forced to think that the time we actually waste searching for a parking spot is worth much more? Then why wait our lives for a parking spot when we have some amazing applications at our fingertips to make our work a lot easier and do it with a single click. In this article, lets look at how to use Parkwhiz app for parking.

Step 1: Search for Parkwhiz app on app store/ Google store and click on download. Once you have the app you can sign up entering minimal details like Name, email id, phone number. You will receive a confirmation mail for the same. Once done you are all set to start booking !!

Step 2: The white panel on the top i.e. the search bar asks you to simply input the location/landmark you are looking for a parking slot in. For example, If you enter 128, Tremont street, Boston, then it will make all the nearby parking slots available on the maps on the same page.

You can see the various parking spots around your location, some with reasonable prices that you would prefer or some that are famous ones and according to your choice, you can just click on one of them.

Step 3: You can then pick a date and time and adjust the duration between the time slots, duration of how long you want to book it for. You can even view monthly parking charges that will surely lessen the burden of costs as compared to daily charges. So if you are a regular customer who needs a parking slot on daily basis, take a monthly parking pass. (But not available on the app version, only available for the desktop version.)

Step 4: Once you are done with finding the apt spot for yourself you can click on Book Now or you can click on the spot to know more about the parking slot you are about to book. You can view the images, whom it is operated by and also how easily you can park there.

Step 5: When you have booked the spot, you will receive your pass which will have a bar code that can be simply scanned at the parking spot, that you have booked, while entering and while departing.

Hope you learnt how to use Parkwhiz app. Also you can find here the best parking app in your city.

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Where can I get a ParkWhiz coupon or Promo code for 2017?

All the coupons and promo code we have are given away. We will keep section updated as we get the next set of Parkwhiz coupons and promo codes for 2017. Bookmark this page.

Where can I get a ParkWhiz clone script app?

We know of a stunning Parkwhiz clone app being developed by the folks at Smart Car Tech. You can check it out HERE

How to pay for the spot easily?
Add your Credit/Debit card details and save it for all further transactions or pay with PayPal. Just set your account on the app and pay hassle-free in future.

What if I don’t have cell data?
Well, yes for easiness at stake, Parkwhiz simply saves your pass either on your account details or emails and for IOS users, in their passbooks.

For IOS Users: Just click on “Add to passbook” after you get the pass.
What if I want to change my location?
You can always look for locations on the search bar just on the top of the app and change it until you find your very own location.

Can I access pass without an App?
Oh yes! You can anytime access your pass by clicking on the email confirmation that you will receive after booking a spot or sign in through your browser in your own phone. Versions like this make it an easier deal for accessing the pass even more.

How do cancellations of my bookings work? Can I get refunds?
Yes. Go to your bookings–> click on “cancel” tab on the pass you want to cancel. Until the arrival time, the pass amount is fully refundable. Post that, unfortunately, you will regret getting no penny refunded back. So, make quick decisions. You can get your amount back within 3-4 working days after cancellation.

What if I want to extend the pass time after arrival?
Well, people face this issue what if I booked the slot for 2 hours, but due to unavoidable issues I had to wait for 1 more hour. That needs no stress either because you can always pay the extra amount at the gate for the extra time. But you can’t just book back to back passes because that would involve you exiting and entering again. A lot of confusion! So avoid it!

What are the charges for over-sized Vehicles and how are they judged?
Anything bigger than Sedan is considered as an over sized vehicle and so you need to be ready to pay few extra bucks.

Can I book for someone else?
Oh yes! You can always be the friend at the rescue for the ones in need. You need to simply forward them the mail that will have the pass after booking, or print and give them the pass. Just don’t make it your business to sell those passes in black and earn. STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

What if I have a problem locating my parking slot?

Parkwhiz app also comes with an inbuilt GPS system for directions and navigation’s from your source to the parking slot you have booked. You can always refer it and refrain yourself from any kind of trouble.

Are there any discount schemes?

Yes, there are. You can always click on the left-side panel where we have all the tabs. Click on the referral code and you can refer your friends. If they download the app using the code displayed to you, you get probable discounts on your bookings.

How to use Parkwhiz app in India, Australia, Singapore, UK and Japan?

Parkwhiz app review:

Parkwhiz is a brilliant app and very useful when you want to get your parking done seamlessly. Very apt for people who wanna park & fly immediately.

The Parkwhiz app has some great reviews. The fact that it is easy to use, has a user-friendly UI and has 3 simple steps to get a parking slot booked. It also sorts down the spots according to your location, demand, and value for money. The stand out factor is it will provide you with various details about the spot, let you see through the images and get directions to easily reach there. So, if time saver is what you are looking for, Go for Parkwhiz for your good easy parking spot!

Happy Parking!!

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